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  1. Well, I'm off to NA. It's been fun. Thanks all for the battles, the fish (eaten and served), and the heavy calibre "life lessons" (don't broadside). I joined the game about 20 months ago, and got too deep into grinding my T10's and a few premiums before I realised that NA might have worked better for me. Now, the opportunity had presented itself, so I hooked it! The gameplay does seem more active, aggressive and fun over there. I feel like if I play well I can make a more meaningful impact on the game result. More team coordination, funnier salt, and a ping that is identical to my SEA ping. Also, my entire clan moved as a block. Go well, have fun, and my best wishes for you all in pixel botes and RL. Megla - out
  2. Relax, this is a normal price for an "admiral bundle" for a T10 premium ship. The bundle also contains a lot of coal and 2000 steel. It could even be "good value" , depending on your personal valuation of time vs money. Or maybe this game is just not that important to some people and they can't / won't pay the time or the money to get this one ship. That's OK, there is still huge fun to be had with the other 200+ ships in the game. You can reduce or eliminate the doubloon price by grinding a little or a lot. You can choose the dial in a little or a lot of time saving with doubloons. The only twist here is that you need to decide at the beginning of the grind how much to pre-pay for optimum grind reduction. I suspect the value play will be to buy 1 doubloon booster on day 1 and then grind the first 3-4 directives fairly hard, then chill out for the holidays, and slow the grind.
  3. MeglaGnome

    What a let-down, Wargaming.

    All the staff are busy processing the Move Server requests to NA.....?
  4. MeglaGnome

    SEA Server back to bad connection

    Ive had bad ping spikes up to 1800 ms and disconnects. Pretty unplayable when I'm grinding Mogador. Hopefully new NA server experience will be better. I'm in NZ, so ping to SEA and NA are the same.
  5. MeglaGnome

    Server Transfer Delay

    Now there is an open ended delay I'm concerned we'll be in the middle of the Christmas snowflake and Puerto Rico ship yard grind. Will progress on these be wiped when we move? OR carry over? @Bex_o7 any idea?
  6. MeglaGnome

    Migration server is ON time for you to decide

    I'm moving. I get 105 ms to Singapore and 106 ms to NA. NZ is basically a long way from anywhere.
  7. MeglaGnome

    RN CA line - A few questions

    This problem gets fixed by firing the gun once.....
  8. MeglaGnome

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    Naaahh... our deerstalkers association will see off anything on home ground 🙂
  9. MeglaGnome

    Moving to NA in 3... 2...

    I'm still grumpy that New Zealand players can't answer the 2nd question : It just ends after I'm in NZ (which is not a puppet state of Australia)
  10. MeglaGnome

    What is the next FreeXP ship?

    Thanks all.
  11. I'm saving FXP on general principle, but I have no idea whats up next to buy.
  12. MeglaGnome

    Remove or Nerf Smolensk

    I find a few volleys of Wooster AP sort out a Smolensk nicely at radar range.... Have done this to quite a few of them, and they seem to place last in their team when helmed by root vegetables.
  13. MeglaGnome

    Getting Genova in random bundle

    4/22 and all I found is this lousy coal ship
  14. MeglaGnome

    Daily mission roll over.

    I agree
  15. MeglaGnome

    Italian Token

    Genova will drop for me in time. But I got something much better from the random bundles...... COAL.... making 244k coal >> BalanZced CL