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  1. Titaniumbear

    Being aggressive player is quite hard nowadays.

    I know we were, just a reminder to anyone that tries to translate that overpower in PVE (though frankly, everything is in non-ops) to PVP. The cries that it needs to be buffed will be heard, haha.
  2. Titaniumbear

    Things you'd like to see

    A T10 operation would be nice to have to destress myself after watching my ranked team throw a victory or not bother to try for the nth time in the row. I mean, T10 is supposed to be where everyone is at according to WG's recent actions. As of now, I just stare at the pretty pixels. lol
  3. Titaniumbear

    What is playerbase?

    Throwing Potato Farm
  4. Titaniumbear

    Most DD players are bad

    I absolutely agree. Though I would add that you also need to try to take into account your fellow potatoes actions and likely actions when coming up with your tactics. You might think you are in an excellent flanking position, but then realize the whole flank just completely collapsed/fled.
  5. Titaniumbear

    Being aggressive player is quite hard nowadays.

    Bots are not the most intelligent opponents, that seems to be given to the operation bots. So getting massive kills is easy to do in Co-op if they do not focus down on you. Doesn't happen in PVP unless you are going up against the ultimate potato team.
  6. Titaniumbear

    let's share your experience you play WOWS

    I think that is the vast majority of players on this server, with throwing victories as the tradition.
  7. Titaniumbear

    Co-op expansion plans?

    They need to get scenarios for high tier ships. They could have it randomize like the PVP product they actually give a damn about. If they want to have lowbies test out the game, just stay in lower tier games. You will learn far more than the bots and you will actually get something in rewards than the pitiful crap they hand out. They will not develop the terrible habits playing against bots will generate. There is no way a DD is going to be able to roll up to a BB and drop torps in PVP like you can in "Co-op". Just...will...not...happen. Co-op is a waste of time and it needs to die if they do not want to boost the rewards.