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  1. Coleywise

    Here comes a New Challenger!

    They both have their merits so give the new one a chance people. I am reserving my judgement until she is in more videos to see how comfortable she gets in her role.
  2. Coleywise

    Hotwheels collaboration Announced?!

    Between my son and myself we have over 150 hot wheels cars. Mine are looked after, his.... not so much haha
  3. Coleywise

    Another CHAOS just happened.

    I salute you and your idea SIR! Skarhabek Seriously tho, WHERE THE HELL DO I SIGN UP? 😛
  4. Coleywise

    Excessive Png/ Lag today

    I've been getting unplayable ping as well. I'm in the Waikato
  5. Coleywise

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    After reading the 'Apology all I can do is laugh at WGs incompetence when it comes to a PR department. Hell I could do better than that load of garbage they released and I'm not in any PR department. Time for heads to roll in upper management of WG. That would make people rejoice. Not to mention do a PROPER apology to each and every CC and it not being a copy paste. Also WG time to listen to US THE PLAYERS. We pay your paychecks. Players not buying ships means you loose out. Also the cost of ships is horrendous. I van't remember the last t10 ship that was sold but one of the bundles for a ship, 10pt commander and flags was $300NZD. Aparantly it was discounted from $399NZD. Hell for that price I could buy 3-5 model ships and actually have something to enjoy when the PC is turned off. The CCs deserved better from a multinational company! Rant over.
  6. I have had the same thing happening here in NZ
  7. Well what can we expect being at the bottom of the world? The map makers don't bother coming down this far haha
  8. Extremely well said @S4pp3R! As a Kiwi it sucks to see we are often overlooked by this kind of thing. Australia, New Zealand Army Core is what ANZAC stands for, for those of you that don't know.
  9. Coleywise

    "All warfare is based on deception", Clan Brawl REPOI edition

    That's hilarious. That really shouldn't work but even I was laughing when it did
  10. Coleywise

    More Tier X Ships In Premium Shop

    Read what I said carefully. I only disagreed on T10 being sold. T9 I said was bad enough as someone with 0 games can jump straight into a T9 game and wonder why its so toxic when they rush in not knowing what they are doing. In fairness there should be a games played cap on being able to buy different tiers. The more games in either Co-Op or Randoms the better the tier you can purchase. Up to and including T9 ships. T10 should be excluded from all cash sales.
  11. Coleywise

    More Tier X Ships In Premium Shop

    I respectfully disagree.T10 should never be sold for cash. Try playing through a tech line and see the differences in the tiers. Also it makes it unfair on those of us that have done the long hours and grinded up the tiers. T9 is bad enough selling to new players. Heck I only play co-op or operations unless in a division with clanmates and even then I steer clear of higher tiers in PvP because I don't have the experience in PvP to play well.
  12. Coleywise

    Lunar crates still paywall?

    I had all of the previously available ones and their respective camos. I bought 10 crates and got the Fen Yang and its camo as well. So I'm guessing you just weren't that lucky sadly OP
  13. Coleywise

    Ten More Hours (As I Post This)

    I was up until 1.30am NZT finishing the Ships and Fates campaign. I forgot about it and I'm too busy today to start the game lol. Regretting my decision already.
  14. Coleywise


    I love the operations (except Newport), I play Narai whenever it pops up as that's my absolute favourite one 🙂
  15. Coleywise

    [ALL] ModStation

    Still disables them for me after the update