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  1. Wow, I never knew there were peoplee who spent hundreds of dollars getting in-game goods. That's why I do research to determine the odds of the boxes. The kind youtubers who spend their cash to open boxes on youtube are very helpful. Now I spend my days torturing BBs from 10+ km away, or if I'm really confident I will go to 7km with the A-Sassy-Hoe
  2. Really? I was hoping for the BBs and Asashio, I never got gud at cruisers.
  3. Lolz!? A-Sassy-Hoe of all ships? I never get ships from supercontainers.
  4. Really? So I guess thats why I never saw anyone win a tier 8 ship. Before the Santa Crates came out, I never see Monaghans in battle, now I see them every other match. I checked it out and it seems quite common.
  5. Huh, maybe I should'nt worry too much about better deals than what I got, I will skip out on the Santa Crates this year, though its kind of a bummer to not get different ships. However, I will take pleasure in torturing BBs every day with A-Sassy-Hoe.
  6. I was wondering, if it was better to buy the Santa Mega Crates instead of Black Friday containers, since there is so much more rewards to get from the Christmas Containers. I did get more than $70 worth of in-game goods from 4 boxes which costs $26 SGD, or ~$19 usd. My prizes: Asashio B Atago B Shadow Lurker Came x20 Type 59 Camo
  7. PanJin21

    Replay file cannot be opened

    I dont quite understand?
  8. PanJin21

    Replay file cannot be opened

    I can't actually open it, when I post it and open it, it just downloads another copy again
  9. Hello everyone, I just achieved the best game so far in my Asashio B (I already see the hate) and I could not open the file. Here is the file. 20181130_094908_PJSD598-Black-Asashio_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  10. Voted for Wargaming. Surprised to see that we won 66% on the polls as of the time of this comment.
  11. PanJin21

    Black Friday Containers

    I agree that these containers, lootboxes or whatever those gopniks at WG and other companies call them are very much like gambling devices if they dont show the odds. I have played a game that was made in China, called Azur lane aka the game which superseded KanColle, and they post the rates for getting ships of a certain rarity. They only show the chances for a rare ship not the chances for a specific ship because that would be 1 long list, with the exception of special events where they post the chances for these exclusive ships. I bought 4 crates and I got: BB-Hunting Lolibote Jap Cruiser bote (I don't like IJN CA gameplay) Shadow Lurker x20 camo 35k free exp
  12. PanJin21

    CPUs are too dumb

    Hmm maybe im just those players that that has bad luck when CPUs are around. Just played another battle in my V-25, destroyed six ships by myself.
  13. PanJin21

    CPUs are too dumb

    I actually have alot of experience in this game, and the team damage appens long after I fired those torpedos.
  14. PanJin21

    CPUs are too dumb

    The CPU bots are way too dumb and caused me many deaths because of a few missed torpedos, it's really irritating that they do not take an effort to dodge them.