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  1. scottme

    An unusual Sunday

    Funny you should mention this - was playng ranked and for a whole run of matches, the majority of my team decided it was camp-o-rama night. I did the best I could by running up to the inner rings in my Fiji and usually got top points but couldn't carry enough.
  2. scottme

    jean bart is my new waifu

    I too have love for bart. My first coop I ended up facing a full strength ibuki, izuma and NC. I took hit after hit on the nose but killed the izuma and ibuki and the NC ran away. I was sold.
  3. scottme

    Trials of Exeter

    At least there was a decent reward with PEF. It greatly helped me get USS Black. And did anyone mention the Exeter missions running for a week or so when hardly anyone has had access to it yet?
  4. Atlanta is still one of my favorite ships. Just not for randoms.
  5. scottme


    Is it 25:1 => 20k dubs?
  6. scottme

    salem or jean bart

    May be a while before Yoshino drops though. If you have DM and/or generally play BBs, then JB. If you don't have any T9-T10, JB has a lower skill base (easier) than Salem. If you love US cruisers and / or dakakakaka and aren't shy of T10 meta, Salem is fun. I am 1000 coal shy of JB and will probably spring for JB and start saving for Yoshino. Note JB seemed to do better in last ranked compared to Missouri. I remember one match my Miss had a hard time vs JB
  7. scottme

    idea for an scenario op . Jutland .

    Imagine a 20 or 30 a side special sluggfest going for 1/2 an hour. Imagine the wall of torpedoes a large coordinated DD div could muster?
  8. scottme

    30% sale Atlanta

    It's like driving around with 3 destroyers strapped together. It has awesome ROF, good AA, and is fun to play. In randoms due to the fact that Atlanta is made from paper soaked in petrol, has radar and is dangerous under 10km, everyone loves to shoot at you when spotted, so it has a rather high skill base but very high potential if played well. In ops, especially Narai, it has a big credit earning potential.
  9. You're referring to the Fly Strike Win mission where you have to shoot down 100 aircraft. Mission will be well over before any bot planes are sorted. WG content devs don't always think these things through sometimes.
  10. scottme

    No more Noob

    One thing to remember about WR is that because of uber unicuims, the mode is maybe 45-47 (i.e. peak count of players around a particular % WR)
  11. scottme

    No more Noob

    Let's say that everyone else decide to go left from spawn. It can be a close judgment call whether to try and cap with zero support but more likely get focused and die quickly, which is not much fun. Most occassions when I have elected to "change lanes" has turned out to be the right call. That being said, I tend to play conservatively, and it probably is reflected somewhat in my WR. While we're at it, some Internet Tough Guys seem to think just because you drive boat X (e.g. Black) that you are a unicum and will carry all. Oh yeh, I AM NOOB. ITGs love to trash talk and abuse rather than to coach.
  12. scottme

    Angry Players

    My guess? Hacked account, by smartarse with brain cell deficiency who thinks it's funny to crap on other's fun.
  13. scottme

    Focus Firing By Bots

    There is obviously a weighting algorith that determines who gets some. I find certain ships, such as Atlanta, seems to get an added bonus attraction value which means I can be several kilometers past all other friendlies from bots and still get focused, even near full health. % HP remaining also has a big influence.
  14. scottme

    My first tier 10 ship :)

    Congrats. All I can say is BURN BABY BURN!
  15. Take care Alex, hope to see you back soon.