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    Brace yourselves...

    Kiting is good, I only ship I want to play now is Yoshino. Just see through win and loss, embrace the spirit of damage-comes-first.
  5. suisei_hosimati

    Dry Dock. Warships Sizes Comparison.

    Holy s..., Stalingrad is actually larger than Yamato
  6. suisei_hosimati

    HE vs SAP for incapacitate modules?

    Yoshino guns are good at tearing apart modules I remember
  7. suisei_hosimati

    Is WG going to do anything about Low tier CVs?

    Too many CVs for their MM tuning to work. I guess rather than "strategic plays" as advertised by Wargaming, a lot more players prefer sealclubbing.
  8. suisei_hosimati

    Is WG going to do anything about Low tier CVs?

    It's easy for us who had played thousand of games and have rather good economic status to jump up to tier 6, what I am worried about is the new players, they have to grind up from tier 1. Up till now I've invited 4 friends only one of them continued to play and grinded up to tier 10.
  9. suisei_hosimati

    Asking for advice...

    I kept Edinburgh cuz she has round butts, they are sexy
  10. This is Russian bias man
  11. suisei_hosimati

    You know your in a games with BOTs when .....

    Hard grinding missions + lazy players == bots
  12. suisei_hosimati

    Is WG going to do anything about Low tier CVs?

    There is simply no way for ships lower tier than 4, they don't have AA, they don't have all those fancy consumables, and for god's sake they don't even have the maneuverability to dodge! I not saying this because I hate CVs, it's just, this CVs power creep is too painful for new players like dear Earl's friend. , it shouldn't be like that. Can you even imagine new players in slow clumsy low tier ships have to try their hardest to land shells on enemy ships to fight against CV?
  13. I invited a friend of mine and was playing with him in tier 3 ships. And I found that low tier battles are just unplayable now, you get 2 CVs almost every game and one round of dual-CV torpedo-bombing can easily just erase any low tier ship from the game. And what makes it better most tier 3 ships doesn't even have anti-air. Now ASIA low tier games are just jokes, how could any one as a newcomer going to enjoy the game? And let's be frank, just #removeCV
  14. suisei_hosimati

    I can see... a small glimpse of future...

    No sir, the future is way worse, imagine those Moskva have 10km concealment.
  15. suisei_hosimati

    Press " F " for Narai