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    有鑑於12.4版本更新會將超級貨櫃內容中的戰艦獎勵獲取機率降低的更新情報 在過去WG宣稱其超級貨櫃取得時就已經能確認內容物為何,那麼能幫我確認一下我手上現有超級貨櫃內容物為戰艦的有多少嗎?
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    愚人節都過了 還發這個
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    0.11.5 版本更新:美國獨立日

    高兩階最多場次,16場不超過37.5%,16場不超過6場是+2 其餘10場同級0.0
  5. war_toybox

    Game improvements

    Restocked on Smaland, The price is 57142 doubloons, With one commander, Have 10 skill points. The live missile system, First equipped with Smaland, The weapon switches to use in column 3. Characteristics of anti-ship missiles- Does no damage to the ship, but has a very high chance of disabling hit areas, Similar to the torpedo system, it provides very high movement speed and retains health, and you can shoot it down with a secondary gun. The missile has no range limit, so it can be used to attack heavy warships in the rear, But it needs to get through a lot of secondary range, so a single ship is its prime target. The missile will peel off after launch, cannot be intercepted until it does, but will not detonate, and then accelerate towards your chosen target and attempt to correct its course.
  6. war_toybox

    Game improvements

    Hopefully, the countdown before the battle will add an anchor retracting mini animation It is hoped that anti-submarine and anti-air capabilities will be factored into the queue when playing with submarines and aircraft carriers Looking to increase the secondary gun commander talent, For example, the main gun takes 50% less time to reload when the enemy is in range of the secondary gun, Increase underused skills by 200% first
  7. 那我的大家應該都會喜歡!
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    我的船叫做格羅寧根 但是我的迷彩叫做福里斯蘭 D812 就例如 我的船叫做島風 但是我的迷彩叫做太空迷彩 其實 本來就是格羅寧根 只是我多一個圖裝叫做福里斯蘭迷彩 外觀就變成福里斯蘭 其實 本來就是benham 只是我多一個圖裝叫做廢土鬥士 外觀就變成破破爛爛的
  9. 隊友令我無話可說...我只是個臭DD火柴人 幫不上忙 還只會自燃
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    別阿 這樣害我又會把他當兩條船 再買一條回來鎮港哈哈哈哈
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    其實就迷彩繼承過去就好 名字不變這樣 主要是 我兩種迷彩但都同一艘 那我肯定是絕版船保留 但當初要轉國籍問題很大 那麼給轉移過去的一點獎勵刺激大家放棄弗里斯蘭其實也很可以 我是這樣覺得拉@@ 有迷彩做誘因我就想換 不然我會保留更加稀有的弗里斯蘭
  12. 如提 不如就把轉換過去的福里斯蘭(格羅寧根) 保有原本福里斯蘭迷彩 然後多給一個格羅寧根的 這樣至少你的船可以擁有兩種迷彩 比別人特別 也能記憶說別人無法改回福里斯蘭 但你的是福里斯蘭轉移國籍來的
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    懂了 這就去練習!
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    請問 有沒有人遇到在激鬥中使用朝潮 導致對方笑到死亡然後獲勝的例子0.0?