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  1. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Fun and Engaging ranked season.

    Very challenging, yep. As the season progresses, the required skill level will most likely lower as the more skilled players rank out, declining for ALL ships. Thus, it may not necessarily mean more wins, but it may mean you will get more 1st places, which is where the more reasonably skilled players progress. Probably also good to set some ground rules such as take a break if you lose 5 out of the last six games, or even win that many. I also noted as you get further in rank, the prevelance of team nazis increases. In one match, I didn't follow "orders" barked at me from the start and synced-in clanmates 1&2 spent the whole match typing an expletive laden tirade against me. How am I supposed to know what skill level these clowns are? Are they god-tier or wanna-bes? As it was, it was very late and it wasn't a particularly stellar match performance, but I didn't feel particularly inspired to help these a-holes to a star (unfortunate for the other normal team mates). But this is to be expected when WoW becomes all consuming frustration levels peak after bouncing up and down all day between ranks. Had some really fun matches though, with teams operating together as one.
  2. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Cannot form a Division for Clan Brawl

    Many thanks to the various Wow clan members that commited to Wow CB during primetime on a Saturday night, when they otherwise could be enjoying RL activities before xmas. It would be darkly funny if ram flags were offered in compensation. It was noted that several changes to clan battle rules notifications in game occured yesterday. Yet another own goal for WG. The Vodka party has started early at WG HQ.
  3. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Santa Containers Thread

    Yes, that was the best bit about last year, being able to stock up on dubs with duplicate drops. Not this year... 😒
  4. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Twilight PVE agreement double crossers

    That being said, I did have a *fine gentleman* in a DD (he was full of filth) specifically wait several minutes near the gate for my very bashed up BB just to torp my ass for a few extra XP and deny me half of the paultry load I had. I mean, really?? In the end, just shrugged shoulders, reported him and moved on. I still like the unpredictability of the game mode though.
  5. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Twilight Battle " PVE "

    I too am enjoying this mode. Rewards are good (as opposed to trans/Sunray) and the Law of the Jungle makes for some very interesting games. I get done over occasionally, but players are mostly well behaved.
  6. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    I jagged it again...

    It's a clever ploy to get you hooked on lootboxes Max!
  7. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    why do you play

    1. Because I Like games. 2. I like big boats. With big guns. And I learn a huge amount about "Real Life" botes 3. I'm a sucker for loot boxes and new shiny toys 😞 4. "Run and Gun" will get you killed quickly in WoW. (Thinking person's FPS). 5. I met a great community. 6. I joined the right clan with the right people (shout out to the TF44 ppl, esp. Taipan). 7. Clan with low skill experience is now much improved clan and gettiong better. Clan members politely support each other (coachng), no barking. 8. I love it when a plan (sometimes) comes together in a tough match. 9. Talented dev crew continually create new high quiality content (well... generally). No, it's not a sim, but more combo shootem' up and chess.
  8. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Share your screenshot of Final Directives Tier VI Botes Box.

    My guess is.... Mountain Mumma (WV) And the winner is:
  9. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    What is the lowest win rate of a ship besides zero have you ever seen?

    An extreme example is as follows: Imagine 11 players play WOW. Now line up the 11 players from best winrate to worst. Imagine that the top 5 players always win matches, so have a WR of 100%. If balanced, the bottom 5 players never win and the palyer in the middle (our "median" guy) has a win rate of 50%. But let's say that the bottom 6 players all have the same WR of 8.3% (=50/6). Now, the player in the middle (the 6th best player) has a WR of 8.3%, but the mean is still 50%. This is an extreme example but illustrates how the median WR can be lower than the mean of 50%. It is a common natural statistic and a common form is in income distribution. So those of you on a WR of 48%, you aren't quite as bad as you think. But anyhow, try to disgegard your WR, learn how be a better player and most importantly, lose the salt and have fun.
  10. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    What is the lowest win rate of a ship besides zero have you ever seen?

    My theory is that after a certain number of battles, WR is a judgement on your ability to carry matches at that tier. If you are causing a high amount of damage but your frag rate is lowish, you are maybe not carrying very well - especially true of BBs, who are less likely to cap. Maybe you are just really unlucky, but sooner or later RNG will catch up. There will always be a certain % of games you just cannot win due to being surrounded by a field of potatoes, and you can usually tell in the first two minutes.Similiary, there are matches where you don't need to do anything and you will still win. It's the 10-20% of reasonably balanced matches where you earn your WR. After a certain number of matches, luck plays a diminshing roll in your WR. In this sense, WR is a measure of your ability to perform later in matches when your influence on the battle is ever increasing (if you are still alive), and your ability to pull matches out of the fire. Players with high WR do consistant amounts of damage through excellent gunnery skills and know when to "close the deal" by looking for the best targets to kill (removing enemy resources) while miniming their exposure to damage through good tactical positioning and while either providing useful support for others capping or capping themselves (map dependant). Good examples are Flambass and Flamuu etc. Conversly, I don't think you necessarily have to do big damage to have a good WR, but it's class dependant (DDs for example). DDs can have a huge effect on endgames by capping and stealth spotting for other classes, but not necessarily scoring lots of DP themselves. I have tended to play a few tiers above my best skill level, where my ability to carry is mediocre and so my WR is pretty ordinary. BTW, the mean WR is obviously 50%, but if you lined up all the WRs from low to high, the player right in the middle will have a WR of 46-48% due to the unicum skew.
  11. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    SC contents are meant to be "random", but my 14 or so SC containers for the 4Yr event seem to remarkably similar to most other here - 1500 steel, 15000 coal, a week or 2 of prem time and a mix of useful / uninspiring flags and camos
  12. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Can you still get ships in supercontainers?

    My rough estimate for random SC holding a ship is between 1-3%. I wonder if WG has added any ships to the SC ship list since last christmas, and if you can still get ships if you have all the ships in the list.
  13. _TrogDorTheBurninator_


    Here I am sitting on 60k RP thinking, cool, Ohio! Glad that's done with. But no, WG insists on hitting that piñata just a little harder
  14. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    Yes, if WG were serious about more players mid tier, they would have lowered the research price of the Colbert and barred FXP expediture on research tagged ships, or made FXP expenditure less worthwhile. It's all about soaking up FXP, credits and dubloons (cash) for FXP conversion and credits. You do get some quite sweet pew pew pew boats though....
  15. _TrogDorTheBurninator_

    Captain Skills Reset

    Appears to trigger after your first clan battle. Comes in handy.