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  1. SecretIdentity

    Alaska AP pentration bug

    I don't see the problem. Yamato at 5.3km. Also, the size of the shell doesn't always affect the penetration in this game.
  2. SecretIdentity

    Observations from a fresh set of eyes

    Iowa has 79k HP, who the hell uses A hull anyway?
  3. SecretIdentity

    USS Georgia, AKA USS Maine, is coming on Arsenal

    I am more concerned about the max AP shell damage. 15750 max damage?!? Like russian battleships, a stray citadel on a cruiser is absolutely brutal.
  4. SecretIdentity

    USS Georgia, AKA USS Maine, is coming on Arsenal

    https://medium.com/@devblogwows/st-cvs-georgia-monarch-conqueror-edec87929837?fbclid=IwAR3d8ZLg_bOVEVUhNmwiZ5zJVIUoYVtHcWqFWM3fo1SEjbdnVdVfNdRL-EI Don't worry, they're keeping their promises. Its 457mm.
  5. SecretIdentity

    Super container

    At least you got a set of one of the most useful flags. What am I going to do with 100 Hotel Yankees? I don't think ramming happens all that often now...
  6. SecretIdentity

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    The old CVs can one shot DDs way easier.
  7. SecretIdentity

    Is this a joke ...

    Its for the mission/marathon thingy. The 1 credit is to verify that you've completed a task.
  8. SecretIdentity

    Suck game and suck company!

    FYI, press the key PrtScr to take a screenshot and the image will show up in the screenshots folder. If you only want a specific part of the picture, use "snipping tool" instead.
  9. SecretIdentity

    10K Battles

    Congrats! I still have a long way to go.
  10. SecretIdentity

    garbage game

    He played 1 battle in it in Co-Op. Weegee is not holding a gun onto your head forcing you to click the purchase button. You decided to buy it, you took the risk. You can't put the blame on anybody but yourself for not reading reviews prior to making purchases.
  11. SecretIdentity

    Alaska and Azuma, outrageous update

    If Weegee finalize the ship with this change, the Stalingrad should get the same treatment. (Screw the "no nerfing premiums" policy, they've already broken multiple of their own rules anyway)
  12. SecretIdentity

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    2 SCs from the Halsey campaign. Oooo, shiny metal bars! 😄
  13. SecretIdentity

    remove CV or give me stronger AA

    IMO the infinite amount of planes does make CVs kinda OP. However with the new mechanic, you will have more time to run towards an ally with decent AA and have a higher chance of survival.
  14. SecretIdentity

    remove CV or give me stronger AA

    When the CV is going for an attack run on you, just start turning, force dive bombers to drop on your broadside and force torp bombers to drop parallel to your ship. Use your mouse to focus fire on squads that haven't dropped their payloads yet. Activate DFAA if you have it. Focussing squads and DFAA will mess up the spread on the bombs/torps. This works pretty well, even against some experienced T10 CV players. However this does not mean you will not take significant damage, it just increases your chance of survival. At the current state, if a CV wants you dead, you will die. Also, CV rework coming soon. Chill.