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    Welcome to KNCOL!!

    This clan is a social clan for people who are fans of both Kancolle and WoWS. Of course, weebs are included!

    If you enjoy casual matches in a division or scenarios, feel free to join us!



    1.  Active on Discord or using it while playing
    2. Friendly and non-toxic behaviour
    3. Use English as a communication language
    4.  Not hiding personal data
    5. Play Kantai Collection or at least a weeb.
    6.  Own at least a tier 6 ship for Operations.
    7. Having experience in CB or competitive is an advantage.
    8. WR requirements are based on the number of random battles played.
    9. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/443255896840208387/763689485136822282/unknown.png

    We use WoWs Karma website to evaluate new applicants. Therefore, you need to have a clean reputation there if you want to join us. https://asia.wows-karma.com/Posts

    By the way, please do not apply if-:

    1. you have bad reputation on WoWs Karma website
    2.  you are a CV apologist
    3.  you are a reroll from Asia or China server

    If you're interested to join, please join our intermediary Discord server. https://discord.gg/GvQWwkk