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  1. Morbid_Squid

    Public Test 0.9.7 Feedback Thread

    So it troubles me....Thank you Mechfori for the fix 🙂
  2. Morbid_Squid

    Naval Battles

    Many thanks for your helpful replies and muchly appreciated 🙂
  3. Morbid_Squid

    Naval Battles

    Thank you for your reply 🙂 However if both clans are only allocated 10 attempts each how can 1 clan win with 12 stars?
  4. Morbid_Squid

    Naval Battles

    I have just started playing Naval Battles and I'm trying to work out who wins. My clan and another both got 10/10 attempts but they win. Why?
  5. Morbid_Squid


    Hi all. Question? I already had in my stock the Tirpitz and Kii and according to WOWs discount specials if you already have these two ships you would be given doubloons but as yet I haven't received any. How do I go about getting these?