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  1. Mistbreaker

    [QUIZ] Meet the Ship of your Dreams

    The webpage looks like a dating site scam
  2. Mistbreaker

    Thank WG for deleting my tokens

    I think you can access the arsenal page via your browser (i don't know if phone browser works). firstly you need to login at the wows portal, and then go straight to arsenal.worldofwarships.asia. use this if the same thing happen with the anniversary event. Can't recover your Go Navy token though
  3. Mistbreaker

    I found an easter egg

    I also found one when editing camouflage.xml, don't know it's an easter egg or just wg dev being a weeb
  4. Mistbreaker

    GO NAVY/Freedom Camo Disable

    Hello! I kind of like historical camo and wish to replace the eye soring camo with skins from like Tanz's shipyard, is there any way to replace or at least disable Go Navy camo while still retain it's economy and combat bonuses ? Thanks!
  5. Mistbreaker

    How to earn both Go Navy camo

    It's eagle token, not the loyalty...