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  1. All this anger and outrage sadly in the end will change nothing. WG clearly don't give a s#!t about what the CCs say, who are meant to the ones who are our voice, so thus equally WG don't give a s#!t what we all think. WG's official stream chat last night was full of the angry mob of players with their pitchforks and the WG staff just kept going on like nothing was happening. Admittedly there was little else they could do but it will mimic WG management's response. WG think this will just blow over and things will go back to normal, and sadly they are right. They may loose a few older players who where already disgruntle about the state of WoWS, but they also know the older players spend the least amount of money on the game so they won't really care about loosing them. A month from now most of the players who are foaming at the mouth with anger at the moment, will be back to playing the game and buying WG's overpriced crap again and they know it. The loss of LWM and a few of the other principled CCs will only really be noticed by the older player base while the newbies joining and throwing their cash at WG for the next shiny new ship, won't even know who LWM is nor morn the loss of her input into the community. In the end WG care only about profits and not principles and nothing will ever change that.
  2. Wow you dug that up, must have struck a nerve, and yes nobody gave a flying s#!t of my opinion on that, and even attacked me because it didn't really effect them. I own Thunderer and so this effects me, but one thing I have learnt playing WoWS is that WG will do whatever it wants to with little regard to all the endless complaining that goes on in these forums. Once you accept that you can find a level of peace about these things.
  3. So many people in this forum need a tissue for their issue.
  4. I was in a Random match the other day where 2 idiots where teamed up and started abusing the CV player after one of them demanded AA support, while the CV player was busy on the other side of the map, and that idiot got sunk. These two then proceeded to talk directly to the other team via chat telling them the position of our CV, and the survivor of the two even cleared out of the way to allow one of their DDs to come in sink our CV. I reported both of them (for whatever use that is) but I was just stunned how disgusting that behaviour was just because they expected our CV to be exclusively at their beck and call.
  5. ShaddowAU

    WG Code

    People in the stream chat are saying it is for post 0.9.10 update. Maybe the item/s will appear then or you have to re-enter the code (as it seems to accept it more than once).
  6. ShaddowAU

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    Yet another WG con-job. Shouldn't have expected; 1. the normal Asia player could get these and 2. they would actually be at the advertised level. We get f#@ked over constantly on the Asia server, missing out on promotions and events NA and EU get. For once it seemed being on the Asia server might get us something exclusive etc. and no its just a BS thing to get you to waste your time trying to get this to work and then they expect you'll go buy it instead. Well WG can go f#@k themselves, greedy a$$ Russians.
  7. ShaddowAU

    CODES - Naval Legends: Cinemarathon

    They gives camos and flags: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/naval-legends-cinemarathon/ Not the most generous WG could be but still a bit better than say, having your balls smashed between two bricks etc.
  9. ShaddowAU

    The "King of the Sea" Collection

    So 8 for this King of the Sea and another 8 for the next one after, they could have made that clearer. Talking about the "next" KotS event in a news post prior to the current one starting makes it look like they are referring to the one running now. Russians, they make things as clear as mud.
  10. Today's daily shipment dropped a 'King of the Sea Container' which started a new collection for me (and probably many others) which has a total of 16 parts. Now according to the news page on this event and collection, 1 part comes for the daily shipments, 5 from the 'Celebrate King of the Sea X' personal combat mission, 2 more from Twitch Drops during the Regional and International Finals broadcast on Twitch on 4th & 5th April and the remaining 8 "will be available during the next King of the Sea tournament". Seeing that the main Qualifying stages have already been and gone with only a few more plus the quarter finals and semi finals on the 28th & 29th March prior to the finals, how does WG propose we now complete this collection? They forced this collection on us via the daily shipment, are we meant to now get stuck with a collection we can never complete or can you get 8 King of the Sea Containers from just those events on the 28th & 29th March?
  11. ShaddowAU

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    The 'British Cruisers, Part 2' Directives was advertised to be running until update 0.9.2, which is the 12th March, but they have shut it down today, 10th March. Typical WG to f#@k you over as I was almost finished and now I can't get the 150 Royal Tokens which I needed to get Andrew Cunningham and also I won't get the premium ship London. PS. I raised a ticket with "Customer Support" (and I say that in " " as I've never seen WG's Customer Support actually support customers) and they have came back with a gotcha line posted in one news page saying "Directives can be completed until: 2020/03/10 @ 05:00 (UTC+8)" where every other news page about this event conveniently don't mention that. Its yet another one of WG scams to trick people into having to pay for something that thought they would earn for free.
  12. ShaddowAU

    Weekly Combat Missions: British Cruisers

    Why has the 'British Cruisers, Part 2' Directives ended today on the 10th March when everything advertised said it was running until the 12th? The Event section is now locked saying "Stand by for new instructions, Commander!" which is what always comes up when these Directives end prior to a new one (which there won't be) or before a new update. I was close to finishing it and now I can't get the 150 Royal Tokens towards unlocking the Unique Commander, Andrew Cunningham and also being rewarded the premium ship Londonand its 'Victorian White' permanent camo.
  13. ShaddowAU

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    He has enhanced skills and talents useful for any class (especially BBs) so not just for CV. With enhanced 'Jack of All Trades' and his 'Consumables Expert' talent giving an extra charge of consumables, imagine how many times you could potentially bring a British BB (with it's huge heal) back from near dead. Oh he is not just for CVs, I want him bad for my Conqueror and Thunderer, almost have enough tokens now.
  14. ShaddowAU

    WG You Need to Fix Your Bots

    I suggest it might be: WG = Greedy, their is no money in fixing the broken things you have already pumped out but instead focus on making more Russian OP paper ships to sell etc.
  15. ShaddowAU

    WG You Need to Fix Your Bots

    What an incredible misrepresentation of what this topic is about. My opening sentence in the original post was "Co-op matches can be a joke sometime in how easy they are because the WG bots act so stupid..." not "bots in coop are too hard, please make them easier" (which I note you put in quotation marks like as if I actually said that). I don't want WG to make co-op matches easier I want them to make their bots act more realistically. WG's bots in most respects are ridiculously predictable in their behaviour and its not a reasonable compensation for this to just make their targeting insanely accurate. See you ignored all the elements of my post about all the dumb things the WG's bots do and just focused in on the one thing you could attack on and thus big note yourself. I said the last time we crossed paths that you are a troll and you still are, and I note even your troll mate @Paladinum has just waded into this to express his joy at your trolling, is it part of the Troll Union that you all validate each other's behaviour?