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  1. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    LWM resign from the Community Contributor programme

    Backs up what @Grygus_Triss wrote about CCs. Since a few years ago, they no longer give a flying fk what CCs have to offer. CCs (especially the non Russian ones) are there to be WG lap dogs and enthusiastically spruik the latest WG BS gambling scams. Like getting "free" tech tree ships in gambling lootboxes and defending deceiptful decisions directed at long standing CCs (who must have brought in many $1000s to WG) and player base. From WG, they used and abused LWM and now it's time to take out the trash of all remaining dissenting CCs who don't bend over enough for WG.
  2. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Missouri Mission time limited

    Presumably, no camo bonuses add to the ship base (like mission bonuses) - they just stack with all the other moddifiers (flags etc.).Hence us getting rammed by WG. The easiest way should have been to rename the current Missouri and issue a new ship sans credit multiplier on the base.
  3. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Missouri Mission time limited

    Given WG lies, My bet is they 1. "forget" to roll over in 11.0 2. Blame comminucation errors, blame WG NA office, blame Google translate, blame loser ex CCs. 3. Have the remaiing suck-arse CCs and CMs hide during the reduced shitstorm (lessened beacause they are shedding established players at a phenomonal pace) 4. Promise to re-add "at a future date". 😂 Unless they actually fix the "old" Missouri credit multiplier first, it's all accademic anyway. And that's probably the point right there.
  4. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Apparently Halloween Contents' values are changed..

    Pretty indicative of the latest events. Let's see; a whole bunch of unnecessary 10pt capts I don't need and expensive (in game time) T8 and T9 perm cams for tech tree ships I don't use much and already have cams for. A good battle may yield ~ 3000B, which gets 225,000 cred, or 3 good games give 10 very ordinary 100XP cam, and no battle XP. This is alongside the poor value US BB Pt2 prem containers. Shame, as a lot of work has been done on the event.
  5. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Thunderer Get....

    Lots of Thunderers about in Randoms and ranked and clan battles, so in theory, should get removed for the same reason as Musashi and Bart (tilted meta). Don't get Thunderer because it's awful and I defintely didn't get the Elite BB emblem because of it
  6. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Do you think you should be penalised for internet issues?

    Why are people so unkind? - Kamahl
  7. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Ships for Victory

    Yes, a riduclous amount of $$ for something that costs ~75k XP and 6M credits in game. (T7 Florida), something you can achieve for free** in a hanfull of matches with the right ships and flags. And as for Minnesota - anywhere between 1k and >60k dubs (and we all know which way RNG will favour). Even Chrisantos and Conway commented on the KOTS stream with Flambass about the ridiculuous Minnesota grab. Up until the German carriers event, it was quite reasonable to get early access if you played a considerable amount of time, as it should be. I got dozens of basic and premium german cotainers and got zilcho CVs. Now WG have turned the USA BB event into an even bigger Piñata. Assume the Italian BBs will be even more onerous (should you want to get early access). For the time I spend being entertained by WoWs, I don't mind chipping in $ now and then. But with stunts like this, well, no thanks.
  8. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    King Of The Sea Mission Code

    Thanks. Did we get anything to make up for missing out on last weekend's code?
  9. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    It's interesting, I got 30 SC and they looked a lot like this bunch (minus the ship). Note that silver no longer drops in SCs (used to be up to 20mil??)
  10. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    Krispy Kreme good - next time you'll get something you probably want bad - well, Krispy Kreme
  11. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    So many damn bots in this game!

  12. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Ranked Sprint... Please guys, if you play with me today...

    Doable, but you'll most likely come across Kitas and Jutlands and some Mogs that will be cause headaches. Missy with radar may be handy, especially with enhanced EM and rudder shift, maybe Radar mod?
  13. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    Very challenging, yep. As the season progresses, the required skill level will most likely lower as the more skilled players rank out, declining for ALL ships. Thus, it may not necessarily mean more wins, but it may mean you will get more 1st places, which is where the more reasonably skilled players progress. Probably also good to set some ground rules such as take a break if you lose 5 out of the last six games, or even win that many. I also noted as you get further in rank, the prevelance of team nazis increases. In one match, I didn't follow "orders" barked at me from the start and synced-in clanmates 1&2 spent the whole match typing an expletive laden tirade against me. How am I supposed to know what skill level these clowns are? Are they god-tier or wanna-bes? As it was, it was very late and it wasn't a particularly stellar match performance, but I didn't feel particularly inspired to help these a-holes to a star (unfortunate for the other normal team mates). But this is to be expected when WoW becomes all consuming frustration levels peak after bouncing up and down all day between ranks. Had some really fun matches though, with teams operating together as one.
  14. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Cannot form a Division for Clan Brawl

    Many thanks to the various Wow clan members that commited to Wow CB during primetime on a Saturday night, when they otherwise could be enjoying RL activities before xmas. It would be darkly funny if ram flags were offered in compensation. It was noted that several changes to clan battle rules notifications in game occured yesterday. Yet another own goal for WG. The Vodka party has started early at WG HQ.
  15. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Santa Containers Thread

    Yes, that was the best bit about last year, being able to stock up on dubs with duplicate drops. Not this year... 😒