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  1. Grumps_1963

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Got to get to 10 pts first. 😀
  2. Grumps_1963

    Future Radar Changes

    Umm, very sorry but your understanding of real world radar is incorrect. A radar pulse is detectable by platforms with the appropriate direction finding equipment and this will give a bearing to the source of the pulse. SOmething like the way radio location works in the game. The only platform that is able to see and display the targets and other information detected by the radar system is the transmitting platform. In 1940 - 1960 -ish, the only way to share this detection information with ships in company was via signals (flags or flashing light) or by making a radio call to broadcast the target locations. From the 1960s onward ships began receive tactical data link equipment that is a radio based system that obtained track information from the radar system and automagically broadcast the track information to the nearby ships for display on their combat systems. So if you want performance like the real world of 1940 - 1945 then the radar picture is only available to the radar ship. Any ship that is fitted with radio location equipment will know when and where the radar ship is operating from. American radar ships will have long range (well beyond gunfire range) but useless target information display capabilities not much better than radio location. British and Germany radar will have short range (Gun range + 10%) but can pinpoint and display a target location, speed and direction with 100% accuracy. Unfortunately I do not have the experience with the Soviet systems of the 1940s to be able to describe their performance.
  3. Grumps_1963

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    On the contrary. Gun range is 13.9 km. Detection range is 12.5 km. DDs approach to between 8 - 10 km. Furutaka is well and truly spotted. BBs sit at 15 km and delete Furutaka without being seen or in danger of retaliation. 30700 hp = one full salvo from a BB and its game over. Hell I do the same thing to cruisers when I play DDs. And to add to their misery, if they are steaming directly towards my DDs I launch a full salvo or torpedos. They generally miss but it still gives the cruisers headaches because they can't find the launch platform.
  4. Grumps_1963

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    An officer and a gentleman, by the grace of god and an act of parliament. Besides, engineers don't drive ships.
  5. Grumps_1963

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Oh and another point "Never show your broadside"!!! How the Fk are you supposed to turn or get away from people shooting at you????
  6. Grumps_1963

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Part of my getting p***d off is that after 160 odd hours I still can't hold my own in the baby pool then what the Fk is going on?? I don't expect to be king of the heap but with a survival rate of about 2% I spend more time picking the next ship than I do playing.
  7. Grumps_1963

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Since reaching T5 I don't think I have had a single match where I was not up against T7
  8. Grumps_1963

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    To be honest, professional curiosity. As a retired RAN officer I was interested in the performance details of the IJN ships and how they are presented as a gaming object. I know this is a game and it in no way presents the opportunities to employ the wartime tactics of the IJN - creep in at night, launch uber-longrange torpedos, escape into the darkness and only engage in ship duels if caught. I am also very aware that this game does not present a realistic portrayal of any of the ships. As I stated up front I was having a dummy spit after several crap games and possibly went over the top.
  9. Having a dummy spit. Ptooi. I don't care how much people whinge about their supposedly crappy PEF they should take this pile of IJN fertilizer out for a few matches. What a crock. Yes it can shoot further than the detection range, yes it has 10km torpedos. Try staying alive long enough to use the damn things. They are wasted on this dung heap. However, how many hits to take this pile of manure out of the game? Generally a single salvo. 12.5 km detection range get closer than 12.3 km all gone. Game over. A damn sail boat with a slingshot can delete this heap in less than a minute. This garbage shouldn't be T5 it should be T1 and if an entry level player sticks around after that then they will stick around forever. Dummy spit over. If you haven't guessed by now I've just had a series of absolute sh***tful games with this steaming pile of fecal matter. This ship has shown me why the IJN lost the battle for the seas and I am now going to give up on them and try other nations. They all have to be better than this no matter how much the rest of you complain about them!!!!!
  10. Grumps_1963

    10K Battles

    I bought tourettes before I started. Couldn't wait for 25k games😀
  11. Grumps_1963

    Ingame voice overs

    And when the aussie lose a battle or get sunk, Derryn Hinch could launch in with "Shame, Shame, Shame" 😀
  12. Grumps_1963

    I need to vent ...

    Lately, when playing a DD I have had to dodge frantically when cruisers have launched point blank behind me. I happy took an 8 game pink recently after sticking a full salvo into a "friendly" clemson that had spent the entire game trying to sink me with his torps, guns and ramming me. Eventually he raced straight across in front of me after I launched at a target about 5 km away. I got him with every fish. he he. My other torping pinks (qty 2) were friendlies that steamed behind the target. In both cases another player killed the targets with guns about a second before impact so the torps ran on to full range. My bad, grumble grumble. I fired them so I wear the punishment.
  13. Grumps_1963

    Expand Operations

    The range of nation-based options for operations are huge, e.g Narvik, Cape Spada, Coral Sea, Leyte Gulf, a full blown Solomon islands campaign, Relief of Tobruk and if you like lost causes, the battle of Sunda strait. This is just from WW2. Throw in Jutland, Dogger Bank, Battle of the Falklands for WW1 starters. The WW1 battles would require an expansion of the battlecruiser options. SMS Seydlitz at Dogger Bank is crucial as the loss of HMS Hood can actually be traced back to this ship in that battle. Pre WW1 you could have the 1905 destruction of the Russian fleet by the Japanese navy.
  14. Grumps_1963

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    Not sure about your criticisms. I just faced off against one with a Kongo. There was another T5 battleship and a destroyer with me. The only support the PEF had was a Myoko. We killed the Myoko but the PEF took all 3 of us out. My Kongo basically could not hurt it. I can't shoot for crap in this game but I still put rounds into the PEF and it shrugged them off. I would say that it would kill any IJN battleship up to and including T7.
  15. Grumps_1963

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    So basically, aircraft are now only capable of attacking DDs and CLs?? These weapons will not hurt BBs or most CAs unless they cause a fire. If I read this correctly, why would anyone bother with IJN CVs? they just a bullet soak to distract enemy ships from the rest of the surface fleet.