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  1. MeglaGnome


    Thank you. what does it do? mission chain for what?
  2. MeglaGnome

    Exeter's Last Stand Part 3 #Stage3

    PICNIC Problem In Chair Not In Computer
  3. MeglaGnome

    Equal across the board! WOW!!!!!

    Got it for free..... kinda. Just need the silver to upgrade it fully.....
  4. MeglaGnome

    What to Grind Next...

    Curryworst is a treat after the frustration of Freddie. Well worth the pain.
  5. MeglaGnome

    Does this game really need german Tier X dd Z-52?

    Our clan uses Z52 a lot for contesting CAPs. Seems to work out well for us. I Randoms.... yeah..... tricky to get the value. The fast torp reload is good, as is the long lasting hydro, but you need a div mate with you to capitalise on your tricks. A div of Z52 and Harugumo could be nasty.
  6. MeglaGnome

    musashis ruining game experience

    I one-shotted a Sushi from about 50k hp in my Kronshadt last week in Ranked. 5x citadel in a one volley drive by. The citadel is easy to find if you flank it.
  7. Adam Smith? Marx? The importance of being Earnest? Quite a mashup you have there. Are you mashed?
  8. Whats the hotkey for handbrake turn again?
  9. MeglaGnome

    How to Fix CVs and AA in 0.8

    I was imagining that the low damage / large radius flak sphere (the 5% and 15% damage spheres) might regularly damage several planes each flak burst and provide a slightly variable "continuous damage" effect.
  10. MeglaGnome

    Most plane kills in 0.8.0.

    Someone ( @Metachrome ???) posted a screenie of 110 plane kills in a full AA spec mino.
  11. I've been reading and playing a lot, and I've found 5 key themes that are making this 0.8 CV patch miserable for many players. I've also got some suggestions to fix them. Have a read, see if you agree, and share, comment etc. 1. Planes spotting ships. This just dominates the meta, and especially makes DD's feel both unplayable and obsolete. Someone else is doing the spotting in a 200 knot platform, so what are you for in a DD apart from and XP piñata for the red CV? Solution: Planes see ships, but only "spot them" for targeting purposes for that CV. Other friendlies see the "seen" ship's outline on the minimap but cannot lock onto the "seen" ship. This reflects the real world fact that a single seat strike plane pilot is too busy flying and staying on mission to make detailed observations using specialist theodolite type instruments over several minutes. He keys his radio and communicates "I see a CL behind that island" , or "I have a pair of DD's about 7 miles off my port quarter," so his fleet have tactical intel, but he can't deliver reliable targeting data for fire control. This way DD's don't die instantly, they just lose the element of surprise, and they still have a role in the team : spotting for gunnery targeting. 2. AA feast or famine Take a look here at IChase Gaming explaining AA. "Flak is easily dodged once you get used to how it works" Flak is also where, on paper, the bulk of your AA power lies in most ships, and where many of the buffs from modules, captain skills and Defensive Fire consumable contribute their biggest bonuses. Solution: Flak should be a graduated area effect burst weapon, not all or nothing. Reduce the radius a bit for 100% flak damage in the flak cloud, but add other spheres of flak damage further out from the burst. Say 40% at R*2, 15% at R*3, 5% at R*4. This way flak is not all or nothing, but a chip, a little, a lot or a wrecking depending on how close your planes get. 3. Flak: Long range flak "one shots" most planes Long range flack at T6-10 one shots almost all planes (apart from some full survivability T10 carrier builds). But many buffs to flak increase the _damage_ it does, not its accuracy / dodge-ability (which is sorely needs), rate of fire or range. Check out the values in this excellent spreadsheet about AA (sorry, I lost the forum post that lead me here so I can't credit it). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yjhrvUUDRQuAb5td_S3Dyd5iIDaH9yHN_sNSyWaLYAY/edit#gid=730226830 Most Long range flak bursts do 1890 to 2250 damage. Un-buffed Hakaryu planes have 14400-1800 HP, and with a full meme HP buff build get 1939-2365 hp. Apart from a few corner cases, any buff that buffs flak _damage_ has no real in game effect, its just adding to the overkill on the few occasions where the flak hits at all. This includes AA guns Mod 2 (+15% flak damage) Advanced Firing Training 4 point captain skill (+15% to flak burst damage) AA Sector Shifting (including the extra shift from Manual Fire control for AA: 4 point captain skill) Defensive fire for AA consumable (+100% to flak damage) November Echo Settseven signal flag (+5% damage to flak). Medium range Flak does less damage, so does benefit from these buffs considerably, with only 2 big problems: 1: Its easy to dodge. 2: Planes only spend a short time of an attack run in your medium range AA bubble. Solution: After implementing graduated area effect for Flak and reducing the burst radius for 100% damage, AA buffs should focus on flak rate of fire, accuracy, range or burst radius, not raw damage. This way planes sometime get 1 shotted, but mostly suffer smaller or larger amounts of damage due to being closer or further from flak bursts. 4. F key plane escapologists I see too many plane squadrons take a moderate amount of damage on a pass, and simply hit "F" to teleport back to the carrier and launch a fresh squadron, safe in the knowledge that their old planes will disappear from the skies too fast for the enemy ships to capitalise on their damage and start scoring plane kills. If ships can't score plane kills, the CV attacks are just relentless and the CV can spam its favourite plane type endlessly. This needs nerfing. Solution: F key should leave your planes in harms way, maneuvering gently back to the CV for a decent period of time (30 seconds plus?). This way the CV has to choose between a quicker launch of the next squad, or taking time to manually pilot the damaged squad out of danger and save more planes. 5. AA range bubbles don't overlap, and they really should. I get that big AA guns struggle to track small fast planes at close ranges, but the minimum range of long range and medium range guns should be a property of that gun, not defined by the presence of other smaller AA guns on the ship. As a poster child for this problem, I present the Benson. The Benson was never a great AA platform, but with DFAA up on the C hull it could do a passable job of self defence. The expectation was that the A hull was bad AA, the B hull was meh, and the C hull was only for people who hated CV's as you had to give up a main gun. Lets look at the values now: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1yjhrvUUDRQuAb5td_S3Dyd5iIDaH9yHN_sNSyWaLYAY/edit#gid=508058350 Rows 31-33 Benson A: Short range : 63 dps continuous damage 0.1km - 0.9km range Mid range : none Long Range: 43 dps continuous and 3 bursts of 2170 dmg flak, range 0.9km - 5.8km The continuous damage is a joke, never going to kill anything unless its already at death's door. The power is in the flak (if it hits). It hammers away at the incoming planes from 5.8km all the way into 0.9km. Benson B: Short range : 87 dps continuous damage 0.1km - 1.5km range Mid range : none Long Range: 43 dps continuous and 3 bursts of 2170 dmg flak, range 1.5km - 5.8km Yay, we got a buff to the short range. Still too little to do anything meaningful. They do open fire at a longer range of 1.5km, but it all adds up to not much. Sadly the gunners on the big dual purpose flak guns (where your real AA power lies) have seen the shiny new short range guns as an excuse to go on a smoko break 600m earlier, and they stop shooting at 1.5m instead of 0.9km. So, the Benson B is a weaker AA platform than the stock Benson A in the real world. Benson C : Short range : 60 dps continuous damage 0.1km - 1.5km range Mid range : 36 dps continous damage and 1 flak burst of 1330 flak, range 1.5km - 3.5km Long Range: 43 dps continuous and 3 bursts of 2170 dmg flak, range 3.5km - 5.8km Ok, so we gave up a main gun for this focus on AA power, just keep that in mind. The long range flak (3 bursts) now goes on holiday at 3.5km instead of 1.5km or 0.9km. It gets replaced by 1 burst flak that can only 1-shot about half of the plane types at T8 (unbuffed planes). The continuous damage is better, but it still adds up to zero plane kills unless you get a lot of help from another ship or your flak. The Benson C is the weakest of all 3 hulls at AA in the real world. But wait, it gets access to the Defensive Fire for AA consumable, surely this redeems it? Lets pop DFAA, and see what the numbers say. DFAA adds 100% to all AA damage (continuous and flak). Benson C with DFAA up Short range : 120 dps continuous damage 0.1km - 1.5km range Mid range : 72 dps continuous damage and 1 flak burst of 2660 flak, range 1.5km - 3.5km Long Range: 86 dps continuous and 3 bursts of 4340 dmg flak, range 3.5km - 5.8km OK, so the continuous damage it almost useful, but will still result in 0 planes kills without a lot of help. The flak now 1-shots planes in the mid range bubble with its 1 flak burst (that's useful, if 1 burst hits anything ever), but the long range flak simply overkills planes it would have killed anyway. Note that the Benson A gets the 3 burst 1-shot kill flak all the way from 0.9km to 5.8 km, so it still vastly superior to the Benson C even with DFAA up. Conclusion. The AA stats are a very poorly worked through set of values. The Benson A is the best AA platform, followed by the B, then the C. This is the opposite of "working as intended". The AA values are littered with many such nonsense outcomes. It's easy to find more with a modicum of gaming brain and 10 minutes with the spreadsheet. WG simply haven't done the work to get this patch to even beta levels of readiness. It's a rush job and it shows. Solution: 1. The entire AA values table needs a thorough going over by a gamer. 2. AA bubbles need to overlap. The minimum range of an AA gun should be determined by that gun. EG gun calibre * 20 = minimum range (155mm = 3.1km min range, 100mm = 2km min, range, 20 mm = 400m min range etc etc etc). Fast turning dual purpose main guns might get a better value (USN dd's?). We could even allow buffs to decrease the minimum range (better tracking of the gun) eg Expert Marksman reduces the minimum range of all AA guns by 20%. In conclusion, the current 0.8 patch is a mess and is making for very boring and frustrating gameplay. It is fixable, but the devs need to get our of their data, into the real gaming experience and work with gamers to make this right.
  12. The Matchmaking seems to be calming down a bit. I've had a game or 2 with no CV, and several with only 1 CV per team. With 1 CV the pressure feels bearable and "normal" gameplay does emerge. I've had a few 2 CV games where I got to play a "normal game" as well, mostly in ships with the name "I_KILL_SKY_PLAYERS_outaur". Strangely they leave me alone. DD's are not dead, you just have to play back a bit. Still be the forward screen, just stay within 3-5km of your CL's so you can run back for cover. If the BB's are sniping at 15-18km, you'll still be within 10-12km of their forward cruisers, so you can still try torping them. Asashio has had some godlike double torp volleys against blobs of BB's. Capping comes much later once the flank is mostly won and your CLs push closer to the objective. My Republique with a soft 2ndry / AA build finally found it's aim, and has proven capable of self defence against T10 planes. Some still get through, but the CV seems to take the hint that I'm not worth it and feeds elsewhere. Prince Eitel Fridrich was a bitter disappointment. The only thing it was any good at was AA, and this seems nerfed now as well. Avoid this barge at all costs. I'm still fairly lost figuring out how the ships AA stats in port will translate into real world performance. Continuous AA seems weak but reliable. It won't do anything to kill planes or stop an attack on its own, but does a decent job if 2-3 ships overlap, or after a good flack burst crippled some planes. Flak seems to be the wrecking ball. Erratic, but does the heavy work on the planes HP pool. Trouble is, it seems (from youtube vids) that a skilled CV player can fly around most of it, and an unskilled CV player gets wrecked by it. The CV player has counter-play against your heavy flak build, but your AA CL has little in game counter-play. Sector switching is still hard, I'm finding I'm late, or just wrong much of the time. Until I get the hang of it, manual AA is a questionable skill choice as all it does is makes sector switching faster with a bigger swing. It adds no raw AA power at all. Lastly, my computer really can't cope. I get frequent half second rendering hangs and glitches, which makes aiming, dodging torps and general situation awareness too hard. I'm playing ranked until I can upgrade my hardware, or WG sort out the new code to be more efficient.
  13. MeglaGnome

    Ranked off to a boring start again

    Ranked is interesting in the DD's and cruisers. I've had some great games in the Kitakaze and Kronshtadt. Those squads of Musashis die fast without a screen. Best game in Kitikaze : Kraken (yummy unprotected BB's and cruisers) Best game in the Kron : a nailbiter loss: 3 kills, 280K damage, confederate (in a 6 v 6! I damaged everyone) and high calibre. I ended up 1 v 3, caught the DD round an island and 1 shotted it, dodged the ram from the CA, rushed the Musashi and dev struck it in a drive by, then duelled the CA until the clock ran out. 15 citadels in total. I have played the Jean Bart and Musashi, and you are quite reliant on the smaller ships knowing what they are doing.
  14. MeglaGnome

    CV rework day 1 observations

    You just solo'd the great turkey shoot right there.
  15. Some thoughts from day 1: 1. I had to de-install and reinstall the game to get it to work. 2. The new AA graphics are hard on lower spec computers. Time to upgrade for me. 3. 2 CV's on each team every single game. Some games with no DD's, many with few DD's 4. Troll builds for the Lols. a) Neptune with heavy AA build murders planes. 25+ kills per game just by sailing around the map. Smoked up, the Neptune can block off a useful chunk of real estate and make it a no fly zone. One game I got a win, 2nd on the team in base XP, and the game crashed on me after 11 minutes so I died. I fired 1 set of torps for a CL kill, killed 35 planes, capped twice and my secondaries killed a crippled kutuzov while I was AFK. I never actually pulled the trigger on the main guns. 2nd on the team! b) Non AA build Mino seems even stronger when in range, but only has real AA power at 5km instead of 6.8km c) Jean Bart should have been great looking at the Stats, but so far a disappointment vs planes. d) Yubari is not a troll build as far as I can tell, even with the surprise DFAA at T4. The long range bubble is so weak, and the short range is so short. 5. Low Tier CV's are either weak, or piloted by noobs, or both. Like bottom 1/4 of their team weak. 6. T10 CV's seem quite strong, but the players must be experienced carrier players from the RTS days, so they would be getting good results out of their flat-tops.