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  1. scottme

    How to counter Belfast?

    Hah! Yep, concur. First few match I be like, hey awesome OP bote! I'll go smash all the Randoms!. Reality was that I had my ass handed to me. On more than one occasion. I didn't realise that the "Belfast" effect occurs where every ship in range on the map will open up on you the second you're spotted. What seems to makes Belfast OP is that Unicums turn this thing into absolute terror weapons.
  2. scottme

    now I`ve seen it all

    I still don't quite know what to make of WR stats. You could have a low WR and be unlucky, or it may show you up tiered too early. 86k damage and 1700k exp average is actually quite good. I also bet he/she was a solo shooter. In the end, whatever floats their boat, and generally, you are slightly more likely to see potatoes on the opposite team.
  3. Unlike the other RN BBs which I seem to struggle a little bit with, Nelson is a stronk bote. It starts fires well, the 13k AP rounds make nice big holes, and it nicely farms Dreadnaught acheivements. Just don't kite and keep it away from carriers, although if 0.8.0 part 2 is any indication, even Nelson will have OP AA soon.
  4. No, I have never put Halsey into a Charleston and turned off his red tracers, no never. His damn flag is a bit of a giveaway though.
  5. Make sure you keep her away from torpedoes. Although she may be strangely attracted to them, it will only do her harm in the long run.
  6. scottme

    I need to vent ...

    Also a good chance they may have been Bots disguised as player accounts.
  7. scottme

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    Not to mention the fact of being able to play what the hell we wanted to with 5+ Thanks to all who joined the merry band. And for Max and Finn's dancing skills.
  8. scottme

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    PEF is one of those ships where you have one great game followed by a crap game. Interesting alternating between PEF and Arizona Ariz is more consistant. Like most ships, once you get used to its weaknesses, it's not too bad.
  9. Huanghe is a bit meh, but the others can be quite handy. Marblehead is a reasonably good prem Omaha clone. Monaghan has some neat tricks as well.
  10. scottme

    look who i ran into

    I See you guys cleaned up things rather nicely there.
  11. Concure, don't mean to brag. It is nice to get the extra 10pt captains as well, although I now have more than I know what to do with.
  12. scottme

    Operations Directive Four Grind

    I'm going to be a bit pissed if i don't get some compensation for already having PEF at the end of all this - suspect not though (yes I know, we get steel etc.)
  13. scottme

    Operation Raptor Rescue - Div Thread

    Narai works well and Aegis is OK (can be a little tricky), and Cherry Blossum can be good, but not all have the correct ships. But in order to hit the directives for UK, US France and yes, Poland and Commonwealth, can't really go past Dynamo, even though everyone is as over it as I am.
  14. scottme

    once you get musashi and krons.....

    Whatever floats your boat or blows your horn French BB secondaries are FUN
  15. From experience, no duplicates drop unless you get the whole available container ships. The only duplicates you can get are the 4-5 ships per crate type (gifts / big gifts / mega gifts). You can get lucky and get one of the "rare 7", but most likely they will be last ones to drop from the list. And yes, THAT sound when a ship drops or you get a super container is .... quite..... nice...... (gamble resposibly kids)