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  1. PanJin21

    Wargaming for #TeamTrees

    How about for Black Friday and Christmas, we all donate our money to the #TeamTrees movement by Mark Rober and MrBeast? I think that the amount spent on Black Friday and Christmas crates could be better used to plant trees! Link here: www.teamtrees.org
  2. PanJin21

    Twitch mission not received

    I just received a twitch container and a personal mission, but the mission is missing. When I tried to file a report to WG support, I selected the appropriate report and they didn't show any WoWS mission types, and hell they showed me the missions on WOT!
  3. PanJin21


    Ships look good with black paint and silver details 😄 That is because I have Atago B and Asashio B
  4. PanJin21

    Black Friday or Christmas

    Nice HOI pic...
  5. PanJin21

    Black Friday or Christmas

    It is still early in the Italian cruisers event. If you are lucky, you can get Genova early and spend the Italian Tokens on extra containers. Plus its way better to give gifts on Christmas.
  6. PanJin21

    Black Friday or Christmas

    Look out for containers in your gift notifications on Christmas 😉
  7. PanJin21

    Black Friday or Christmas

    Tru dat. I can spend alot of cash when Christmas rolls around that I could probably give away a few containers.
  8. WG has announced that Black Friday 2019 containers will contain Sims, Scharnhorst, Graf Crappelin, and Alaska as potential drops. No info has been released as to whether Asashio, Atago, Torpitz or Massachussets will be kept, or any price changes. But on the other hand, Christmas containers contain a much larger variety of ships. You even get some containers for free. Should I do the BF or Christmas containers? I reckon I can spend quite a bit on containers, so I wanna see which is a better pickup. Tip: Play a Flamu video when you open crates.
  9. PanJin21

    Getting Genova in random bundle

  10. PanJin21

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    Well I am gonna get Genova tommorrow. I hear its crap due to the scharnhorst-speed reload on a cruiser. Its also on pretty much all the RM cruisers as well. I have Duca from the previous event. Not sure if SAP will benefit her though.
  11. PanJin21

    Italian Token

    NANI!??? Well I was also lucky, Genova is on the 2nd bundle for me.
  12. Every player has a randomly generated bundle sequence for the Italian cruisers event right? Well I scored lucky and Genova appeared after I purchased the first bundle. If only I had more time to grind the missions so I could purchase her... For the low low price of 70 italian tokens, she is definetely worth the grind, however long RNGesus set for you.
  13. PanJin21

    New Black Friday ship

    So new ships are joining the Black Friday containers? I got Asashio B and Atago B from 4 containers last year. I love bullying BBabies in Asashio and burning everything in Atago B. I hope I can earn some new ships for my other account(so I don't get bored from how few ships I have on it)
  14. PanJin21

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    Welp... if I find many of those trolls making their rounds in WoWS, time to play some IJN boats, especially Asashio if they are in the BBabies clan.
  15. PanJin21

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    Well I haven't seen anything of the sort but it sounds plausible. The chinese server for World of Tanks is run by a chinese company.