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  1. Stackah

    Public Test client without game center?

    I don't think that it is possible, you have to install and run through the Game Centre. This was introduced some time ago. The Game Centre runs fine for me.
  2. Stackah

    [UPD 12/2] Update Hotfix

    I have persisted in trying to come to terms with the rework of CV's. The tier 4 CV's are ineffectual and may as well have been completely omitted from the game. With changes the remaining CV's will be just as bad. I keep asking myself why do I play CV's at all.
  3. 1. Description During, before and after a game, I am logged off, and have to log on again. Been happening consistently over last 24 hours or so 2. Reproduction steps Play a game. 3. Result a: I lose keyboard and mouse controls b: screen stops updating, ping goes to -35ms (minus 35 ms) c: logon screen appears 4. Expected result Expect to play the game 5. Technical details Happens every game I play EDIT: seems to be working OK now
  4. Stackah

    0.7.8 Round 3?

    Looks like 0.7.8 is back on line. Just played a Co-op battle.
  5. Stackah

    0.7.8 Public Test: Detection Changes

    I have played a few Co-op battles on PTS specifically looking at this. When a ship appears on the minimap, it will display on the Battle screen in 3-d about 0.5 seconds later, you have to be quick to notice it this. So yes the fix is working and is much better.
  6. Stackah

    Public Test 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    The bots in COOP battles do seem to have much improved aiming with their guns and much better evasive manoeuvring from torps. Considerably more challenging, and could be overwhelming for beginners, especially at lower tiers.
  7. Stackah

    PT 0.7.8 Round 1

    I have found that it is possible for fighters to select enemy squadrons to attack, however the cursor has to be displaced from the target. This is usually to the left and above the position the enemy is displayed. 20180805_035542_PASA015-Midway-1945_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay
  8. Stackah

    PT 0.7.8 Round 1

    1. Description With fighter aircraft and CV's it is not possible to designate enemy aircraft to engage and attack 2. Reproduction steps 1. Select fighter squad 2.Cursor over enemy aircraft 3. Cannot designate 3. Result Cannot select enemy aircraft to attack 4. Expected result Should be able to designate enemy aircraft 5. Technical details Example: Time of occurrence: about 8:13 (local time). Replay (occurring at 08:13 timestamp). Replay file attached. 20180803_080239_PJSA012-Zuikaku-1944_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  9. Stackah

    PT 0.7.2 Bugs

    1. Description Game and computer frozen for a few minutes. Game then logged out and I had to log in again. 2. Reproduction steps Playing Hermes, happened 3 times of 5 3. Result Froze 4. Expected result Continue to play 5. Technical details edit (auto-correction correction): unhandled exception (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_ERROR) edit: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Crash file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15iDHkRIBKISwAXhnuMmZwbz4LmnbWXlG DMP file available if required