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  1. Stackah

    [UPD 12/2] Update Hotfix

    I have persisted in trying to come to terms with the rework of CV's. The tier 4 CV's are ineffectual and may as well have been completely omitted from the game. With changes the remaining CV's will be just as bad. I keep asking myself why do I play CV's at all.
  2. 1. Description During, before and after a game, I am logged off, and have to log on again. Been happening consistently over last 24 hours or so 2. Reproduction steps Play a game. 3. Result a: I lose keyboard and mouse controls b: screen stops updating, ping goes to -35ms (minus 35 ms) c: logon screen appears 4. Expected result Expect to play the game 5. Technical details Happens every game I play EDIT: seems to be working OK now