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  1. Pepega_MY

    Commander Skills Update

    Only during the 10.0 patch
  2. Pepega_MY

    rader ships

    Just mm working as intended, comrade
  3. Pepega_MY

    ST 0.10.1, new ships. (German, British, Japanese)

    uhh why is Hyuuga not a BBV like her sister Ise?
  4. Pepega_MY

    Need support

  5. Please do tell me how is this not a bot?! WG please remove all these goddamn bots from your game!image.thumb.png.1373c389dd5c9a750d152361c9a82bfb.png



    the bot's account profile

  6. New year wish? Well, let's hope that the West Taiwanese virus will be gone for good aaaaaaanndd together with their bots infesting this damn game
  7. I do wish that Midway's HE bombers have heal too just like during CV rework PTS.
  8. What a great backpain.... Almost a loss tho. Thank god  enemy Bisko shot HE at me instead of AP.....Or maybe those were her secondaries.unknown.png



  9. Hosho is love, Hosho is life


  10. Pepega_MY

    Almost breaking my own record,almost

    You could compliment that Kreml for staying al.....o wait!
  11. TL;DW: You'll have to sacrifice the reduced plane servicing time & extra 2 planes on deck mod for this trick. Only use this at your own discretion. Disclaimer: No actual humans were involved in the making of this video.
  12. Spreadsheet said everyone had fununknown.png unknown.pngunknown.png

  13. Pepega_MY

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.11

    why is the option to set autopilot course on minimap for CV removed? at least make it a toggleable option in Settings