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  1. submarineisready

    import installed game + PTS from wargaming dot net game center

    hi, yes none PTS, but, i launched PTS wows.exe from folder, then added 😄 so all done now, all fine, nvm:D
  2. hi, i did my OS rebuild, i kept my installed game on other partition, i installed new wg dot net game center, problem: only letting me import Asia server game, my PTS game folder is still there i cannot import, WGC says already imported this game.... plz fix... thx
  3. submarineisready

    new mileage data meter in battle lol

    ouch my credits on maintenance after btl... add fuel add mileage!!!😅
  4. submarineisready

    new mileage data meter in battle lol

    hi, can add a mileage data meter / fuel consumption active meter in battle - upper right corner along with AA dmg. done and potential dmg counter... it'd be fun... i mean, economic flags do exist in game right lol🤗
  5. submarineisready

    friend list causing lag in port

    hi, i added many good players in battle, i have 500+ friends in list, 100+ online daily, problem: frequent lag in port, game client freezes few sec then all good, in battle no problem at all, and when open div, lag as well but no game client 'Not Responding' as above, i wanna ask: could WG add a fren list delete all function? I wanna try less than 20 in fren list, see if the lag is still there... @.@||
  6. submarineisready

    0.9.7 Bug Report Thread

    hi, i think from recent update of ... maybe 0.9.x , till the 0.9.7 which is most recent, i started to have lag in port, while i check camo, and switch to check flags, and such... the problem is: the lag lasts few sec while i check stuff like chat, division window, or simply check camo flags and capt. skill, the lag happens frequently in port interface, happens with me both with OS win7 and win10, with medium graphics settings, i wanna ask: anyone else having the same? or could WG plz fix it? I saw the ship interface change where it's been added a ship icon not the full 3D ship model but... the lag is more of an issue now...
  7. submarineisready

    best bot

    hi, so I notice in submarine btl, there are very high ranking bots😄 why, and who are they? lol
  8. submarineisready

    add a forum portal on WGC plz

    hi, the code activate button from Wargaming.net Game Center is good, now can add a Forum button as well, cause auto login is so good ^^ with WGC WG ID logged in
  9. submarineisready

    stuff on a submarine

    hi, so I was playing a sub btl... when I floated, I saw a gun alike stuff on deck of my sub, what is it? and the gun barrel seems to be locked by 2 red strings that are fixed on deck... and what is on the other side of sub deck?
  10. submarineisready


    hi, please let planes have camo/ appearance change along with cv camos, thanks oh and, the drone (space camo for cv) planes are awesome!!!
  11. submarineisready

    Map Fault line - why shiny when open full map?

    hi, also a brief searh for what be a fault line as the name of the map
  12. hi, so the other day i played a random btl, while opening map (not minimap), i saw: this, shining area! check the locale! clearly a shore village, where you know, the lady Dasha and Alena lol and maybe um... their cousin... Dimitri...? lol anyways, why the shines on map in game?
  13. submarineisready


    有没点过那个'Use the link ...........'
  14. submarineisready


  15. submarineisready

    The port!

    hi, i just found out if you run game client in windowed mode, then when minimized (full screen windowed for playing) it's got quite low vcard load lol