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  1. Legends jump into stream today and support an awesome cause (Curing of rare diseases), win some stuff and participate in community games like stream raiders etc. Starting in around 20 Minutes and the following prizes are up for grabs- Giveaways today Admiral pack (valued at 135$ + For shippies or the equal in gift cards or doubloons etc) to the highest donation! - 1 x T8 Ship, 1 x SteelSeries Arctis 7 Headset!, 10 x 500 Doubloons, 1 x steel series rival 650 mouse! 2 Weekend Passes, 2 x 1000 Doubloons, 5 x Sub Camos, 1 x Italian Crate tripple pack and 1 x CC container! Donation link --> https://give.softgiving.com/DobbyM8forCRD https://cureraredisease.org/ See you all there soon! Cheers legends
  2. DobbyM8

    DobbyM8's New Year Giveaway

    Hey legends, Wanted to say thank you for your feedback in ways to improve the game via posts on the forum so as a thank you please post your IGN (I know its your forum name) and ill add it to a giveaway list live on stream in 2 weeks time. Prizes are as follows; 1. 1000 Doubloons 2. 750 Doubloons 3. 500 Doubloons Cheers legends and the draw date will be 1st of February, winners to be posted here after the fact and gifts sent to your registered email linked to your account. -DobbyM8
  3. Biggest three I would also recommend are the nomogram classic Dynamic Cross-hair, the score timer for Situational Awareness and Navigator big for angles of ships etc. Big props!
  4. Gday everyone, Just wondering what mods you're currently running from mod-station and the Pro's and Con's of each. Currently I am using: Ship Icons- Adjustable Panels Mods of Combat Interface- BattleClock Score Timer Team HP Navigator Big Port- Stingy By Default Extended MiniCarousel All ships in Tree Session Stats Other Mods- Remove Fog, Glare and Calm Sea Interested to see what the current meta is and if people simply choose to play the game as is. Cheers, Dobby
  5. Gday legends! To kick start the BOBS charity stream I am running a 30hr plus charity stream in support of https://tiltify.com/+bobs-and-friends-christmas-stream-party/bobs-and-friends-rasing-funds-for-save-the-children I will have over 30 giveaways, 8 Premium ships (if we reach 5k followers), a Logitech Mouse (G502) and a RTX 3070 gpu up for grabs plus much much more. Tune in from around 2030 AEDT and please don't subscribe or donate to myself, if you can or are able to donate please do so to the charity direct and if we raise over 1000$ USD within the 30hours I will shave my head live on stream! Lets support a great cause, giveaway a bucket load of stuff and hopefully make some peoples year a little bit better! -DobbyM8
  6. DobbyM8

    Another post about Matchmaking! :-)

    So T9 generates the best credit cap, has the best percent for Mid tier and on average still gets the 20% top or at tier. In short yerp its the best haha
  7. 2020 has been a difficult year for many of us and the run up to Christmas can be a stressful time. Fear not though! BOBS and Friends are back again for a 3rd year of Christmas festivities and we will do our best to make sure that the run up to Christmas is full of laughs, smiles and festive cheer and derps. Starting at 17.00 GMT on Saturday 19th December over 30 BOBS & Friends Warships streamers from around the world will bring you over 77 continuous hours of Warship madness!!! Games, Giveaways, Laughter, Fun and of course Festive Cheer!! There will be some names you know, and some names you won’t yet – but all of them have one goal in mind. To make the run up to Christmas and the end of 2020 the best we can for everyone. Each Streamer has a 2.5 hour slot, after which you’ll be raided through Twitch to the next Streamer – All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the fun and laughter. We will be also auctioning off some very unique prizes, including the opportunity to get some 1-on-1 division time with some of our Community Contributors. All proceeds will be going to Save the Children!!! The full schedule is available at the following link - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16C4Si4CLWxubXKA2FR1oQir7mLfdSH0BKKB6V2Ay6o0/edit?usp=sharing
  8. @Max_Battle agree mate that alot of the comments are from individuals points of views and by no means should it fall on someone like @mademoisail to fix and or highlight the issues. I created the post as an area to consolidate feedback, highlight key issues and use it as an opportunity for wg to see a majority consensus on some topics. Main issues, fixes and improvements in no priority order I have compiled from the above areas are; 1. Matchmaking inconsistency and the preference to wait longer to have a higher number of same tier games 2. Spotting ability of CVs 3. Implementation of a more team focussed gameplay with rewards and bonuses for spotting, supporting etc And lastly; A introduction and training environment and or scenarios to teach players the attributes and skills of the game. -Dobby
  9. @mademoisailis it possible to get an update for the community on the highlighted issues? Thanks a bunch. -Dobby
  10. In the Defence for WG I must admit that I do think the listening is occurring (yes I know I am a CC hahaha) I guess its the way we raise the issues and in my views how everyone that isn't on the forum can also provide feedback. I will be sending this to the Community Management team to raise internally with the Development team to work out what can and can't be achieved, fixed or adjusted in the short and medium turn and will ensure if possible there is some feedback and I would be doing my own community let alone the ASIAN/SEA server a disservice if I didn't try my best to push for this. I just want everyone where possible to enjoy the same as much as possible, things will work and do work better for others but it is all about fun and there isn't much fun if you're not having the MOST fun you can be having.
  11. Thanks everyone for your concerns and fixes thus far
  12. Agree 100% that there are a million ideas and not everything can be changed and even with a small fix it could open up a larger problem. That said i believe fixing and tiding a few areas like: 1. Increased reward for teamplay 2. Better training and Education scenarios and lastly 3. A split of random and competitive play then the other issues might disappear, be irrelevant or be updated and fixed over time slowly via buffs and nurfs to individual items. For me i haven't been left or tasked with collecting feedback but thought it would be better to address any issues by consolidation of the issue's. It is hard mate but it is crucial to understand Development, Community engagement, forum moderation, software engineering and also the engineering management teams are all disparate, spread across the globe and can only act once informed and ill ensure through the community management team that all the issues here are highlighted in this thread are highlighted - not because i have to but because i want to. Cheers legend, -Dobby
  13. I think rewarding teamplay as much as a kill will certainly help and training people / focusing missions towards this will only increase this attribute. Imagine someone who spots a ship and subsequently F3's a target - and the ship gets destroyed by a BB and you get a bonus or multiplier equal to a kill. I completely understand this can have an adverse effect but I think its worth a try non the less
  14. Thanks for the tips mate - Adjusted slightly to reflect your points. Hahaha I was a touch tired last night and wanted to send these out ASAP. Amended now. -Dobby