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  1. scottme

    After 2 Months, But RNG trolls you :(

    Burn it all down. Just a little fire to start with.....
  2. scottme

    Tirpitz sorrow

    Alabama and Massa are handy T8 prems.
  3. scottme

    Petition for adding more usage for elite ship XP

    Good way to pay WG staff xmas bonuses - put out Missouri as a 1,000,000 FXP or mega $$$ shop bundle ship.
  4. scottme

    Halloween Upgrades to ships?

    Yes, was wondering what happens to the ship XP when deleted.
  5. Someone correct me if wrong, but there are 4 Ovechkins: - US commander from collection (10 pt) - Russian commander from Quest (10 pt) (maybe the other way around) - "Normal" dual Russian / US commander from random prem 8 container or store (15 pt) - Tsar from store dual Russian / US commander from store (15 pt)
  6. scottme


    ^^ So was it just you and a friend in a knife fight? Only solution is to fight TX - you'll never be bottom tiered
  7. scottme

    Some special offer, which one is worth

    It's curious that Texas appears to have rather good stats on the SEA servers. I though it was quite good when I first got it, but after playing some ranked matches, I got tired of getting pwned by Giulios, which a quite rare , but turn up in every ranked match
  8. scottme

    Best tier for fun?

    I like the US CL line - high ROF with HE and AP, nice handling and fun to play, and pretty solid to T10. T2 and T3 can be fun if you don't take it too seriously if you are a high tier player.
  9. scottme

    Some special offer, which one is worth

    Or Alaska perhaps?
  10. scottme


  11. scottme

    Pay to play Halloween subs until 7.11?

    It could be quite lucrative, with a potential of 1,000,000 Free XP or 100,000 dubs (more likely if you already have the cams). If you assume 8 perm cams, 20 temp cams, 6 dubs and 6 xp, will get 15,000dubs, 150,000 free xp, 300 cams, 8 perm cams and sub and commander. Package cost is about 23,000 dubs equivalent, so in this case it's 8k (~$45) for the cams and xp. Will Killer Whale get you better results from the Terror of the Deep? Also, I believe this is the only way to get a perm cam for the T3 ships like St Louis.
  12. scottme

    Halloween Special Code not Working

    Confirmed. All Good 🙂
  13. Would that make it a [deep] sea racing mullet?
  14. scottme


    It's certainly a case of forged by fire. Unfortunately, there is quite a delta between T9 and T10 (except Musashi perhaps and some others). No ships obliterate lower tier cruisers like nasty T10 BBs, and add all the radar ships and stealth DDs with frightening torp walls means T8 is the toughest random tier. oh yeh, and (rare) CVs love you too, as many T10 ships are AA monsters. It's particularly nasty on open maps or BB camp-a-thons. Too many times have I parked my Baltimore seemingly safely behind an island only to get radared through the island and focused fired from all over the map.
  15. scottme

    Any tips regarding to high tier games?

    One thing is certain: if you gain the attention of a Yamato or musashi, your cruiser will be melted. There are fun ships like the Salem and Worcester. There are also a lot of really good t10 players out there.