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  1. First of all, I submitted a report to WG that I found out 2 people in my last game were bots. They did nothing, no camo in t10 random, all teammates tried to communicate them but no response. What I received back from Support for my report about bots? An email with first warning for using prohibited mods. There was no such kind of response regarding adding bots in T10 matches. They don’t clearly respond what I ask. This is not the way I am expecting from Support team as a consumer. I use only aslain modifications (I don’t like rusty skins, I don’t know which ship has what special weapons, I don’t know their torpedo ranges). Normal game UI is purely lack of information to people like me. I’ve 42% win rate even with those information given by your addressed prohibited modifications. What I did? Simple, I uninstalled game from steam client and won’t play it again. As your said that game company doesn’t care about consumers’ requirements, don’t expect that consumers will hug your game.
  2. OMG! That's crazy. Anyway, thank you so much. You make it very clear!
  3. I know karma is nothing here but I noticed that I lost 5 instant. What I am not happy is that Yamato now is so far the softest BB in my eyes. Her selling point is her gun and I have been wallet warrior to get her. People said that her guns don't care about enemy angling but just go straight in. My experience now is about a sad story 460mm 😄
  4. I have no idea what and how to say. Long story short, my yamato encountered a moskva out of islands area and it was around 9 km (both have less than half HP). He bull-rushed me and I waited him to somehow showing boardside, but he just rush in that way. No choices at 7 km, and the biggest angle I got was around 20-30 degree, I shot him with full salvo. 5 ricochets and barely did 4700 damage. Shot again at 4-5 km and happened almost the same and around 7000 damage. Finally, he rammed me and both dead, they won by points (500-1000 hp Shimakazi alive on their side), furthermore, I got 5 reports for not killing him (we win by points if he dead). What a sad story! Anything wrong with overmatching mechanic? At that point blank, I used to do more than 15-20K damage per salvo at least to a GK. Could anyone enlighten me? Thanks!
  5. Mini_Moonfang

    Is Izumo still crappy?

    Ship itself is fine (just she sails like a pig, cannot change position like Amagi does). Her guns are very strong and shell has hyper penetration power; I once did 4 citadel in a single salvo to a yamato just under her first turret belt with my bare front 6 guns. Tanky when bow on, only musashi and yamato can deal tons of damage at that position. However, it is hard to play since there are tons of HE spammers against you, you turn = you die, still bow on = they bbq you alive (deck is already sprayed with octane). I am average player, hence, getting 70/80K damage with Izumo is not as easy as I am in Amagi. Solution: I stacked tons of flags and camo for normal xp and freexp (+ premium time + premium version DCP + Heal + fireproof/heal flags) and then dive to yamato. Still had to play around 70-80 battles with 50-60 win rate. Ship is ok, HE meta sucks.
  6. Mini_Moonfang

    Stock Bayern Biggest POS In Game

    Gnei got RNG guns which are not accurate even at close range although she has bismarck guns. Better get Scharnhorst since she out-performs Gnei in average random battles (+ she is my farming machine, 500,000 per a match is very common). GLHF!
  7. Mini_Moonfang

    Stock Bayern Biggest POS In Game

    German BB line is worth grinding but only bismarck and sharnhorst are fun to play at my hands. In this HE spamming meta, reaching late game or fabulous brawling chances are quite rare (you better wish "cyclone coming in = german time"). IJN line is more fun since you can punch others with your big guns no matter whether near or far.
  8. I am not mentioning mod makes my game unplayable. Dev things are beyond my knowledge as well. I am just informing you that I could not connect; one problem in data file validation when checking with steam client. Only solution at that time was re-installation. Hoped that info would be useful for you anyhow.
  9. You are lucky. Just un-installation didn't work well for me. Install from backup - NO. So, another 28 GB from steam again meanwhile I am on meter based connection unfortunately LOL :V
  10. Hi Mr. Dev, I play steam client version wows and current 7.10 mod pack prevents me getting into game. Normal uninstallation doesn't allow me to connect servers again. All I have to do is to completely uninstall the game from steam client and reinstall from backup (else, download) again. When I try to validate the game files in steam, there is one file which is invalid and it is redownloaded by itself (I don't know what that file is). Currently, I have to play without your mods although I enjoy playing with your spells (at least to get rid of dog tagggs). Thanks :)
  11. Thank you so much. I am enjoying now in accordance to your advice. :)
  12. How could I install yours for Steam based WoWs? Thanks much!