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  1. MeglaGnome

    Friesland build?

    I ended up with only a 13 point captain as I was buying him up from 3 points using elite commander XP. I took the range mod in slot 6, and PT, Ls, SE +BFT, CE. I plan to get DE and SI over time. So far, it works well.
  2. MeglaGnome

    What are the current replay controls?

    "Benefit" from random teammates. Glory in the end of battle result screen. Extract mouse from crater in far wall. Insert coin, and tonnes of rare camos and flags Click "Random me again for I love it always"
  3. MeglaGnome

    Yubari alternate hull

    Yubari is OK, but has a high skill floor becuase it is so fragile, and half the DPM is locked behind very awkward but potent torpedos. It's a great trainer (for the player as well as the captain) but a bit too unforgiving for a Tier 4 player's first premium ship.
  4. MeglaGnome

    Ranked sprint

    I had fun in Ranked Sprint. Cleared rank 1 in 3 sessions. CV's were not a big deal. My biggest frustration was our DD's loosing it for us, so I stopped playing anything but DD's. T-61 ftw.
  5. MeglaGnome

    Friesland build?

    I'm thinking either a standard DD hunter gun build: PT LS, AR SE, BFT CE, RL or full pyromaniac PT LS SE, BFT, DE, SI CE Thoughts?
  6. MeglaGnome

    Will there a Friesland Frenzy

    How do you know? Are there published stats somewhere?
  7. MeglaGnome

    Will there a Friesland Frenzy

    Not like that, no. Dutch chips come with Mayo...
  8. MeglaGnome

    Will there a Friesland Frenzy

    Alaksa is solid. Friesland I have no idea but I'll get it to find out. I expect it will be an orphan with no tech line for ages.
  9. MeglaGnome

    I've done did do it (A bunch of things)

    Not really, I see a Friesland and change there.
  10. MeglaGnome

    Team/Division combos

    Mogador + Black Smoke Mino + Worcester
  11. MeglaGnome

    I tried so hard and got so far

    You missed 4 reds there.... surely if your team are so graciously giving you all the work you could have just carried harder. A missed opportunity 🙂
  12. MeglaGnome

    Suggestions for my next tier 8

    Mogami needs a special captain (IFHE on a IJN cruiser), so unless you can spec for that, delay it.
  13. MeglaGnome

    Conqueror or Hindenburg

    You got a long way to go yet. The game and the meta will change for you as your skills improve and you hit high tier gameplay. Just play what you enjoy now. T10 will happen in time.
  14. MeglaGnome

    Research Bureau : progress report thread

    Well, you could wait that long, but you can instead grind another line for 10K RB points anytime you like. Some very experienced players literally have 5 mill + FXP sitting in the bank that they earned in game, and aTier 10 ships unlocked. For them its just a point and click (many clicks), just like buying a coal ship is for us mere mortals.