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  1. Mistbreaker

    No problemo

    Well, I wouldn't call that a benefit when you have to RESEARCH and BUY the replacement ship again (Not to mention you have to buy FDG first, if you don't want to throw your free exp). Not cool at all wg.
  2. wtf is worship premium, since when god become p2w
  3. Mistbreaker

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Thank you WG! and stay safe everyone!
  4. Mistbreaker

    Thanks Weegee for making me semi-hard grinding.

    Donskoi.... Donskoi Everywhere...
  5. Mistbreaker

    Thanks Weegee for making me semi-hard grinding.

    This is the exact same case for me lmao. I was at the Schors when the news about the split came, and it was 1 week away before the per semester holidays end at my uni. I rushed to chapayev before the holiday ends, was easy though as i'm halfway to chap. With the help of a buttload of signals and premium days from the token event, now i'm at the donskoi and patiently grinding credits to fund for her upgrades . Well, hope i get the moskva soon enough and break free of this exp grindfest. (On a sidenote, i really enjoy the CLs on this line and can't wait to see how broken the new CL will be)
  6. Didn't they nerf Worcester because she can stealth radar, and stealth radar must should not be a thing? if so, why they decided to make an entire bloody line with stealth radar capability?
  7. Mistbreaker

    Bionic camo

    Good luck at your grind sir!, a fun ship waiting for you at the end of the line!
  8. Mistbreaker

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    Ahhh yess, no more eye soaring beer can.
  9. Mistbreaker

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    I'm also excited, My reason is : PR GRIND CRAP IS FINALLY OVER
  10. Mistbreaker


    The code was 2020HAPPYNEWYEAR, it already expired now.
  11. Mistbreaker


    Bonus Codes yield 3 Days Warships Premium Day + 500 Doubloons
  12. Yep, https://armory.worldofwarships.asia/ for those who didn't know the url.
  13. just fyi : it is also accessible via your favorite web browser https://logbook.worldofwarships.asia/profile you need to login into the wows portal first to access it via browser.
  14. Mistbreaker

    a STATMENT from a former CN_70 player

    *muffled mission impossible theme playing in the background*
  15. Mistbreaker

    Adding more FUEL to the fire eh?

    Like custom hull numbers and custom ship name (from the same class, of course). Man that would be a heaven for me..