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  1. Kasumi_PoiA

    remove CV or give me stronger AA

    no thank you sir
  2. Kasumi_PoiA

    remove CV or give me stronger AA

    new CV its more feel like you cant do anything to the CV. just only waiting for death at some where. shoot down some plane doesnt mean you can survive just took their couple second to swich another squad unless your team win completely pushing to there home
  3. if CA in the match battleship is shi,t if 2 CA in the match then better to just leave it 4 torpedo squad and some bomber HE bomb take 10000~20000HP from you with 2~3 fire and clean all of your AA then 2torpedo bomber coming to flooding you iif you repair it 30s later more 2 come to torp you GG if you dont repair it then they'll waiting for you to repair it GG again it's [content removed] shit sitting farrrr away and just click mause again and again