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  1. Maniacal300

    Shrinking Maps

    it might make end game more interesting than searching the entire map to find that one player. shrinking map during end game will bring players closer.
  2. Maniacal300

    Shrinking Maps

    do most players actually brawl?
  3. Maniacal300

    Shrinking Maps

    What do you players think of shrinking map into random battles or just have its own specific gamemode? The map will start shrinking slowly after 5 minutes into the battle and will shrink for 10 minutes (15 minute battle time) and then it stops. those outside the shrinking border will take damage. I believe shrinking maps will make the battle more alive and interesting to force players into brawling. Of course, not all ships are meant to brawl up close but im not suggesting a tiny ring for ships to fight in but right enough to have space. It's similiar to rogue waves gamemode during summer 2019. This is a new idea of course and still have its downsides. If you have doubt and ideas, please share it. thanks! Edit : CVs might not be good for this
  4. Here is a gameplay for you guys to laugh at. 20211202_210444_PJSA106-Ryujo_s03_Labyrinth.wowsreplay
  5. Maniacal300

    Scharnhorst problems.

    Nope, she did not get US BB dispersion elipse like other german ships. Edit : changing to a different and slightly better dispersion elipse isnt a significant buff but it's welcome.
  6. Maniacal300

    Scharnhorst problems.

    yeah, only tech tree german BBs and others except for Scharnhorst. Apparently scharnhorst retains the old legendary german BB dispersion that haunts us.
  7. Maniacal300

    Scharnhorst problems.

    Scharnhorst is fun ship to play but it gets very frustrating when its main guns just trolls you. Here are a few problems i found when I play the scharnhorst: 1) Its gun dispersion is horrible, it cannot hit effectively above 8-12KM making its DPM actually really low at ranges. (You might argue it's meant to brawl but not all games allows you to brawl and yolo just like that but many parts of sniping first.) 2) Its alpha damage is bad considering u hardly hit most of your shots per salvo above 8-12KM. 3) Its AP shells pretty much overpens cruisers if u dont hit their citadel and ricochet at tiny angle, and really hopeless against BBs. What scharnhorst really needs? - It needs heavy cruiser OR super cruiser dispersion formula like the Georgia (Graf spee dispersion formula for example) instead of BB dispersion formula allowing scharnhorst to really play the role of a battlecruiser and cruiser killer. So far, It does not need any other changes or buffs to anything else except its gun dispersion or its gun dispersion formula. That is all i have to share about the problems with Scharnhorst. I will gladly hear your thoughts below! 😄
  8. Maniacal300

    Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

    Not only the returned Missouri has nerfed credit income, but it also is locked behind a gambling wall. To top it all, the so-called permament combat mission for the original owners of Misso will be removed someday too just like how they did to the legendary module missions when Reset Bureau was introduced. As expected of scummy WarGambling.