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    Gifting Santa Box to other player.

    Hello BigWaveSurfer. Thanks for your reply. The issue I'm having happens when I try to purchase the item. I don't even get to make purchase on the new account IF I'm trying to select 'Gift to other player'. If I try to do the same on my primary account, it lets me select the payment method.
  2. Abysswalker0208

    Gifting Santa Box to other player.

    Good day captains. Hopefully you guys are all getting some nice stuffs outta Santa box. I'm having a little trouble. When I try to gift Santa Box, it says it can't be gifted now. I wonder if it's because I'm trying to do so on new account I made to purchase more Santa Box (Thanks to the monthly purchase limit from KR). If it is, does anyone know how long does it take for a new account to be able to gift stuff to other account? Any responses will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Yay, I got the Doubloons as well! Thanks WG! ... After that I could comfortably purchase the remaining Camo bundle. So happy. Now time to wait for Free XP sale so I can get Nelson!
  4. o.O? Well now that's a relief. Thanks for all your hard work! EDIT) I plan on buying Azur Lane camo bundle, but would I need to wait for this compensation to avoid possible issue?
  5. Well How do I prove this camo is the one that I bought with doubloon, not from current sale....? Here's my Enterprise with the camo anyway.
  6. Dang, Really I'm the only one? Now it would leave even more bitter taste in my mouth.
  7. As Title says: Am I the only one? Since the 0.7.8 patch you could see Azur Lane camo available to purchase in-game with 5k Doubloons. For some odd reason you could only purchase one for Enterprise, not any other ships (ie Hood, Cleveland, etc) although 0.7.8 patch note mentioned that they were all added and will be available for purchase from premium store. And then after some times I see that all those camos are on sale by 50% now. I wouldn't be complaining if this happened like, say, several month after release of the camo but this is just bad. Besides, it's not like they made clear notice about these collaboration camos on their patch note. They only said they will be available from Premium Store. To think that, often times any Collaboration contents are only available for limited time due to copyright issue and contract conditions, it is very natural to think that opportunity to purchase these collaboration contents are limited time offer and try to grab those contents whenever you can without clear notification. Thanks to WG, I wasted 2.5k doubloons that I could have make better use for collecting more ships or researching next ship. Chances are I'll be purchasing those camo package because Azur Lane Collaboration is the one that brought me into the WoWs, but It will forever leave bad taste in my mouth.