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  1. We need more posts like these so Weegee gets our message! 😄
  2. SecretIdentity

    Make bot legal

    Make bots with dumb AI legal, -Always show broadside and sail in a straight line when faced with a real player -Blind sighted, targets the closest ship with the lowest percentage of HP like the bots in Co-op instead of strategic targeting. -Instant damage-con any fires/floods. This doesn't really solve the bots issue but at least all the real players gets paid handsomely regardless of battle outcome.
  3. SecretIdentity

    anyone in here play WoWs : blitz?

    WoWs Blitz brought me to wows 2 years ago, I didn't stay for long after starting to play the PC version though.
  4. Thank you Wargaming! That's very generous of you! 🙂
  5. SecretIdentity

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Of course, who am I kidding when I expect good stuff?
  6. SecretIdentity

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.2

    Actually... this update benefits battleships with 32 mm mid section such as the Jean Bart! Even before the update, cruisers with greater than 203 mm guns can easily deal upwards of 9k per HE salvo on the mid section of 32 mm battleships. Light cruisers, (such as the Worcester) needed to spec IFHE in order to penetrate 32 mm like a heavy cruiser could. But now with the IFHE change, many people are dropping IFHE on the light cruisers because the drawbacks are too great. Meaning, there are less cruisers out there that can blap a battleships mid section for 4-9k per salvo. Many cruisers have been greatly affected by this update, some completely killed by it. In conclusion, battleships are not affected by this update. In fact, they benefited slightly. I highly recommend the "How it works" series on the World of Warships official youtube channel. It teaches pretty much everything you need to know about the mechanics of this game, including how damage is dealt. 🙂
  7. SecretIdentity

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    Hello, it seems like you've misunderstood the description of the skill. By "maximum number of fires it three", it really meant "maximum number of fires from 4 to 3 at a time". Without the skill, there are 4 spots where a ship can be set on fire. One on the bow, one on the stern and two in the superstructure. With the skill, it combines the two at the superstructure into one. Meaning there can only be 3 fires on your ship simultaneously instead of 4. The total amount of fires you can received in a single battle is not limited.
  8. SecretIdentity

    opinions on WoWs atm

    My opinion? Let the triple Smolensk HE shell rain commence! Yeah, that about sums it up.
  9. SecretIdentity

    BLUF - Episode 1 - Hawkins (ship review)

    How to buff the Hawkins : 1. Give it a badass police chief as the captain. 2. Give it a telekinetic teenage girl to freeze all the incoming shells. 3. While we're at it, why not throw a couple of inter-dimensional monsters into the mix? I wanna see how many of you get the reference. 🙂
  10. SecretIdentity

    Puerto Rico Premium Booster

    Horrible, feels like I've been cheated while simultaneously mentally punching myself for buying the first booster before going through the directives. How I coup with it? Step away from the game for a while and spend some quality time with family or play some other games. Happy Hols! 😉
  11. SecretIdentity

    New code. CANDYCANE

    Thank you good sir! 😀
  12. SecretIdentity

    Directives and Other Drama

    Yas! Keep your pitchforks at bay for the next 60 minutes folks, but be ready to bring them out again if it's not any better.
  13. SecretIdentity

    Directives and Other Drama

    They pulled the video!! xD Maybe... just maybe... things will change. If not, we'll just start another riot.
  14. SecretIdentity

    a new personal best

    I've seen up to 20k for a couple of seconds before. I was playing on my laptop in a rural area on phone hotspot. Learned the lesson and never touch wows there ever again.
  15. SecretIdentity

    Alaska AP pentration bug

    I don't see the problem. Yamato at 5.3km. Also, the size of the shell doesn't always affect the penetration in this game.