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  1. Gorean_2018

    0.8.9 Bug Report Thread

    A minor issue compared with some above but I have noted since the last update ( 0.8.9 ) that "Spotted" ribbons are still being awarded / credited several minutes after my ship has been destroyed.
  2. Gorean_2018

    How to contact

    There is no category to complain about the fact their initial response completely ignored the actual question asked, nor the fact the despite several subsequent additions to the initial query have resulted in no further response from their customer support in 3 days !!
  3. Gorean_2018

    How to contact

    Having spent the last hour searching unsuccessfully for the information I'll ask the question - How can you contact "customer service" about something that falls outside their predetermined categories ? TIA
  4. Gorean_2018

    What is it I haven't grasped ?

    Thank you !! That makes much more sense to me.
  5. Gorean_2018

    What is it I haven't grasped ?

    Probably because almost all have been in the coop battles and it is not something I experienced to any degree there. It's only recently I started Random battles where it became far more apparent.
  6. Gorean_2018

    What is it I haven't grasped ?

    Point taken about 7.0km range for Black Swan but as can be seen from the screen capture the visible enemy vessel is only 6.2km away so that would put the closest 'hidden' Black Swan at somewhere around 3.0km. It was my understanding that there was no smoke capability at tier 1 so that brings me back to the question - How do they go 'hidden' ? For the record my vessel was an Erie in that battle.
  7. Gorean_2018

    What is it I haven't grasped ?

    Thanks for your response Ordrazz, however in this instance I don't think it resolves my issue. I played another battle and once again some of the enemy 'disappeared'. Attached is the screenshot clearly showing 2 of the 3 enemy last known location well within my spotting range which was captured as fast as I could do Cnt / PrtSc so literally within a second or two. The closer of the two hidden vessels reappeared some 10 - 15 seconds later, the second vessel remained hidden. Given the times involved it seems unlikely to me that it is an issue of rendering on screen.
  8. Yet another newbie's question but I cannot find an answer in existing posts. Playing random battle with tier 1 ships and I find the enemy are able to go invisible. I assume this is by way of smoke screen and I can see the last known enemy position but I can see no evidence of any smoke screen. The most recent battle I played had 3 x Black Swan and all went invisible / disappeared. My own tier 1 ships don't currently have the facility to generate smoke so what have I missed that gives the enemy this advantage ? Thanks in advance for any help.
  9. Gorean_2018

    Advice and guidance requested

    Thank you gentlemen, plenty of good advice for me to digest and put into action. I have dropped back to lower tiers and 'baby steps' to improve my performance. Thanks again for your time.
  10. Gorean_2018

    Advice and guidance requested

    Having played a few weeks in 'Co-op battle' land with a variety of cruisers I decided it was time to venture into the world of the big boys and try Random battles where I find myself repeatedly smashed into oblivion by enemy vessels I cannot see. Can someone please help and explain to me what is going on and offer a little guidance on how to begin dealing with the 'invisible foe'. Being a newbie to random battles I fully expect to lose more than I win initially, however getting smashed in the first five minutes again and again is anything but enjoyable. I have already looked through previous forum posts and noted the comments about proof required or you're considered a liar so have a screen dump to illustrate what I am facing. This screen dump was done immediately after I was killed off (again) and the legend across the top clearly shows 3 active enemy vessels and 3 have been visible but now no matter how hard I try I can only see 1 (One) on the minimap. In this case it was a tier 1 Black Swan but I have the same issue in random battles with other tier vessels. Just to be clear - this is not a whine or troll, merely an attempt to understand what's happening and thus improve my participation.