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  1. Player______1

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I too am having problems logging on. The launch window exits when I press the start button. I will try the beta wrapper.
  2. I think I should play one of the CV lines so that I understand the basics of CV gameplay. CV gameplay doesn’t really appeal to me, so I doubt I grind all the way to tier x. But I’ve never played it and I should at least try CVs. But I have no idea re which CV I should try and I don’t even know what their play styles are. What are the different nation’s CV play styles? What is each nations CV “flavour”? Which CV line would you recommend for a newbie in the post CV rework world?
  3. Player______1

    Best tier for learning gameplay fundamentals

    I’ve been playing a lot of tier 4 lately and i think i am learning the fundamentals. I got my first kraken tonight in the tier iv german bb. i still have a long way to go, but i plan on pushing up a few tiers. Probably to tier 7. I’d like to experience higher tier gameplay. I’ve been playing lots of different lines and nations and i am starting to get a feel for my playstyle. Thanks for eveyones help.
  4. I’ve read that the Gearing is the best team-playing DD. That is, for playing in division or in clan battles. I’m looking for the opposite. I don’t ever see myself playing much in division because of my real life demands. I’d like to pick a DD line that is well suited to playing solo - that is, without a division. Are any of the DD lines fundamentally better suited to solo play?
  5. I’d like to choose a heavy cruiser line with a dynamic, mobile, kiting playstyle. I’m primarily interested in either the Hindenburg or the Moskva. I am a newbie and I am a long way from tier x, but want to pick the right line for me. I think i’d prefer to go down the russian cruisers towards the moskva because its fast and seems built for long range, but I’ve been reading a lot about bow tanking in that line and am wondering if the Moskva is really better suited to a static playstyle. How dynamic is the Moskva’s playstyle? Is it a static bow-on playstyle or a dynamic kiting playstyle? Would the Hindenburg be a better choice? Or should I go for the Zao? Although for some reason the Zao doesnt appeal to me as much as the hindy or the moskva.
  6. I’ve figured out how to use the in game chat for typed messages, but for the life of me i csnt find the shortcut keys for “standard” messages like “affirmative”, “i need help”, etc. How do i access these?
  7. Player______1

    How do i get signals?

    I’ve seen that signals make a real difference in ship performance. Aside from buying them at the shop, how can i obtain signals?
  8. I have completed nearly 200 battles and am loving this great game. At some stage, I intend on joining clan. I want to be a competant division player and participate in clan wars and ranked etc. But I recognise that these activities are a long way off for me: I need to git gud, or at least on the way to becoming good. When is a good time to join a clan? Presumably I need to have the game fundamentals under my belt and a good port with ships across tiers. What benefits are there to joining a clan beyond the obvious team play aspect? Eg in game economy benefits.
  9. Player______1

    Best tier for learning gameplay fundamentals

    That’s great feedback, thanks. I’ll aim to spend a lot of time at tier 4 across all classes and nations. To confirm: are the distinctive national flavours apparent at tier 4?
  10. I want to learn the fundamentals of good quality gameplay in the most efficient way possible. I want to git gud. As a player of world of tanks blitz, my advice to new players was to: grind many lines to tier v to experience the different tanks types and nation flavours, then play 100+ games in classic tanks (like kv-1, stug, m4) untill you really understand the basics of their playstyle. After that experince, then consider taking one line to higher tiers, while really focusing on “gittin gud”. Tier v offered solid gameplay dynamics without the random newbie behaviour of lower tiers or the ruthless punishment of mistakes at high tiers. In world of warships, does tier v also offer the same opportunity to learn gameplay fundamentals? If not, what tier would you recommend for learning gameplay basics?
  11. Player______1

    Minimum FPS for quality gameplay

    I’ve played more games at circa 20 FPS and can say that it really limits close quarters play because some much is changing so quickly when you’re in close quarters. Dd or brawling play is difficult. For long range bb and ca play, it doesnt seem to bother me. But i’m looking forward to getting a high end computer to enjoy quality graphics.
  12. Player______1

    Russian DDs - Khaba line - still competitive?

    Thanks for all the feedback. I still have a fascination for the Khaba and its unique playstyle. I may go for the Grozovoi line instead but get the Lenin to enjoy the run-n-gun playstyle.
  13. I’m thinking about playing some of the Russian DDs. They look like a lot of fun to play. But are they still competitive? That is, for random battles. My sense is that they’ve had a lot of nerfs and may no longer be competitive.
  14. Player______1

    Shooting technique - zoom in or not?

    I have now played two dozen games in wows, but come from having played 6,000 game in wows blitz. In wows blitz, the auto-aim when shooting (ie not zooming in) is very accurate and I often shoot without zooming in. From what I’ve seen so far, wows on pc demands more frequent zooming in when shooting. Whats the general advice re shooting when zoomed in versus when NOT zooming in? Should I ALWAYS zoom in?
  15. Player______1

    Selecting lines as a newbie

    I’d like the forum’s views on which lines I should grind as a newbie, especailly which destroyer line i should grind. I understand the basics of wows because I have over 6,000 games played on world of warships blitz (and nearly 40,000 in world of tanks blitz, although this isnt so relevant). I have just started playing world of warships on PC (or macbook in my case) and am still coming to grips with the controls and game system. I dont think I want to grind too many lines. I’d rather pick a good and competitive line of each ship type and learn to play them well for my first 10,000 games lol. I’d like to pick all-round lines that are generalists. I generally play by myself, not in division. This is a major factor in deciding on which lines to grind because i want to be relatively independant and not too team reliant. I have decided to grind the RN BB line because I think it will be a fun all-round line that is competitive through the tiers. I like the idea of good concealment, super heal and strong HE in a BB. I have decided on the IJN cruiser line because of its all-round capabilities and consistency throughout the line. I think it will be a good line to learn PC gameplay. I like the flat gun arcs and HE spam. In some ways, I think it will be a similar gameplay to the RN BBs. I am not interested in playing CVs at this stage. So that leaves destroyers. I am trying to decide between the USN Gearing line and the KM Z52 line. Both a generalist DD lines and good cap contenders. I get the sense that the z52 line is less team reliant and I am leaning towards it because of this. Any thoughts re my approach to selecting initial lines to grind? In particular, any thoughts re Z52 vs Gearing line as a newbie looking for a generalist DD?