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  1. Asterial_the_Huntress

    What happened with the replay controls? [SOLVED]

    That dispersion looks even tighter from that angle than how it looks on the video.
  2. Asterial_the_Huntress

    What's her gimmick then?

    Like I said, Eugen is overrated. But that dispersion is disgustingly good. Someone better nerf that ship, again.
  3. Asterial_the_Huntress

    Remove Bay

    Theodore Roosevelt at 15.6 km away. I don't think they actually named a BB after president. I guess it's Montana/Ohio. And that Hakuryu's player, Zao_Lives_Matter. Does it though? Oh and you literally got betrayed by the thing you rely on.
  4. Asterial_the_Huntress

    Yes, of course I am Swiftsure

    A boomer-era singer, and a French one at that. He hates the French, so no idea how he manage to name the ship with that. He surely names the British & the French BB intentionally, that one beat the other. Maybe it came from his fantasy..... look at his username. Ah yes the overrated one.
  5. Asterial_the_Huntress

    Yes, of course I am Swiftsure

    No Eugen? The Savoy ended up being Italian you said.....
  6. Asterial_the_Huntress

    I was bored so I made this poll.

    That's a pretty ironic statement. Not only it came from a weeb, but is also a fan of the overrated Eugen
  7. Asterial_the_Huntress

    And I've done it

    Put it on Seattle
  8. Asterial_the_Huntress

    WOW's tricky matchmaking system

    You are either unlucky with the MM, or WG is trolling you. @Sir_Feather You tell him
  9. Asterial_the_Huntress

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    It kinda is. But unlike emulator, you cannot use your keyboard to hit the buttons. And it's not the official PC version. It uses MobiGame launcher, so basically you trade the superior emulator with the silly launcher :P
  10. Asterial_the_Huntress

    How to be...good?

    2 words M o s k v a T r e a t m e n t Or just bump her down to T6
  11. Asterial_the_Huntress

    How to be...good?

    Yes. I mean by placing Cleveland 2 tiers higher, the ship will no longer play similarly as before. Fargo would probably fit better at T8.
  12. Asterial_the_Huntress

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    What if I do anyway?
  13. Asterial_the_Huntress

    How to be...good?

    Cleveland was good at T6. But at T8, she's hard to play. Why did the split put her at T8 though?
  14. Asterial_the_Huntress

    Premium Ships That Need A Buff

    Texas needs AA buff.
  15. Asterial_the_Huntress

    Azur Lane General Discussion Thread

    Nice flex! If only that luck helped you to get Washy