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    Combat Discipline: Disabling Friendly Fire

    Not really. Trying to have one size fits all by calling all friendly fire "unsporting" is a crock of shit really. If there is true intent, then yes you can issue a penalty to fit one player firing on another player of the same side. God knows what you have done with 'bots' when they have sunk me, don;t know how the unsporting behaviour bit goes for them then. Then again, they have fired torps for eg that have long range, another ship, me in this case, comes around and sail into the path of the torps, many k's away. It does not mean that is unsporting behaviour, quite contrary in fact to that accusation you place on a player. It appears most times it is just a way of the game short changing players, this is evident in fact that when this game punishes both players, for eg say when one gets rammed by another and yet you are in the process of sighting a target to fire. You did not see that ship nor sail into that ship, and vice versa that ship did not give way to a capital ship, yet the one who is hit also gets punished. Sorry, but you trying to explain it like this to justify how unfair this game has treated players as the right way doesn't hold water at all. The so called unsporting system is a waste of time as it will still punish accidents and insult players by calling them unsporting. Friendly fire is a part of war, accidents happen, so, you guys should develop a better fairer system that can tell the difference between accidental friendly fire and firing with intent on a team member, if you can't , and you are going to continue with the same system but trying to dress it up differently whilst still doing the same things, then it was a waste of time sticking it up on the portal. With what you wrote it sounds more like a politician bullshitting about change when no change is actually the outcome. You have other problems in the game that need solving before throwing this crap out there. Anyway, long time listener first time caller, so awesome to be here.