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  1. ShaddowAU

    Our collaboration with Azur Lane continues!

    Is there a time limit on getting the collection? So far I'm only at 16 of 36 items and in this week's 'Full Ahead' Dasha said that we need to hurry up with the Azur Lane event, so does this include the collection as the new Russian Victory Collection will start soon? I don't want to end up with a incomplete collection I can't finish off.
  2. ShaddowAU


    I got it quickly and then used it everyday to complete the mission to get a free Soviet Era Container (extra 300 coal everyday just for playing 1 match in it) but they have now stopped those missions . Anyway I think it is an ok ship, when you learn how best to use it. The reload time on the seaplane is absurdly quick (14.25 sec for normal and 9.5 sec for the premium consumable, where as most ships take somewhere between 1.5 min to 2+ min to do the same) so talk about Russian Bias, the ship's crew can recover, repair and refuel that seaplane in times that would rival a F1 pit crew.
  3. ShaddowAU

    What's Happened to Alena?

    1. I deleted all my social-media accounts over 10 years ago, due to my work back then and the security risks associated with using them. Trust me, once you shed that crap from your life you never miss it. 2. Ok you say she is on vacation with her bf (she has been gone for what; over a month now) but that doesn't mean she is still working for Wargaming. She might have gone on vacation after quitting or being let go, etc. I'll be happier once I see her back and that dufus looking guy gone.
  4. ShaddowAU

    What's Happened to Alena?

    Hey I've always been on Team Dasha, she is the Queen of WoWS. But when it comes to either wanting Alena back or keep the creepy guy with huge eyebrows and looks like a stalker, I'll choose Alena any day.
  5. ShaddowAU

    What's Happened to Alena?

    After all the false drama making it look like Alena was going to completely replace Dasha, now Alena is MIA and this dude "Akhtyam Ibragimov" seems to have become a permanent edition and her replacement. I've got nothing against this guy, except that he looks like the poster boy for a warning campaign about guys that spike girl's drinks with Rohypnol, please bring Alena back instead. or I'm all for gender equality but this dude is as about as out of place in this role as putting a guy in the Miss Universe competition.
  6. ShaddowAU

    Naval Legends in World of Warships: Yamato

    Based on the new Yamato model and all the research, will her sister ship Musashi have her model tweaked to bring it up to same standard?
  7. I was waiting for someone to have a spit at this. We did take "reasonability" (bloody stupid spelling corrector) responsibility of our ships, The RAN was formed in 1911 where as the RNZN was formed in 1941 (a bit late to the party boys and girls). HMAS Australia had RN Officers and a large number of RN crew because in 1911, when she was launched, we had a total of zero Officers and Sailors. We had no true Australian Officers during WW1 as the Royal Australian Naval College started in 1915 with the first class of 13 year old boys, many from this first class went on to be Naval legends in WW2 with the likes of Collins, Dechaineux, Farncomb & Waller (has a NZ Naval Officer even been to a war yet?). HMAS Australia may have started to receive Australian Sailors sometime after the RAN Recruit Training School started in 1912. I did make a mistake in my comments whereas HMNZS Achilles was a NZ ship that had RN Officers and Kiwi Sailors in WW2, NZ had only paid for HMS New Zealand but it was a RN ship crewed by RN personnel, thus the "HMS" prefix not "HMNZS". So as a RN ship I don't see how the NZ Navy can lay any claim to it's achievements during WW1 (that would be as stupid as the RAN trying to claim Nelson's victory at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 as ours). As for HMAS Australia's collision with HMS New Zealand I don't see how you can point the finger at us when it was RN Officers conning and commanding the ship during that incident. And mutinies (weaselly little Poms probably regarded any burly Australian Sailor even back-chatting them as mutiny), you kiwis don't want to open the door on that subject, I've got a few names for your from just one incident in RNZN history; HMNZS Philomel, HMNZS Tasman, HMNZS Arbutus, HMNZS Black Prince, HMNZS Bellona & HMNZS Hautapu. Wow, that must have been nearly every shore establishment and ship in the RNZN in 1947 all tied up in just one mutiny, very impressive.
  8. ShaddowAU


    Snorkers, good oh!
  9. Kiwis seemed to love doing that, we will pay for it and crew it but you poms take control and command it. You did the same in WW1 with HMS New Zealand, the same class of battlecruiser as HMAS Australia only we took reasonability for our own ships and didn't palm that over to the poms like you kiwis did. I reckon that must have worst posting for RN Officers, being stuck on a ship full you sheep shaggers.
  10. Ahh a ship from the Battle of the River Plate, it must sting that we have the Admiral Graf Spee and HMS Exeter now in the game but poor old HMS Ajax and HMNZS Achilles have been passed over. Exeter does deserve the extra attention over the others as she fought independently (while Ajax and Achilles worked together) so poor Exeter was the focus of the Admiral Graf Spee's fire and copped a pounding because of it.
  11. The "Eureka Flag" is probably the worst example of an Australian representative flag as it has been used by both extreme right and left wing groups, the worst include white nationalist groups, anti-immigrant and neo-Nazi groups. Its sad they have tainted the image of this historical flag as it doesn't belong to any of them but still it is about as taboo now as the US Confederate flag is in America. As for the 'Australian Red Ensign' (ARE) this issue was raised already in post #6 and I refer to my answer to this in post #7. There is a lot of misinformation about the use of the ARE, including a famous painting of the opening of the Old Federal Parliament Building in 1927 with the building covered in AREs which is known to be incorrect. As the Australian National Flag (ANF), the blue version, was not readily available to the public, many soldiers took their own AREs with them when they went to war but the blue ANF has been our proper national flag since 1903 (well a slightly different version of it). Below is a link from the National Library of Australian of a 1915 booklet commemorating the victory of HMAS Sydney over the SMS Emden at the Battle of Cocos on 9th November 1914, as you can see below on the cover the flag is the blue ANF. http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-37908807/view?partId=nla.obj-37908810#
  12. 1. What? so it is impossible to fire 2 torp salvos that cross paths at the target? That happens even if the DD normally fires both salvos straight after the other, only then both salvos meet the target at almost the same angle. If you are travelling in the right direction and add a delay to firing the crossing angle increases making it harder for the target to escape. This clearly does not work if the DD is stopped in the water or if you are travelling parallel (or close to) the track of your target. I've seen so many DDs pull off this trick so I don't know what scenario you are envisioning but it is clearly not the same as the one I am talking about. 2. I never said BBs should be able to see DDs the same as they see BBs. I originally made the point that BBs cannot see when a DDs fires torps at them, to which you implied a good BB player should just know where DDs will be and be prepared for their attack to which I called BS. Many times a DD will go undetected for part of a match and suddenly torps are coming at you from your flanks, there is no way to know where every DD is on the map at all times (maybe with some dodgy mods you might be able to) and counter them when BBs are effectively stumbling around like blind moles in the dark. 3. You new example still does not counter my original point about BBs being the slowest and least maneuverable class in the game. Again you are using example of either you or your torps chasing down a BB from behind, this is not what I was talking about. If in a BB you suddenly detect torps coming at you, say from the beam for example, the handling characteristics of a BB make it very hard to avoid them, as apposed to other classes. Also my 1v1 reference is a figurative one as the entire topic is about DD vs BB. 4. Agreed.
  13. First yes I have played as a DD in high tier and yes it no walk in the park either, it takes a lot of skill to play DDs well, but a skilled DD player should not be invincible to a BB but, with all the advantages given to DDs in the game, some of them also are. 1. Yes it does happen, if in some situations a DD has a small delay in the firing of their two salvos at a BB, if done skillfully the two groups cross tracks a flat diamond pattern and their is no escape for the target in the middle. 2. So DD players can plainly see BBs on the map (as most have large detection ranges) so you guys can move around undetected knowing pretty well where most enemies are and yet a BB player is meant to use some magical sixth sense, or a mythical third eye, or maybe the Force to detect the hidden movements of DDs and anticipate an attack before it happens. Maybe if I pray to the great Wargaming god he might grant me such powers but I doubt it as he is a cruel and greedy god. 3. So you give one obscure example of where a slow BB's speed doesn't matter against DD torps and this somehow mitigates my point completely? Yes a BB player need to use care and map awareness to avoid unnecessarily giving DDs a easy shot at them but this dose change the fact, as I said, a BB is virtually blind in this game. DD players are given all the best tools and the information to win the DD vs BB battle in the game. 4. No it won't always.
  14. Are we playing the same game. Have you played as a BB in high tier matches? DD will sneak round and many fire 2 salvos at you from slightly different directions, thus if you turn to avoid the first lot of torps you are usually turning into, or are boxed in for their second set and there is no escape possible. Travel time of torps is irrelevant, if the game did you the curtesy of making DDs firing torps become visible, even for a split second so you are aware torps have been fired at you and from what general direction, then it might be a factor. WG in its brilliance decided to make most BB nearly blind, without radar or hydroacoustic search (which is stupid as capital ships are the ones most likely to have them, and most BB have radars turning and burning on the ship model but apparently they're all broken) so in the slowest moving and slowest turning ships in the game you have maybe a split second to react and turn when you detect torps, and many times it won't save you anyhow. Yeah BB are just sit back, put your feet up and read a mag during a match because its so laid-back for us.
  15. You talk about slow loading, your argument for poor DDs is that BBs firing HE rounds take around 10% of your health per shell, well that is about 10 shells you need to land on a DD (a fast moving and weaving target) with shell dispersion and slow load times, that is usually a fair amount of salvos a BB needs to land some shell from to kill a DD. A DD does not have to land 10 torps on a BB to sink it, usually 2-3 torps will do the job from just a single salvo. You also say if a DD can sneak up on, a BB has stuffed up and you deserve to sink, well I argue the counter in that if a DD gets itself detected with a BB pointing its torrents in your general direction you stuffed up and deserve to be turned into a smoking pile of scrap metal.