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  1. TorpedoSea

    [投票開始] 亞太臂章設計競賽

    設計理念:傳統靠旗,書寫漢字符號來辨認敵我雙方,符合亞服的環境氣息!Design concept: traditional flag, writing Chinese symbols to identify both sides of the enemy, in line with the atmosphere of WOWS Asia!
  2. TorpedoSea


  3. Ign: TorpedoSea , Server: Asia #WorldOfWarships #Leningrad75
  4. TorpedoSea

    Some suggestions

    NO! Must have Integrity !!!!
  5. TorpedoSea

    Some suggestions

    My mean is single AP bullet has no integrity and gameplay. So some players want use HE like USA CL. Return the torpedo to Belfast, strengthen the armour down and put it at level eight !!! Like her sister Edinburgh.
  6. TorpedoSea

    Some suggestions

    But it is very ugly,I think ASHITAKA have other hull types I am not convinced, it is really regrettable. I'm not kidding .Single AP shells have no game fun ,the British destroyer's smoking mechanism is very good ,I think it can solve the problem of HE fire in smoke long time , then the angle of AP ricochet also needs to be changed.
  7. TorpedoSea

    Some suggestions

    NO.1 Why does ASHITAKA still use the old hull?New York, New Mexico and so on have no old hull, considers to change, the face value is too low too ugly.NO.2 Can Z23 be strengthened? Too weak, three permanent paints are needed, such as his 150-gun range is too short for gameplay... Seek buff.NO.3 University Fleet activities, did not get that cat captain has been very regret, when can reopen activities, including the blue fleet, has been looking forward to acquiring!!!NO.4 American freelance painting can change the model. The eagle on that bridge is so ugly that it is strongly demanded to wipe off.NO.5 HAREKAZE need to be strengthened. Range and HP are far below the level of eight. NO.6 The British cruiser's single AP bomb is weaker. Can it return the HE bomb like the British destroyer's smoking mechanism? By the way, return the torpedo to Belfast, strengthen the armour down and put it at level eight.NO.7 Can we exchange short-term senior accounts with coal in the future?NO.8 Historic legend Captain Yamamoto and Halsey's achievement bonus skills can be added to a single pair of seats, such as Yamamoto Suitable for BB does not need torpedo loading and aircraft equipment, the same as Halsey Suitable for CA do not need torpedo loading and aircraft equipment, so that the captain of history more professional choice of ships, rather than too much useless skills. The same is true for the later history captain.NO.9 Can we use the coal to change the legendary captain of the Royal Navy in the future?
  8. TorpedoSea


    NO.9 歷史傳奇艦長山本和哈爾西的成就加成技能能不能單一加成對號入座,比如山本適合大和就不需要魚雷裝填和飛機整備,同理哈爾西同樣適合得梅因就不需要魚雷裝填和飛機整備,這樣讓歷史艦長更加專業選擇艦種,而不是過於雞肋,包括以後的歷史艦長也同樣如此
  9. TorpedoSea


    NO.6 英巡現在單一的AP彈比較弱勢啊,能不能像英驅那樣的發煙機制,把HE彈還回來?順便把貝爾法斯特魚雷也給還回來,加強下裝甲,放到八級去 NO.7 英國下個版本的活動,一開始說好的勛章代幣能換英勇和厭戰金幣船,測試服怎麼沒有啊?不會又鴿了吧??? NO.8 時間期限短的高級賬號類別,能不能放到軍火庫用煤炭換啊???
  10. TorpedoSea


    再加上一點,NO.5 晴風需要加強一下,無論是射程還是生命值,都遠遠達不到八級的水平啊!
  11. TorpedoSea


    還有一點,NO.4 求美國自由塗裝改下模型,那個艦橋上的老鷹造型實在是煞風景,強烈要求去掉。。。。。。
  12. TorpedoSea


    NO.1 愛鷹的船體怎麼還用老船體,紐約,新墨等都已經不用老船體了,不考慮換一下嗎?顏值太低太丑 NO.2 Z23什麼時候能buff一波,太弱了,都出了兩個永久塗裝了,不考慮加強一下嗎?比如他的150炮射程太短,不符合遊戲性。。。。求改造殺! NO.3 高校的活動,當時沒有拿到那個貓咪艦長一直很遺憾,什麼時候復刻一波啊,包括蒼藍,一直很期待啊!!!
  13. 這個塗裝實在是難看,主要是上層建築那個沙雕實在是敗筆,能不能告訴製作方把模型改一下,沒有那個老鷹會好看許多!