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  1. SecretIdentity

    Any tips regarding to high tier games?

    Since I only have 500 battles that is over tier 8 under my belt, i'm not very qualified to give advises. However, I can tell you that you shouldn't be expecting to make good profits in high tier games. If you're a 100% free-to-play player, try to save your free exp for a tier 9 premium to grind credits to fund high tier battles. 🙂
  2. SecretIdentity

    i feel punished because played only focus on one ship.

    Switch it up. Jump between low and high tiers. I work on new lines when I went on a losing streak at high tiers.
  3. SecretIdentity

    Unrealistic Gameplay

    Long range shots against good cruiser players are hard, that's why you need to get close. Unless you're fantastic at predicting moves. Mind you, this game was never built to be realistic. Otherwise gameplay would be incredibly boring and unfair for weaker classes. Its meant to be arcady.
  4. SecretIdentity


    I got the Texas for free, and to this day I still don't know how I got it. I didn't get it from a container, not as a gift (that Im aware of) No notifications popped up. It just appeared in my port.
  5. SecretIdentity

    RN Normal Container OP

    I got absolutely nothing. However I've only opened 3 :P
  6. SecretIdentity

    Need tips and tricks for Nagato

    I am currently at the nagato as well. I find IJN BBs tend to bracket ships a lot.
  7. SecretIdentity


    This should be fun. However I bet this will only further promote passive gameplay.
  8. SecretIdentity

    I can't enter the clan tab.

    Re-log, it fixes the problem. If it doesn't work, re-log again.
  9. SecretIdentity

    Do you think that WoWS is not friendly to newcomers?

    Seal clubbers are not friendly to newcomers. :)
  10. Im tired of how salty and rude the ranked players are... Wanna hear about a battle that I've just had? At the start of the battle, there's a "not-so-experienced" player is telling everybody what to do. Near the end of the battle, we were winning. I would say I've contributed a decent amount in the battle. I needed to get into a close range fight with a cleveland in my atago. I screwed up the engagement and the cleveland ended up ramming me and ultimately resulted in the lost of the battle. The "not-so-experienced" player and another guy went ham, spamming rude words at me, dropping sh*t tonnes of reports and super insulting words. I publicly apologized and admitted to my mistakes, the other guy apologized for his rudeness but the "not-so-experienced" player didn't care much. He called me useless n such, but when the results screen came up, guess who came second to last? Im not showing any screenshots for privacy sake. You probably don't wanna hear about my story but I just wanted to get it off my chest. These insults didn't affect me much but meh, I still don't understand why people became b*tches at a game. If you're one of the person that im talking about, I hope you reconsider. People have feelings. And to the "not-so-experienced" player, you're not a fleet admiral, there are much better players out there and let them do the talking, I stayed quite and listen because I know im not a good player. Good luck to you, random stranger! And may the RNGesus favor you in your journey to rank 1! :) -SecretIdentity
  11. SecretIdentity

    idea,s for new german BB

    500mm?!?.. Welp, WG have already promised that 460mm is the largest calibre they're going with. :) Also, bigger than GK? 50km concealment! :p
  12. SecretIdentity

    Atago Perma Stuck on a rock.

    Well, as the title suggests. My atago got permanently stuck on a rock with no way of getting out. How to reproduce? 1) Use your atago (not sure with other ships) 2) Get on the map Neighbors. 3) Get to this spot on the map 4) Right before you hit the island head on, make a hard turn so your ship slides towards the rocks. 5) Well.. get stuck... Normally, when you get stuck broadside on an island, you just have to move fowards or backwards to get out. However, this does not work in this case. I tried moving back and forth for over 5 minutes, no results. Just in case this is needed, I have no mods running. My assumption is that the ship slid towards the rocks too quickly and partially clipped into the rocks. This occurred around 12:20 PM Malaysian time. Here is a clip of me just moving back and forth with no hope of escaping... Sorry about the quality, I was in a hurry. Here are the devil rocks.. Thanks for your time! :) -SecretIdentity
  13. SecretIdentity

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    5 SCs. The only good thing I got out of is the radar mod and 7d premium.
  14. SecretIdentity

    How to deal with American BB?

    I personally hate the New York, just think of it as a process. From New Mex onwards it should be quite enjoyable.