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  1. Dean_Alexander


    Hello I'm getting a lot of disconnections from server. This happens a lot after a game, or sometimes waiting for game to start. Does anyone know the reasons? Is it computer related, in terms of the speed of my computer?
  2. Dean_Alexander

    Team Kill Penalty

    I just received 3 team kill penalties. I waited to get into the game but could not, waited till end of game, tried to start new game and them still could not enter game as functioning ship. Then after game I received the 3 team kill penalties. This has happened before, usually what happens is it will say World of Warships not responding but it does not always say this.
  3. Dean_Alexander


    Thanks for the replies. Is there documentation/info anywhere about these kind of things?
  4. Dean_Alexander


    I would assume then that's what is happening most of the time. However a lot of the time you can still spot enemy boats - maybe because they have fired their guns. The disappearing usually occurs just after they spot you, then you can't see them until they are really close.
  5. Dean_Alexander


    Hello everyone Want to know how/why boats approaching smoke screens disappear until close to where you are located? Then they just kill you with raw power most of the time. It's as if the other boasts beside your DD have zero detection, even better than smoke really.