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    Disregard this please. I made an error. Stupid me :)
  2. JFFColeman

    0.9.1 Crosshair Bug

    After restarting the game 3 times I am stuck with only an aiming circle for the crosshairs. I have it set to Static 7 in settings but it only comes up with a circle. It is infuriating me as I have tried to change it to another one with no success. I am getting used to the circle but still. It seems that this is broken as well. I'll get some screenshots tomorrow to prove it, if I can figure out how to when I am in battle.
  3. JFFColeman

    a STATMENT from a former CN_70 player

    How about Wargaming remove their ally status from everyone and let us hit them without repercussions. Would make things more fun haha
  4. JFFColeman

    0.8.10 Bug Report Thread

    Few bugs I have. Mounted flags are no longer ticked in the Exterior tab (Bottom pic) Permanent camo selection is screwed up when changing ships. As you can see it is clearly NOT the Irian in the screen (Top pic)