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    What was your bid for Coals?

    I was going to ask the same question My bid 32.5 And new some idiots would be bidding 50. plus And i was right dam it

    Going from ranked to randoms is frustrating

    I find ranks two step forward and three backwards The players!!! Are well anything can happen Even when you lead your team some players have only played 150 to 300 games and think they are pro lol .I only play for a bit of steel i don't care for ranks anymore JUST EDITED Now i come across players with 15 games under there belt This needs to stop how can you climb in ranks WG

    Results: A G'Day to be Australian

    The red jolly roger is our navy flag


    We know how you feel the game will take more than a year to master To learn to read what the players move will be And what ship can do what I have more bad games then good ones But my bad is someone's GOOD. Today i got a KRAKEN METAL almost two for about an hour and a half the players were easy to pic off Then three hours later i played again and it was like the expert players started playing it was very hard just to survive anyway good luck to you and hope to see you on the high seas

    Results: A G'Day to be Australian

    That is so races WG not having the Australian flag on and Australian ship Very insulting

    Regarding Santa Crates

    lol it happens over the week you say just a few more i was after musashi because i brought the ARP set camos finally got it $2200 dollars later I think i have spent $10.000 on the game always buying doubloons i joined a year ago do you think i need help

    Regarding Santa Crates

    $2250 AU bucks i got all the hard to get ships at the end of the mad spending spree half of me wants to keep them and the other half wants my money back

    Regarding Santa Crates

    how much did you spend

    Regarding Santa Crates

  10. FROGMOUTH888

    Regarding Santa Crates

  11. FROGMOUTH888

    Black Friday Mission bug

    Yes my mistake i thought you had the regular jean bart looks like we and many others are in the same boat with this over look
  12. FROGMOUTH888

    Black Friday Mission bug

    I wish wargaming was more clear with their comments The mission should be for the B black ships and not the standard ship i would not have wasted my hard earned money on ships i can only do half of the missions I am seriously thinking of moving on from this very expensive money grabbing game
  13. FROGMOUTH888

    Black Friday Mission bug

    You have until jan 1st 2021 heaps of time I brought the ship to get the coal to buy thunderer but i need the old jean bart not the B jean bart how disappointing because you can not buy it anymore