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  1. Blast_Radius1

    Salvo or sequential fire

    Perhaps even a single shot for aiming followed by a salvo of the rest. I've found a constant rain of shells tends to disorient some players, and give the impression you're doing more damage to them than you actually are. They tend to panic sometimes, forcing an error. This is particularly useful if you're in a DD or light cruiser and fighting a BB. I tend to stay zoomed in, constantly adjusting aim while holding the LMB down, WASDing like a madman and using the map to stay off islands. Salvos, on the other hand, are better for eliminating DDs, dropping a group of shells in their path increases the chances of a hit.
  2. Blast_Radius1

    15 game losing streak

    Got to agree with most here, losing all the time isn't fun at all. I had a loss streak today, but yesterday was the opposite. Finished on top a couple of times today, but both times my score was half of what the leader on the enemy team's score was. That means they played twice as good as I did, and won fair and square. MM is not skill balanced, which means you're going to have bad days where the odds are stacked against you. If you're an average Joe like me, you ain't carrying that. Compliment them as worthy adversaries, give them a GG in chat, and try to work out if you could've done any better. And don't berate your team, that's the beginning of the end.
  3. Blast_Radius1

    Refund Premium CV together !!!

    Thanks for sharing. It's not a secret, maybe, but I didn't know that, and I'd bet many players don't. If they did, the point about CV's earning the least for damage dealt would see more of them playing to win, instead of farming BBs. Poor old DDs then...
  4. Blast_Radius1

    15 game losing streak

    I recommend popping over the back fence and giving the neighbour's cat a good kick.
  5. Blast_Radius1

    Refund Premium CV together !!!

    I did not know that. I think many would have preferred if you kept such knowledge to yourself...
  6. Blast_Radius1

    Will the CV topic ever die? WG says...

    Oh, I don't know, sometimes you can get a good hit on somebody...if they happen to see your bombs and decide to sail into them, that is.
  7. Blast_Radius1

    Refund Premium CV together !!!

    If you bought premium CV's because they were OP, then I have no pity for you. CV's are the subject of ongoing balancing, and WG, to their credit, told us in advance that AA is going to be changed for the next few patches. You bought those ships for the wrong reasons, by the sound of it. To be honest with you, I stopped playing CV's in randoms after the rework, because a few games was all it took to see how ridiculously easy they were, and make me feel it was wrong to inflict such misery on other players. How about you find a ship that is neither OP nor UP, and learn how to play it well?
  8. Blast_Radius1

    How's your French Event going?

    Got the T6 in the second container I opened. Nothing since then, but that'll do me. Hoping to get 250 tokens together for the first package before the event ends, but that's enough for a casual like me. Still trying to get used to no smoke, makes for a very different approach.
  9. Blast_Radius1

    Will the CV topic ever die? WG says...

    It's all in the timing; "Da, da, roll out CV rework, sell premium CV!" Many, many monies made, then...NERF HAMMER!!!! "Okay comrade, roll out French DD's! Da, da, is all good! Haha! Much wodka!!"
  10. Blast_Radius1


    Amen to that. Also, they know where you are even when they can't officially "see" you (as in, you're not spotted, but they're chasing you all over the map), and they know the second you launch torps. Every time I pop out from an island and torp one, I think of the Matrix - "Dodge this!"
  11. Blast_Radius1

    WG Buff CV plz

    So what are they afraid of? I wonder what terribly anti-Russian thing happens if people suddenly start playing the game properly... I sometimes wonder if these people are all there, if you know what I mean.
  12. Blast_Radius1


    Let's imagine co-op battles lasted 5 minutes (hint - they don't). How long does a random last? Now, how many co-ops can I play (30 sec max wait time) while you're queueing and playing one random? An end plate does not the full story tell.
  13. Blast_Radius1


    I play mainly co-op, but enough random to know they are 2 completely different ball games. Sounds like these guys grind up through co-op and jump into randoms with their top tier ships. Man, that ain't gonna end well.
  14. Blast_Radius1

    WG Buff CV plz

    I see where you're coming from, now, and thanks. I have to agree 0.8.4 was close, but as someone who plays all ship types (albeit all poorly) I think the problem now mainly lies with rewards. CV players complain about losing too many planes, and perhaps that's true, if they're trying to get good XP and credits. Although WG emphasize team play, they don't reward it very well, especially for CVs. Because of the structure of the current reward system, CV players are going for damage, usually on BBs, if they can. The stats indicate CVs still do high damage, even now. Where's the rewards for dropping fighters over friendly DDs? Where's the reward for watching chat and sending scout groups where you're asked? The best payout comes from hiding behind your team and spamming torps and bombs on some sucker, which is the opposite of what they should be doing, as far as I understand it. Rewarding proper play would reduce the amount of crap dumped from above, because proper CV play is then not all about damage done. Is that anywhere close to improving things?
  15. Blast_Radius1

    WG Buff CV plz

    Thanks for your honesty, mate. I always appreciate hearing an honest opinion, even if it differs from mine. What I don't understand is this; why do you feel you have to be able to "Get back at them"? Surely, what matters is a win or a loss, isn't it? If CVs can only do mediocre damage to you, shouldn't you be more concerned about wiping the aforementioned Russian OP barge off the map?