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  1. slashdash2

    the new "tk" system

    not here to cause heat or anything just bringing it up calmly coz it could actually be a bug
  2. slashdash2

    the new "tk" system

    so i got pushed out of smoke by my teammate (im in asashio hes in harekaze) in coop battle today trying to grind out the varyag quickly and i was shooting a an enemy dd. because he rammed me me rear turrets ended up hitting him and made me turn into a "team killer". because i hit him i went from full health down to 1k from about 4 shells from my 2x2 rear turrets. thats pretty bull considering 1. my guns dont even do that much damage and 2. he pushed me out of my own smoke and i had nothing to with it. i assume this is a bug but not too sure just leaving feedback
  3. slashdash2

    PT 0.7.3 Bug Reports

    2 games in a row been stuck on the match loading screen says awaiting players with the countdown going then when it stops it keeps loading match. i can view mission players etc but cant get into the match itself. happened once in gearing with the space camo and once with des moines w/ space camo
  4. slashdash2

    Maillé-Brézé contest

    anyone have any luck finding that bonus code on the new naval legends video? i've watched it twice now and had no luck so far.