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    PT 0.11.7 Feedback Thread

    I really don't like this camera improve. Before: After: It seems like I was driven to the sea from the bridge. Lower camera blocks more sea surface, sometimes I can't even see the torpedo from the enemy ship. Maybe the development team thought the boat from this perspective was very beautiful when doing camera improvement. But when you point the cursor center at the enemy, you will find that half of the area in your screen is completely blocked by your own ship, and even the center can hardly be seen. The larger the ship is, the more obvious it is in this regard. By the way, it's uncomfortable for Dutch cruisers to lock the telescope mode when using air strikes. 這個視角看起來好像我被WG從艦橋扔到了海裡。 更低的視角遮擋住了更多的海面,有時我甚至看不到對手丟的雷。 可能開發組在做camera improvement的時候覺得這個視角下的船很好看。 但當你把光標中心對準敵人的時候你就會發現,你的荧幕裏有一半的區域完全被自己的船擋住了,就連正中心也幾乎看不到,越大的船在這方面越明顯。WG飛馬 順便一提,荷蘭巡洋艦使用空襲時鎖定望遠鏡模式讓人很不舒服。