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  1. ShaddowAU

    Changes in the Armory

    Why not just nerf Smolenski? Yes its a "Premium" but people didn't buy it for cash, so its really just a "Freemium" so WG have the balls to adjust it and give the middle finger to the cry-babies who thinks its fair that they have an OP ship and it therefore shouldn't be touched.
  2. ShaddowAU

    ARP Ships Now in Premium Store!

    ARP is finally back, yeah!!!! Where the 4 Myoko-class cruisers in the original release on WoWS? I'd guess the video is recycled from the original ARP release as Dasha only cosplays the 5 characters/"mental models" from the series and not the extra 4 Myoko-class characters from the movie. PS. Wasn't there an ARP flag also released? I suppose I should just be happy the ships are back and forget about the useless flag. PPS. It would be nice if they have an on going agreement for ARP now as when subs are added they could add I-401 (we already have Iona and Gunzo Chihaya, the "mental model" and the captain for it) and possibly I-400 and I-402. Shame they didn't do Maya, the crazy one, but I imagine another Atago clone would be a bit too much.
  3. ShaddowAU

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    So mine was an ad hominem response where yours wasn't? You where the one who, like a troll, decided to pick apart a response I made to someone else. You thought it would make you look really smart that, that unlike me, you don't have any reaction to anything until you studied all the details. Shame you can't differentiate my "immediate reaction" from my final conclusion after reading the article as I think I made it fairly clear that the two where very different and that is where my problem with this issue is. Then to finish your astute analysis of my post you decide to insult me, so oh I'm the baddie here... what a joke.
  4. ShaddowAU

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    What an arrogant a$$ you are. Who are you that you think you speak for everyone on this forum? What should lowly people like me have to ask you for permission to make a post here? You might have 3.5k of posts on this forum but that doesn't mean you own this site nor that your opinion is not more valuable than that of anyone else.
  5. ShaddowAU

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    My post was about the immediate reaction to seeing the title "Event Content" and the picture of the ARP ships under it. Seeing that makes anyone's mind instantly jump to the idea the ARP ships are back, but then it was very clear actually looking at the article that this isn't the case. My criticism is that WG could have announced these changes to the legacy ARP ships in a better way that didn't falsely stoke the hopes of those of us eager to get a chance to get these ships. This would be like putting a picture of the Missouri or the Belfast etc. back on the front page of the Premium shop when down in the description it says they are just selling a new camo or special commander for them. All the people wanting those ships would loose their minds at being pr!@k teased like that. So no I don't think this is on me.
  6. ShaddowAU

    TBH, I'm kind of excited for Update 0.9.0.

    When I read the news page and saw the section "Event Content" with picture of the ARP ships I almost fell off my chair with excitement; "the ARP ships are back" I cheered... my excitement quickly lead to confusion, "are they back or not", so I watched the video and so it looks like they are not. WG why the f#@k pr!@k tease us to think they are coming back when it appears they are not? This seems to be the WG way, get you excited over something but when you look into it that just leads to disappointment and anger, a recent example of this is the 'Payto Rico'. This example here is not as bad as that but still they know there is a large number of newer players who want the ARP ships and this falsely got us excited but really it was just salt being rubbed into the wound.
  7. ShaddowAU

    Santa Containers Thread

    I love a Wargaming Christmas, you give them your money so in return they can then give you random trash you didn't want. Maybe that the way Christmas works in Russia?
  8. ShaddowAU

    List of Puerto Rico Marathon mission

    They did almost the same s#!t to us last year with the PEF (which turned out not to be worth two gobs of snot). Personally I'm not being suckered again. I can thank the new "Captain's Logbook" for sparing me the pain of going after the Puerto Rico. First I thought the Logbook was WG rubbing s#!t in our faces showing us all the stuff you haven't got and can now never get. Then I realised its a godsend showing me all the useless crap in this game I don't have and don't need, and I realised I don't want or need the Puerto Rico, so thanks WG!
  9. I while back I finally got the T10 Conqueror which comes with as personal assignment to unlock the 'Enhanced Engineering System' unique upgrade. I basically stopped playing the game for a while because of my anger at what WG have recently done to Conqueror, anyhow I logged back in to see what was going on in the game and I noticed the personal assignment for the 'Enhanced Engineering System' unique upgrade has an end date of "31.12". Now I have a vague memory of years past of people talking about this happening with these unique upgrade assignments at the end of those years and that expiry date is just for WG systems and that they don't actually expire. Now I'm not sure if this is correct, and also I don't trust WG in the slightest as there are personal assignment I have now that show no expiry dates (so why don't these have the same) and in the past I have seen WG remove personal assignments without expiry dates with no notice (ie. the one from the Black Friday ships). Can someone with firsthand experience with these unique upgrade personal assignments going over their dates, please confirm it won't expire on the 31/12 as otherwise that is a hell of a grind to finish that whole assignment in 1.5 months (if you are not playing 24/7).
  10. ShaddowAU

    HSF Stuff Back in Premium Shop

    Well if they have brought back HSF then maybe there is still hope they might bring back the ARP ships. I missed all the ARP ships, which really pi$$ed me off, and with the introduction of submarines it could be a great promotion to add I-401 so then people can put Iona in the ship (in this case; boat) she is meant to be in. There is also a chance the HSF stuff is back just because the licencing agreement to use this content is running out. If so this could be the very last chance to get any of these, including the HSF Harakaze, and also then the ARP vessels may never come back.
  11. Go look at the in-game description of Conqueror, they are still even using the 457mm guns as its main selling point. Me having it, or not, at update 0.8.8 is completely irrelevant, hell I had the FXP I could have purchased the ship prior to the update and that wouldn't have change my argument or anger one bit. As soon as I unlocked the tier 3 Bellerophon over a year ago I was invested in getting Conqueror, minor tweaks for balancing can be annoying but they are understandable. Stealing an entire module from the ship to make a Premium clone without compensation is completely unacceptable and total BS, if you people can't see that you must be as blind as a Trump supporter is to his misdeeds.
  12. I don't want the compensation everyone who had Conqueror got, (which again was only for the cost in XP and Credits they paid to unlock the module), WG can go shove that pittance where the sun don't shine. I want compensating for them actually stealing the module completely from the ship and then trying to sell it back to us.
  13. People are saying, their out on this topic etc. I'm getting pi$$ed off at this, WG has f#@ked me over in this case (and every Conqueror owner or those working towards it) and yet there is a group here upvoting each other's attacks on me when it's obvious many of them haven't even read what I've written on this topic. If you guys are all happy to thank WG for shoving a pineapple up your clacker that's fine, but I wrote this topic to WG, not so everyone else tag-team attack me for being angry at them.
  14. I think I've said this about 3 times already. On release of update 0.8.8 existing owners of Conqueror where compensated for the XP and Credits they paid to unlock the 457mm guns on the Conqueror (if they had). They were not compensated at all for the actual removal of the option for the 457mm guns. WG just gave us all the middle finger and said suck it.