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  1. neu_romancer


    WG認為這個不是對斯摩的削弱,是整個機制的調整,煤炭不會退的 高爆穿甲改了就專心洗主力艦吧,和巡洋艦搏鬥的能力是全部沒了,還會被亨利四世碾壓
  2. Hope that stealth radar get nerfed before coming out of test server, or prior to that chapa has short time stealth radar, mediocre ballastics, fine, can be dangerous for any dds, and a nightmare if her capitain is cool-headed and experienced. Edinburg and mino can stealth radar too, with only AP shells, terrible ballastics, trade survivalibity for winrate by killing dds (and Smol) Remember how wooster slaughtered dds with the first release of 10km radar and 9.5km concealment? Now we’ve got a new stealth radar ship with excellent ballastics (may be better than or at least comparable with ZAO or Venezia, or even comparable with Moskva if air drag coeff is not further nerfed), 30+ second long radar covering 12km range, 8 long barrels spitting fire at higher than 10rpm brilliant, brilliant btw, plz delete ZAO, as our new comrade overmatchs her with dpm, ballastics, firing, range, comsumables, antiair, speed, hit point, or maybe armor scheme
  3. 即便20秒射速,服务器场均也已经是CA第一第二,冲上9w稳居银币线榜首,和斯大林格勒谈笑风生了 威尼斯的机动、防护、特殊消耗品都是集各家CA之长,不强才有鬼了 7级以前的意大利巡洋的确差点意思,等级越高越强势
  4. neu_romancer

    WG owes us coal from crates

    Maybe we players arent expected to get more Smolensk especially with that spicy new coupon on Dec 27th
  5. neu_romancer


    notorious bot clan grind ships and sell accounts online Joke: Loading in a game, one CN_70 on enemy side heh, easy game maybe, finish this quick checking our side DAMN, 2 CN_70
  6. neu_romancer

    Opinion on french cruisers?

    Actually T8 Charles Martel is far more than good, excellent impressive maneuvering, both acceleration and steering, easily farming damage out of poor BBs. T9 Saint Louis is generally a slightly larger Charles Martel, also outstanding at her tier, maybe mediocre compared with T8 and T10. Steering gears breaks down frequenty on French cruisers T5-T9, install steering upgrade 2 to shorten repair and maximum maneuver ability. T8 premium Bayard, even more than excellent. easily get 66% winrate and 90k avg as solo player
  7. neu_romancer

    Opinion on french cruisers?

    use ur engine boost for fast flanking or kiting also dont run in straight line, angle properly and point ur stern towards enemy, and keep rubbing forward and backward, watching shells flying around one of the most annoying cruisers branches in the game (another is Italy CA branch)
  8. neu_romancer

    Thunderer OP in ranked

    Consider the old conq with 18inch guns. At that time 18inch seemed foolish with low accuracy and not-so-ideal ballistic. Now thunderer functions a little like republique, trading shell velocity with accuracy, overmatching 30mm planting, punch really hard against cruisers. Also be aware of its cruiser-like ruddle shift time In conclusion, thunderer is a BB when fighting against CAs, and a large cruiser against BBs
  9. neu_romancer

    There are other better things than virtual ships.

    Spend the money and time on Monster Hunter World’s new dlc, and pre ordering cyberpunk 2077, wondering whether to get Red dead redemption 2 on PC, or Asashio in wows, both full of enjoyment. Bye Payto Reeco!
  10. neu_romancer

    Detroit: become human

    Drakon: Become Bots Die! Ignorant carbon-based beings!
  11. neu_romancer

    High tier pvp

    Yep, we all know that, one famous, or more exactly, notorious clan, named [CN_70], is made up almost entirely by bots. Most of its members are registered at the same day, wearing default emblem, using names of random characters, raging around like plague, keeping afk or rushing randomly, ruining games of everyone.——as they are all bots. After grinding some ships, such accounts are sold online for a low price. p.s As they are all bots, they keep playing for thousands game per month. Shame for the clan’ name as I’m from China. I don’t wanna discuss about nations here, all Chinese players feel shame and disgust of that clan. We hate bots as well as everyone does. We’ve tried tickets, but at present no way to report it or have it shut down totally.
  12. neu_romancer

    Never had so many kills or achievements before

    Jean Bart performs actually quite well when u know how to roam and where to find those spicy and tasty broadsides, as u have double the chance to punish them p.s two secondary kills? u pick a secondary build?