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  1. Go look at the in-game description of Conqueror, they are still even using the 457mm guns as its main selling point. Me having it, or not, at update 0.8.8 is completely irrelevant, hell I had the FXP I could have purchased the ship prior to the update and that wouldn't have change my argument or anger one bit. As soon as I unlocked the tier 3 Bellerophon over a year ago I was invested in getting Conqueror, minor tweaks for balancing can be annoying but they are understandable. Stealing an entire module from the ship to make a Premium clone without compensation is completely unacceptable and total BS, if you people can't see that you must be as blind as a Trump supporter is to his misdeeds.
  2. I don't want the compensation everyone who had Conqueror got, (which again was only for the cost in XP and Credits they paid to unlock the module), WG can go shove that pittance where the sun don't shine. I want compensating for them actually stealing the module completely from the ship and then trying to sell it back to us.
  3. People are saying, their out on this topic etc. I'm getting pi$$ed off at this, WG has f#@ked me over in this case (and every Conqueror owner or those working towards it) and yet there is a group here upvoting each other's attacks on me when it's obvious many of them haven't even read what I've written on this topic. If you guys are all happy to thank WG for shoving a pineapple up your clacker that's fine, but I wrote this topic to WG, not so everyone else tag-team attack me for being angry at them.
  4. I think I've said this about 3 times already. On release of update 0.8.8 existing owners of Conqueror where compensated for the XP and Credits they paid to unlock the 457mm guns on the Conqueror (if they had). They were not compensated at all for the actual removal of the option for the 457mm guns. WG just gave us all the middle finger and said suck it.
  5. Starting on a ship line in like putting the tier 10 version on layby and paying it off until you can take it home. Most people would be pretty pissed off to layby and item then find the store substituted the item you originally laybyed with a downgraded version and didn't compensate you for that or even reduce the price. When you start a ship line you have made an investment in the final top version of that and thus you should have a say and a claim on it.
  6. I have to say I have a reasonable amount of respect for you and your input generally in this forum so don't take this as an insult etc. but if in my case I, and all Conqueror owners, should be compensated for the removal of the 457mm guns so WG could repackage them in a premium clone ship, that is not for you to decide. Its sad that you and some others in the forum can't see or admit that this was total BS on WG part.
  7. Because I've spent probably over a year working towards unlocking this ship that I knew had the option for 457mm guns, and a couple of weeks before I finally unlocked it they stole them from the ship.
  8. I don't think the monumental mess change that was the CV rework equates to the one-off case of Conqueror and Thunderer. Anyway they didn't remove those odd-tier ships and then sell those same ships back to everyone repackaged as premiums and those new premium CVs are unique ships. I'm not pretending what happened with CV was right or totally fair just that issue is not really the same as the one I'm arguing about. Also I have received no compensation at all for WG stealing a module from my ship, that's not fair.
  9. You say this is what they have done to every ship, why didn't everyone effectively push back? I keep hearing how nothing ever can be done to rebalance Premium ships as people paid really money for them. I'm surprised I have to point this out to people but a tier 10 tech-line ship for example is really worth a fortune, fair more than any Premium you can buy, as tech-line ships require an insane amount of time to unlock and your time has value. In economics there is the principle that everything has a value other than money know as "Opportunity Cost", the indeterminate cost of the time and resources invested into something compared to something else that you could have invested those in for a greater return. So why do people do nothing when they mess with tech-line ship, which are the most valuable ships of all, yet go to town on them if they dare touch Premiums? Anyhow I don't see how this is the same as in this case anyway, unlike the others you talk about, they have removed a module from this ship and are now trying to sell it back to you in a Premium clone version of the ship they stole it from.
  10. Lion has the option between 406mm guns and 419mm guns, are you saying that is unfair or RN BB players are greedy and want two T9 BB for the price of one? Conqueror had, since its introduction, the choice between 419mm guns and 457mm guns, that was the package of "Conqueror" that people like me have invested countless hours and effort into earning. This is like someone in, for example a cooler European country, buying a car that is advertised to have air conditioning, and then the manufacturer recalls the car, removes the air con and just gives it back it them with no replacement or compensation. Then to add salt to the wound they then introduce a new special model of that car and its main selling point is its air conditioning. Its possible most owners of the normal car may not have really use that air con before it was removed but if any car manufacturer tried to pull a stunt like that there would be a huge up-roar and hail and brimstones would end up raining down on that company. WG just pulled the air con out of everyone's Conqueror and are now selling a special model of Conqueror called the Thunderer and its selling point is air con. WG where too lazy to even remove the section in the Conqueror brochure about its air con so new potential buyers would now know its gone. I'm surprised more people aren't pi$$ed about this, or are people just resolved to accept they got f#@ked over by WG. I know when I'm on the bridge of my Conqueror my blood is boiling as I see all these Thunderer sailing around cool as a cucumber with the air con that was ripped out of my ship.
  11. They didn't compensate you for removing 457mm guns, all they did was refund the XP (as FXP) and Credits you spent on unlocking and buying that module. They didn't compensate you or me at all for stealing that module completely from the ship. As for removing ships from sale because they become too popular, well that is another issue in hypocrisy. For example In tier 10 matches probably 75% of DDs are Shimakaze (I don't know if that is just a regional thing etc.) but you don't see them removing the Shimakaze from the tech tree because its too popular. Lets be real; the removal of the Musashi was purely a money making thing. Once people heard the Mushi was going to be removed from sale it became one of the most desirable ships and people then did what I did, spend real cash on Doubloons so they could convert their normal XP on their ships to FXP so they could buy it. Funny they also removed the Kronshtadt at the same time for supposedly the same reason yet almost no one was using it and they probably thought there'd be a run on the Kronshtadt as well to make more money, which didn't happen. I'm not aware of any Coal or Steel ships that have been removed for over popularity, probably because can't buy Coal of Steel with real money (unless they have more pay cash for Steel earning missions etc.). If they made Thunderer half price to Conqueror players, yes there would be a glut of Thunderer in matches for a while but eventually it would settle down and what would be the harm anyway if it didn't, players would just be using Thunderer instead of their Conqueror.
  12. I didn't want a 457 Conqueror, I wanted the 419 & 457 Conqueror that I spent probably hundreds of hours grinding to unlock. As I said in the OP, it doesn't matter if most people preferred the 419 guns, WG just stole the choice off us so they could repackage the 457 guns and sell them back to us. If they want to take the 457 guns and put them on a Conqueror clone that's fine, just adequately compensate the Conqueror owners you stole these guns from by either giving them that clone ship (which WG wouldn't do in a fit) or make it easier for the people who grinded up to Conqueror to now get that clone version.
  13. WTF? They completely steal a module from a ship and all they do is compensate you for the XP and Credits it cost to unlock it, if you had, and nothing if you didn't, and also nothing to compensate stealing that module from a ship you've grinded your a$$ off to earn, that is total B.S. and what everyone is ok with that? Yeah WG celebrates WoWS 4th birthday by stealing s#!t off their customers. It doesn't matter if you never used or liked the 457mm guns, you earned them and they stole them to sell them back to you all, that is totally f#@ked.
  14. Hold on, what did they actually give you and why?
  15. Wargaming, As you nerfed the RN tier 10 tech line BB Conqueror in update 0.8.8 and stole her 457mm main gun option to give that to Thunderer, your "new", Coal only purchasable, clone of Conqueror, I believe it is only fair that anyone who had unlocked Conqueror, or had commenced working on the RN BB tech line prior to update 0.8.8 should be given a voucher to purchase Thunderer at half the normal Coal price (once they have unlocked Conqueror). Players invest considerable time and effort, and sometimes also money, into researching a ship line with the final goal to unlock the pinnacle tier 10 ship of that line. People generally know the options and characteristics of the ship they are working towards and when they finally unlock that reward to then discover you have taken, without compensation, a major component from that ship, and then are trying to sell that component back to them as part of a "new" version of effectively the same ship is totally wrong on any ethical or moral grounds. For me I've finally unlocked Conqueror today and what should have been something exciting quickly turned to disappointment and anger as I realised I had been jipped when I discovered my new Conqueror didn't have the option to change to the 457mm main guns, an options I've known about since I first looked into the Conqueror and started working on the RN BB line. I imagine that in your Terms and Conditions for using WoWS you probably have clauses in there giving you the right to change aspects of ships for balancing purposes. I argue that there is balancing and then there is outright stealing a module from a ship to give it to a repackaged version of the same ship, the two are not the same. Wargaming please do the right thing and compensate Conqueror owners by, for example, giving them a substantial discount on Thunderer. For those who owned Conqueror and have since purchased Thunderer please consider giving them a partial Coal refund. PS. The current in-game description for Conqueror: "This ship was designed as a battleship with increased firepower on the basis of the British experience in ship construction gained during World War II. The project was notable for the 457 mm main guns, which were developed in the early 1920s and were the most powerful British naval artillery systems." So WG where are these 457mm guns mentioned here, you know the ones we grinded our a$$es of to get? That's right you stole them. To everyone with Conqueror, or working towards it; the 457mm guns may not have been everyone's favourite choice, you may not even miss them but the fact is you earned them, but they stole them from you without compensating you for it or even instead adding something else to Conqueror to replace them. For WG celebration of WoWS' 4th birthday they stole this module from you so they could resell them back to you as "Thundered". So what will WG steal off us for their next celebration? PPS. To any troll that might attack me for making this suggestion; just imagine that one day your favourite ship in WoWS, whatever that is, suddenly had a major module removed from it and then WG tried to sell you a clone of that ship with that module in it. I think you would be fairly and rightfully pissed off, so think of that before you add any snide comments here.