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  1. Robert_Redbeard

    Game Client Update Failure

    Fine I will do a complete uninstall.
  2. Robert_Redbeard

    Game Client Update Failure

    So I am running Windows 10 64 bit with DirectX 12 - regardless - where do I download the 64 bit Game Client from???
  3. Robert_Redbeard

    Game Client Update Failure

    Wargaming.net Game Center (32 bit). My Task Manager says it is not responding. At launch, the client says it is updating but a close look reveals no progress.
  4. Robert_Redbeard

    Game Client Update Failure

    When I tried to log into the game today the game client tried and failed to update. It just sits there idling doing nothing. Anyone gonna work on a fix?
  5. Robert_Redbeard

    CV's in or out

    Really? We into nasty mud-slinging now in the forum? Look guys I hate the new CV gameplay - I play everything except CV's. However, I may want to play CV's later on. If I play against them though, I should still be entitled to share my opinion about them, even if I don't actually use them. Because I have to play against them and feel the brunt of punishment from air attacks I feel entitled to vent my spleen about CV's and so should all of you. I would like to be able to choose whether I actually have to play against Carriers as it has become extremely difficult in gameplay. Right now its a complete balls up - as a DD/Cruiser/BB player I have seen a distinct lack of support from many CV players in not supporting their team-mates while ships are under attack and screaming for help! So much for team work. Many DD players are lamenting the CV rework as it has made their gameplay truly "hell". Capping at High Tiers on your own? Try it yourself if you dare - before you come back with a smart retort. If you've been playing in the mid Tiers lately have you been surprised at getting annihilated by air attack? And in the low Tiers - rocket bi-plane attacks? What a load of garbage! Get real WOWS. One thing that has always been a problem with Carriers is the lack of balance in gameplay. There can be huge disparity in the way some games are organised by Match Maker. We have all seen a bad or unskilled CV player ruin a game for a whole team. Was balance between CV players promised by WOWS 3 years ago? I have no idea but its not here yet so maybe its not actually possible to achieve it. Whatever the gripe is, players should be given a choice and their attitudes are shifting because of perceived lack of fairness in gameplay. Its a small sample vote above for sure but Its looking like over 50% of players might want CV's gone from their gameplay. Thats WOWS fault for lousy change management in bringing on the CV re-work and introducing too many changes in too short a time frame. Whatever your style of play and preferred ship type - I believe we ALL should be given the choice - as to whether or not we want to play games with CV's in them. I don't want to get rid of CV's completely as I believe WOWS could still cater for CV players on dedicated game servers or the like. That way the CV players get their cake and get to eat it just like the Battleship, Cruiser & Destroyer players! Or do we want to keep arguing at be at each others throats when submarines come on board too?
  6. Robert_Redbeard

    how many players actually like new cv play

    Jesus, what are you two? The warship players philosophical society? Yes - my comments were a whinge at my own perceived folly of expense (to date) and the loss of enjoyment (realised the game has lost all fun factor). I really want to punish WOWS for the crap they've put the players through.
  7. Robert_Redbeard

    how many players actually like new cv play

    Totally not a fan of the initial rework with CV's and AA or the later supposed hotfixes. As I've stated already in other posts my Anti-Air warfare ships have been dumbed down noticeably. Their effective ranges have been reduced from 7.2 km down to 5.8 km and lower. What especially pisses me off is that WOWS decided to modify the way my premium cruiser Atlanta used to work and behave. You get used to a style of play with a particular ship. A premium ship I bought with money thinking oh lordy, lordy that'll be a great addition to my stable of thoroughbreds. Well sorry punters the air threat now is ridiculous in the extreme, dd's and other light cruisers are now rocket, bomb & torp fodder. Seriously, how does a flight of bombers kill in one salvo a Des Moine 1 minute into a game?? I am seriously in a quandary - do I walk away from this bullcrap and lose hundreds of dollars???!!!
  8. Robert_Redbeard

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    In addition to my previous remarks and the comments supplied by many others, I just want to reiterate - I hate the dumbing down of all my AA capable ships which i worked hard to set up AND I hate the huge ONE SHOT KILL ROUNDEL you've put on all my DD's! Bad move WG!
  9. Robert_Redbeard

    Update errors

    Whereis the correct place to post feedback on public test server update 0.8.0??? I had similar issue to the above post in PT server - tried different nationalities and a variety of ships but had no propulsion/movement control at all. Another forum user suggested using the minimap and that form of control worked. Attempted re-setting game controls for movement but to no avail. Logged out & back into PT checking game integrity and found no additional mods or other problems. Was given 18x game penalty for ship inactivity.