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  1. There's a small patch containing the increased difficulty of big hunt battle mode so maybe your WGC doesn't detect that?
  2. Well_DoneX3

    Mogami's 155mm guns hp?

    It's funny how this thread is necroed by the same guy using other 2 different accounts
  3. Well_DoneX3

    ST 0.10.4, New Jersey

    How about no?
  4. Well_DoneX3

    Zoup exploded

    Yeah, i had enough popcorn for that
  5. Well_DoneX3

    Tier 8 premium CV review IJN Kaga

    I swear it is not intentional because I rarely play coop unless for mission completion & snowflakes
  6. Well_DoneX3

    Tier 8 premium CV review IJN Kaga

    Just updated a few sections especially the Recommended build because of the commander rework.
  7. Well_DoneX3

    DobbyM8's New Year Giveaway

    it has ended
  8. Just updated this section together with the comparison graphs for TB and CV hull HP because of the cmdr rework.
  9. Well_DoneX3

    DobbyM8's New Year Giveaway

    Well_DoneX3 Good luck & have fun, dobby!
  10. Well_DoneX3

    Tier 6 premium CV review HMS Ark Royal

    This section has been updated due to the captain rework on update 0.10.0. The graphs will be updated soonTM because they are heavily affected by the addition of German CVs & captain rework.
  11. Well_DoneX3

    Commander Skills Update

    Only during the 10.0 patch
  12. Well_DoneX3

    rader ships

    Just mm working as intended, comrade
  13. uhh why is Hyuuga not a BBV like her sister Ise?
  14. Well_DoneX3

    Need support