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  1. MeglaGnome

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    If you are a new-ish player with almost no prem ships, few or no 10 point captains and who wants dubloons, good camo's, and go faster economic flags then these crates seem quite good. As long as a handful of meh-grade tier 5-7 prem ships are going to change your game experience then its quite a lot of stuff for the money. If you already have prem ships enough to fill your gaming time and niche roles, and a few 19 point captains to grind elite commander XP, then these crates are garbage. If you are seriously buying them because you want belfast, missouri, kamikaze etc, then these crates should be illegal, unless they publish the drop rates. My thought process went like this: - I have Musashi, Kronshadt, Jean Bart for credit earning ground out in-game, as well as Cossack, Warspite, Nelson, Indianapollis, Shinonome, Sims (supercontainer drop), Varyag (yeah... I know), Aigle, tachibana lima also earned in-game - I have tachibana, ichizuchi, Yubari, if I feel like dipping into low tiers - I have Asashio, Atago, Atlanta, Texas, T-61, Anshan, Loyang purchased in the last 12 months. - I avoid prem ships that are "orphans" with no silver line to help train captains for. - I always have surplus bonus camo's lying around because I sail premiums or silver ships with perma camo's at least 40% of the time. - Go faster grinding flags are nice, but I get them quite often in game. - They have removed the premium time drops this year. - I have a million free XP in the bank right now, so 10K more is a rounding error. So, what in the drops we've seen on youtube do I actually want? 1. The "unobtainable rare" prem ships (lets assume the % drop is is close to 0%) 2. Tirpitz, Massachusets, Alabama, Kidd, Sharnhorst. I'm not seeing these appear very often at all when people do score ships drops. The weighting looks weighted towards the T 5,6's and the crap ships. 3. Dubloons 4. Coal. So, If I do buy myself a christmas present its likely to be a Tirpitz B, 90 days prem time, and a few dubloons, instead of 20 mega santa crates and 20 big santa crates to roll the dice and get stuff I don't value. What I really want for Christmas is Clan Battles at a time when New Zealand is awake, so I can get a good gaming experience and function as a human being the next day. Failing that, un-nerf the Yue-Yang.
  2. MeglaGnome

    IJN Cruisers

    Ibuki can be "made to work", but its a chore. Max range HE spam, wiggle, don't show sides at all ever. Zao is a pleasure, my go to T10 right now. 155 Mogami requires incredible patience and positioning, but can be a monster every other game.
  3. MeglaGnome

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    1.Grind legendary modules for IJN BB, CA, DD 2. Get Yamamoto to 19 points. 3. Grind from KGV to Conq 4. Grind Neptune >> Mino 5. Keep Neptune, get a 19pt captain and do a full AA build before CV relaunch hits. 6. Grind Alsace >> Republique 7. Mourn YueYang and never sail it again.
  4. Taking a russian DD skews the match making, as you really do need to play it at range as a long range harassment gunboat. Your team may get salty because a DD slot is taken up by a ship that is poor for DD duties, but you have to ignore the salt. You can spot BB's and CA's, but don't try to contest CAP points until you know where all the red DD's are deployed. You can farm damage on red radar cruisers while open water gunboating, rendering their radar useless since you're spotted all the time anyway, and you're hard to hit at range. If you can, get an engine boost upgrade from the arsenal and have engine boost running as you gunboat. Some games you will lose for your team because you are the only DD on your flank and the reds get the CAP, but mostly you need to farm so much damage that the enemy wins the CAP but can't hold it midgame.
  5. MeglaGnome


    Having fun Raider 🙂
  6. MeglaGnome

    High tier grind & flags

    Don't need thick skin to be in AUSRP, just an appreciation of vernacular vocab 🙂
  7. I have Musashi, Kronstadht and Nelson, and saving for Alaska (850K FXP in the bank). I didn't like the Musashi at first, too many misses, but when I started playing it a bit more aggressive than Yammy (12-16km range) and I got better at map awareness and positioning it really started to print bank for me. Good ship, especially when top tier. Kronstadht is junk for me. I get misses, bounces or overpens. Shockingly bad average damage per game for me. I just don't see the appeal. I've stopped playing it. I'd take a refund if the option was offered. Nelson I love, and is one of my most successful mid tier ships. Useful for printing credits, fireproof medals and dreadnought medals. Yesterday I got a Kraken just by being patient and good ammo selection. I'm about 30K coal away from Jean Bart, which I really want. I had great results with Richlieu, even when up-tiered, so an up-specced Richlieu as a premium sounds great to me.
  8. MeglaGnome

    AU/NZ snubbed again

    I'd love to do clan battles in a big way, but starting at 1:30am playing through til 3.30 is not possible with responsibilities starting 7am the next day. I'd be up for a new NZ/AUS clan wars "server" or at least a timezone hosted on the asia servers so we could join in. Please make it happen, there is enough of a clan base to make it work.
  9. MeglaGnome

    Clan battles fail again?

    I've not even tried it. I live in New Zealand and the 110ms ping to my local SEA WoWs server has a small negative impact on my gameplay, without trying to play a competitive mode on a server that is on the other side of the planet. I think I got 450ms ping last time I tested the EU server. Not WG's fault at all, just the internet and physics are against us here in NZ.
  10. This nerf is a very bad idea. The ship is fun but demanding of skill and not played in randoms that frequently anyway. If WG do this nerf I want my 5000 dubloons refunded that I spend on perma-camo. I'll stop playing the ship, and stop spending money on the game as well. If there is a balance issue with the ship, it's in competitive, and its caused by the radar, not the gun or torp reload. Tweak the radar maybe, but leave the basic ship alone, or I might as well play chung mu or go grind a gearing. The legendary module also looks garbage, so its not like there is a need to force a balance that drives genuine alternate module builds. My 2c Melga
  11. Are these one use per account? OR can we just hammer away and load up dozens?
  12. MeglaGnome

    Ranked-Kamikaze edition.

    I ranked out in a day using Kirov and Iron Duke. Could have spend coal or $$ to get a gold ship, but I couldn't justify the expense, and I wanted to grind out my silver ships anyway. Was fun.
  13. MeglaGnome

    Ranked Sprint 14-3 W/L Rank 1

    I did it in one day yesterday. Used a Kirov and an Iron Duke I had stopped grinding a few months ago. I think I lost about 5 or 6 games on the way through. Kirov was sometimes excellent as a long range fire support platform, had great AA, but often ate cits from any and every direction. I struggled to balance patience with having sufficient game impact. Iron Duke was just solid through T5-T1. Less and less cruisers in matchmaking, and the HE wrecks DDs and burns BBs.
  14. MeglaGnome

    Technical issues found.

    Just happened to me, 14:05 NZ time