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  1. Botting happens a lot and WG don't really care, very often you'll get in even a random battle where 1 CV is clearly being botted by the other CV player, loses all its planes as it yolos down the middle. had a CV in a match the other day that ended the battle alive with 1 plane kill, 127pts score at the end. It wasn't a DC or something, because he was sailing the whole time in the A line and finished up nose into a corner after all the other ships on team were dead. When you check the stats 1 CV will have 75-85% WR and the other like 19-21%. The sooner CVs get neutered the better.
  2. Put them in front of my tier 9 guns would be my suggestion...
  3. I don't understand why its taking so long with tier 9 ships.
  4. Potateraid

    190k Elite XP Mission

    same here.
  5. Potateraid

    Can't connect to server

    My steam version updated hours ago.
  6. Potateraid

    Winrate is Meaningless

    Remember that by default, almost half the people of a given group are going to be worse at a given task than almost half of that group, with a few people in the middle that are better than almost half and yet worse than almost half. Thats statistics for you. people say the player base is getting worse, but is it? or is it that the people who have the ability to improve are improving and that people with a <50% WR are just realising that the team they are on is actually worse off with them on it than if they had someone who was even just "average"? I've only started playing WOWs fairly recently [start of February] as compared to some people with 5k+ battles and for a while I was bad, but apparently [only looked it up because I saw this thread while waiting for the servers to come up] according to wows today my last 20 days WR has been somewhere around 64%, but I realised that the people I division with are really bad, they only play a few times a month so don't really know how to play well and in 2-person divisions my overall WR is only 43% and in 3 person its only 34%. So someone who is matched against me a month or 2 ago would have seemed better then than if they were matched against me now, unless I'm grouped up with some super casuals and then in that case they'll feel like they are quite a bit better. If people are improving beyond your skill level and you aren't matching them for improvement then it'll feel like every team you are on is getting worse, because it is, since you're on it.
  7. Potateraid

    Can't connect to server

    The annoying part is the no communication. they never use their twitter or facebook and nothing here on the forum.