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  1. It's really funny how he gets removed from the original devblog lmao is this a floating train or what so they're celebrating Allies' loss to Germany fleet? wow ok lol
  2. Then they better use the random battle economic because fighting coop bots of lower tiers in ships of higher tiers can cause major credit losses. really???? will the bots in training room no longer use all their consumables at the start of the battle? owh wow, finally. I hope wg will just outright ban all SS & CV since the beginning of the season instead of waiting for several days to monitor their performance & effectiveness in Ranked. If they do, i'd be really happy so that i can sail my t10 DDs to enemy spawn by autopilot play ops only. so if i know that the enemy team is going to win because of major point lead such as 382-998 and they have one enemy ship left with less than 1k HP remaining, I won't shoot to kill it because it's already guaranteed that the enemy team is going to win anyway lmao. It's so fucked up when a team with no ship left wins. what's this wows blitz UI uh oh. so this is why they're improving their bots as stated in the aforementioned asymetric battle so that they can fill up the higher tiers matchmaking with their bots because playerbase is declining at a steady rate! I often see high tiers Random mm with 6 ships per team or less even within peak hours because nobody cares to play this game anymore!
  3. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    I think we need negative karma system

    b-but muh fancy red tracer on Germong BB secondaries reeee Still, it's really funny if one reports others for using legendary captains lmao
  4. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    I think we need negative karma system

    then this animal on NA must be really proud of its -33 karma lmao
  5. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    I think we need negative karma system

    really???? arent all reports on one player in one match still counted as one (-1)????
  6. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    I think we need negative karma system

    lmao we already have a pseudo-negative karma system. Look at this animal with -1 karma for example
  7. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    How to hide in-battle status

    see the original post for the purpose
  8. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    How to hide in-battle status

    If you don't want to visit the link even though it's not sus, here's how to do it. 1) Open the preferences.xml file in your World of Warships game directory. Personally, I recommend using Notepad. Under <ui> section, add <hideInBattleStatus> True </hideInBattleStatus> Save and you're done! Again, big thanks to Ahskance for the information.
  9. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    How to hide in-battle status

    Now it is possible to hide your in-battle status! @Ahskance has posted the instruction on how to do it on NA forum so feel free to check it out! https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/265072-new-in-122-how-to-hideinbattlestatus/
  10. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    [ALL] FT Assistant 2

    anybody home?
  11. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    WG needs to STOP updating TOO OFTEN

    but they need to push the support CVs & IJN SSV asap!!!
  12. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    [ALL] FT Assistant 2

    or integrate it with this mod. the top line shows the fighter consumable availability and the bottom line shows the squad repair party availability
  13. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    [ALL] FT Assistant 2

    this is a very useful mod that every CV player must have! By the way, can you make a similar mod for squadron repair party consumable availability? It should work the same way as this mod. It shows the states of the squadron repair party for squadrons that have it
  14. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    [ALL] Consumables Monitor 2

    thanks for this mod! now i can immediately block messages from animals who pick the wrong consumables from the start
  15. Ibara_Muan_PrPr

    Update 12.0: Lunar New Year