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  1. DeltaMikeBravo

    Bitching, matchmaking... again!

    Entered a game with my T7 BB, KGV... ended up in a T9 game, as usual! This time though, we had two (2) x T8 CV's per side. A total waste of gameplay, credits & real money. Having two (2) CV's per side per game is nothing unusual though - even when it makes the game totally lop-sided & reduces the outcome to the skills of the CV players & to hell with the other twenty (20) players in the game. When the hell is Wargaming going to restrict games to one (1) x CV per side & address the matchmaking issues? I can only put it down to pure greed on Wargaming's part, or maybe laziness, or they just don't give a damn about their players since the matchmaking issues don't affect their bottom line.. so much for Customer Service! Feedback pls? - Mike
  2. DeltaMikeBravo

    Match-Making: The absurbd & ridiculous

    Thx Max... it'd be nice if we could hope for more, but you're probably right! - Mike
  3. It's been a bad night playing WoWS... the RNG has been haphazardly weird, but the final blow came in my last game - maybe my very last game. I was playing a Tier 8 North Carolina &... when I entered the game, each side had one (1) x T10 CV + eleven (11) BB's - six x T10 BB's, 3 x T9 BB's and two (2) T8 BB's. The enemy CV decided that our T8 BB's were easy meat and pressed their advantage - too many torpedoes, too many bombs - early deletion! Additionally, it cost me 33K+ credits to play this game. I play this game for enjoyment, to relax, to have some competitive mental stimulation. In Australia, we have a Consumer Law that refers to "Misleading & Deceptive Conduct' - this sort of match-making makes a mockery of the game and makes playing WoWS anything, but pleasurable. I feel gypped, I feel like I've not only lost credits, but I've also spent real money on consumables, ships, upgrades, camouflage and all the rest and that WoWS are being 'deceptive' in the product they're offering. All the marketing hype about Halloween, Christmas and the like count for little when you're regularly and consistently matched against higher tier enemies, many of whom boast OP ships like the Russian Kronshtadt among others. When your T7 Scharnhorst goes one-on-one against a T9 Kronshtadt, the outcome's rarely in doubt! Reading various forums, it appears Wargaming has done little to address the matchmaking in WoTs and will probably do little in WoWS to address the MM problems. What's the solution? It appears our Russian friends have embraced 'capitalism' with admirable fervor and profit is the maximum motive. I look forward to suggestions and solutions, but am not too hopeful!
  4. DeltaMikeBravo

    Game problems & Bans

    icy_phoenix, thx for responding. I had been deleted in a previous game and had exited to Port. Yes, I think the game itself was in progress, I just wasn't participating in it. As I said, my PC 'hung' - no keyboard/mouse responses and no alternate, but to soft-reboot. I'm concerned that for every player, if they have a similar stoppage, they're unfairly penalised. Surely, there's some way of recognising this problem? - Mike
  5. DeltaMikeBravo

    Game problems & Bans

    I had finished a game and was in Port. Game 'hung' - couldn't do anything else, but Ctl+Alt+Del to reboot. When I'd run various utilities on rebooting to ensure all was OK with my PC, I re-entered WoWS... only to be told I'd incurred a three (3) game penalty for 'Unsporting Conduct'. WoWS needs to re-evaluate their penalty procedures. I'm sure the people at WoWS are brilliantly self-righteous, but maybe they could address various issues like this and MM & excessive Service charges and RNG. Happy players are better-paying customers... MM, RNG and other problems affect the game's enjoyment, leading to less playing time and players looking elsewhere to spend their disposable income. Any feedback pls? - Mike
  6. DeltaMikeBravo

    Halloween Upgrades to ships?

    Many thx for the rapid responses... seems we get to keep the upgrades we paid for up front! Now, how to convince WOWS to let us supply 'free' modules/upgrades in the first place! - Mike
  7. DeltaMikeBravo

    Halloween Upgrades to ships?

    I started playing WOWS in February this year, so am enjoying my first Halloween event... and so far, it's very good! However, for the ships involved in the first two (2) stages, I had to invest in upgrades for each ship at my personal cost. I'm curious as to what happens to these upgrades once the Halloween event is over? Do we 'lose' the upgrades when the special Halloween ships and submarines are removed? Will we have to pay the annoying twenty-five (25) doubloons (real money) to 'demount' each upgrade? Or, are the upgrades removed with either fifty percent (50%) player refund or none? If someone could advise me what the procedure was in the past or better yet, what's happening this year, it'd be appreciated. - Mike (DeltaMikeBravo)
  8. HobartAWD, you kindly responded to my post, but I seem to have 'lost' your reply ref. GPU's to replace my nVidia 630... any idea how I can get your reply back?

    Thx, Mike

  9. DeltaMikeBravo

    Comments & Complaints! Nov 2018

    Thx for your comments and I largely agree. Problem with Match-Making though is getting seriously ridiculous! I just played a game in my T7 Scharnhorst - the enemy had ten (10) x BB's, 1 x T8 CV and a lonely T8 CA. The Scharnhorst is usually my most enjoyable ship, but in the last three or so weeks, I'm constantly battling T9 Izumo's. Sure it's easy to say both sides were similarly matched, but that doesn't help you when you're constantly bottom tier and rapidly deleted by vastly superior units. No point angling against the Izumo - it just pens you through the bow! My last game tonight was in a T8 Tirpitz against seven (7) T10, 1 x T9 and four T8 enemies. Why did I invest real money in so-called 'Premium' ships, so that I could face this ridiculous MM? Wargaming/WOWS should do something urgently to address a very serious problem that's taking the enjoyment out of the game, but many other posts suggest that they're too damned arrogant to listen! I've heard that it's possible to 'sell' your game on the open market, with Wargaming's permission of course... does anyone know anything about the truth of this? I'll play this WOWS until December 31 and if nothing's changed by then, I'll divert my real money to an organization that listens. Thx for your help! - Mike
  10. DeltaMikeBravo

    Comments & Complaints! Nov 2018

    Query? what's the IP address for the Asia Server to ping?
  11. DeltaMikeBravo

    Comments & Complaints! Nov 2018

    I've been playing WOWS since February this year and have over 3,000 Random and 1,500 Co-Op games; over the last nine months, there have been many changes to the game, most of them successful and kudos to Wargaming for their implementation. There have, however, been some detrimental changes and problems unaddressed, viz: 1. Although my Internet speed in Australia consistently averages 95+ Mb/s download and 35 Mb/s upload, I still average ~ 23 fps in the game. This is with most graphics minimized. The problem appears to be the Asia-to-Australia pipe and I'd appreciate some feedback as to how this might be improved. 2. Could Wargaming please standardize the 'Consumables' keys for every ship? The 'Graf Spee' for instance, has the 'Heal' key bound to the letter 'U', rather than the letter 'T' which is the usual. It's a minor fix, but it would get me playing the GS again, instead of being constantly frustrated using consumables! 3. Is there some form of overt 'bias' against the Asian Server community? Is Wargaming restricting the Asian Server to use it for marketing purposes? Since I started playing I've seen the 'Belfast' in the game, along with many other ships unavailable on the Asia Server, but after 9 months, still can't buy it/them, or so very many other unique ships - why? So often I'm in a game and come across a 'new' ship of unknown capabilities. I can't see its specifications unless I look it up on the web. The Premium Shop is restricted for Asian Server players and I can't buy Unique Commanders among other items. So often when playing in the morning (AM) Australian time, there are fewer than one thousand (< 1,000) players in the pool available. Yet if the playing pool was opened to other servers, it would improve the playing experience for players on the Asian Server immensely! 4. Mini-Map: When looking at the game introductory screen, would it be possible to have the 'home' ships shown at the bottom of the screen instead of at the top of the screen as is current? Likewise, could Wargaming position the Mini-Map interface, so that the 'Home' team is shown from the bottom right-hand corner perspective? It would save trying to furiously position the Mini-Map's perspective manually! 5. Match-Making (MM): I've heard that Wargaming is going to address the many problems with MM, but here are some of the examples I've noted during October, viz: A game with my T8 Tirpitz that included nine (9) BB's per side, with the enemy, made up of six (6) x T10 BB's including 4 x T10 Yamato's, 2 x T10 Montana's plus 2 x T9 BB's and 1 x T8 BB plus 1 x T8 CV and 2 x T10 CA's; my poor Tirpitz was focussed fairly quickly as the Yamato's and Montana's formed a BB 'Wolf-Pack'; another T7 game comprised three (3) ships per side... the enemy had a T9 BB + a T9 DD and a T9 CV (Taiho) - we had a T7 BB 9 - my Scharnhorst), a T9 BB and a T8 CV: we lost, their DD and CV chewed us up! a third game (T10) had a T10 CV, 8 x BB's plus 3 x DD's per side... ridiculous! There are many other ludicrous examples! Also, where there used to be some form of a barrier at T7, it now appears that games now load quicker, but any combination of three (3) Tiers is allowed, regardless of how 'fair' it is to the lower tiers. Hence, T7 ships now constantly face T9 opponents and T7 BB's have a hard time against T9 CA's/CL's let alone T9 BB's. T5 ships cannot compete too successfully against T7 opponents and T8 ships are cannon-fodder for most T9/T10 opponents. 6. Russian Ships - slightly OP? In my Scharnhorst, I keep coming up against the Russian T9 Kronshtadt which seems a formidable enemy and certainly outguns and is better armored than any T7 ship. Whilst I can appreciate Russian pride, the Russian 'performance creeps' over the last nine months is disturbing! 7. CV Torpedo planes... I was camped 153 meters from a solid island in my T7 ship when an enemy Torpedo squadron managed to get between the island and my ship and drop five (5) torpedoes. How? How did they even arm? Less than three (3) seconds to respond from a still start? Add to that, as a T6 BB in a T4-T6 game, my BB was cross-dropped by torpedo bombers from a T6 CV - I wasn't aware they were that advanced. 8. RNG & Ricochet's: If anything causes me to exit WOWS in favor of another game, it'll be the RNG. At times, RNG is obscenely ridiculous! At 8.8 Km, my Sharnhorst fires nine (9) rounds at an Omaha - eight rounds 'bracket' the Omaha and I get one (1) ricochet. In another game, the number of ricochets was greater than the number of penetrations... since when do BB rounds 'bounce' off CL's? The RNG is furiously frustrating - I've even had it kick in when the enemy is less than five Km's. (< 5 Km.) away; I used to enjoy the Konig - now it's been 'nerfed' to ridiculous lengths, so I don't bother playing it anymore. Most BB's, especially German (KMS) BB's appear to have been nerfed, although it could apply to all BB's!? Comments: In general I believe Wargaming is doing a good job, although I suspect their Submarines need some 'fine-tuning' in their mechanics, especially torpedoing! With the British push, there's a plethora of DD's coming back into the game (average of four (4) it seems, but this is causing problems with too many torpedos flooding the ocean area. Although I've played some DD's (Japanese, British and starting with American) it seems DD's are somewhat over-powered - DD's focus-firing BB's of the same level? Why have a BB if its armor is that innocuous? RNG has to be addressed as IMHO it's the single most frustrating element of the game! Can we force zero RNG for any BB firing at a target less than say, eight kilometers (<= 8 Kms.) away? Finally, when playing games to reach the 12,500 and 37,000 credit levels, the last game Kmalways ends up just a few hundred credits short, necessitating one last game? Interested in comments and feedback - thx for reading this! Rgds... Mike (DeltaMikeBravo)
  12. DeltaMikeBravo

    RNG BS

    I've been playing WOWS for six months and am finding that the RNG on aiming is just getting worse. Tonight in my Scharnhorst I fired nine (9) rounds at an Omaha some 4.8 Km's away. Eight shots bracketed the enemy ship and one bounced! I've especially noticed that KMS (German) ships have had an RNG deterioration over the last two months or so, but this was the final straw. I've also noticed that when you try for a 'prize' for achieving 2,000 or 12,500 or more points that the fourth option offering an "increased chance" of winning something decent is total BS. Over the last seventy-plus (70+) attempts, I've not had one major prize whereas before June this year the ratio was about 1:8. As an Accountant with a major in Mathematics (Statistics), I can only conclude that WOWS have either 'fiddled' with RNG in both cases to reduce targetting success and/or minimize prizes. It would be nice if WOWS published the RNG coefficients applicable to each nation's ships!
  13. DeltaMikeBravo

    World of Battleships - Random

    Again, I'm taking all this advice on-board and genuinely appreciate people taking the time to help me in my learning curve. I guess the WOWS members are part of a 'club' and am impressed that my single comment has elicited such good responses. Thx!
  14. DeltaMikeBravo

    World of Battleships - Random

    Many thx HeidimarieW for your valued feedback. Based on your limited information, you're highly perceptive and pretty well spot-on. The 'red fog' of battle often gives me tunnel vision and I forget to 'wriggle' and thus become all too predictable! You're right in saying that I have basically played mainly cruisers as I'm slowly branching out into other ship types. I've found destroyers fun to play and average around two (2) kills a game, but usually follow them thereafter. I particularly like German and British cruisers since I can often play them as overgrown DD's and like torpedoing as part of my game style. I'm slowly working with a German BB (Kaiser), but the alpha-strike thrill is short-lived. I'll take on-board all your advice and my thx to all for the feedback.
  15. DeltaMikeBravo

    World of Battleships - Random

    Thx for the responses... when I initially read up on playing WOWS, one luminary suggested you needed to play 1,500 games to qualify as 'entry-level': hence the 1,500 Co-Op games. I wasn't aware that Co-Op is solely 'bots as the entry screen suggests it's a mix of people players & bots. I realize I'm on a steep learning curve and have tried to invest the money and playing time to begin to improve myself in the game. I still find 'Random' irritating in terms of the number of BB's and CV's and like the idea of 'graded' difficulty levels to help improve the learning curve involved. To quote AchilesBORP: " The 'meta' of Random Games on this server seems to be camping and sniping at long range with battleships." I tried this approach using my T6 Graf Spee (range = 16 Km.) and T7 Yorck (range = 17.3 km.) with good success, but the gameplay was boring. Attempts to "attack" or in the case of other ships, the necessity to attack because of shorter firing range, just to score some points resulted in rapid deletion. As I noted earlier, I played one entire game where neither side lost a ship or fired a shot and both sides just clustered in opposite corners. Our side 'won' because an enterprising DD capped one cap to their zero caps. Not the most exciting game! Your collective feedback has brightened me immensely - some things are much clearer now. I don't mind 'losing' - that's a necessary part of learning. I just object to not going down "swinging"! Thx, DeltaMikeBravo