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  1. Lets say I am in a RN DD, I fire my guns to finish a of a dd. So now I am spotted by other ships that are in my gun range. Then I pop smoke and I get unspotted but my bloom stays the same for 20 sec. Now if I want to bail and run from that smoke I have to wait and let my bloom cool down first. Otherwise I'll get spotted again. And If I shoot from that smoke screen it won't effect that 20 sec cool down time of my bloom. It will shrink back at my concealment after 20s runs out. In other word, when I am unspotted the mechanic stays the same as before. I just need to make sure my bloom is back at my concealment before leaving any smoke or cover. Please correct me if I am wrong. Edit: Still we are so much used to make smoke/island to kill LOS that it's a pain to re-establish a new strategy. And some time there just not enough time to sit behind an island or smoke to let our bloom cool down.
  2. Well, that is exactly my point. I am having fun with our current game play. So, why the heck they are ruining it with these changes that they are calling BALANCING.
  3. They are just BALANCING everything that are not BALANCED.
  4. This is pure BS. If a lightcruiser or a destroyer cant shoot from smoke or an island cover, what will they do? Ram? Was smoke always been a feature for hiding? NO. Then why? I mean seriously, as if having these many radar cruiser is not good enough. Now a DD cant even shoot when their radar's down. If no one has a line of sight we are supposed to get undetected, then how is this thing gets classified as a bug. If these update rolls out like as it is, they are for sure going to regret it.
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