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  1. Hagiber

    Stucked in Logging In screen.

    Everyone should get an additional day of premium time at least..
  2. Hagiber

    Stucked in Logging In screen.

    Looks like the guy who used to work for Facebook's network team was recently hired by WG Asia
  3. Hagiber

    New Code WOWS4OGH

    New code is up.. gives containers, flags, and a new patch
  4. Are you on T9 for both lines already? I got Goliath first because I think its more survivable in Tx matches.... the UK light cruisers are too fragile for my taste
  5. Hagiber

    Moskva and Alex

    You dont lose anything... in the old days, people who had the Moskva but with no permacamo were given the permacamo for free when Moskva became special.. so people who spent doubloons for the Moskva permacamo became upset because they "wasted" those doubloons. To help compensate, WG is giving them the Nevsky camo for free instead.. or basically a refund if you already have a Nevsky permacamo
  6. Hagiber


    Congrats! Now time to start considering collecting RB points for the unique upgrade... that tighter dispersion at range works really well for me
  7. This Transformer permanent camo still animates...
  8. Yup... noticed it yesterday too.. hope they fix it in the next patch
  9. Hagiber

    Tier 10 Khabarovsk DD

    As others have mentioned, grinding or regrinding Tashkent will not only get you Khaba (with a free SC) but you will also get the Khaba perma camo for free and instant access to the Khaba tech tree replacement DD
  10. Hagiber

    Personal Challenge Missions

    They should remove the 510 token cap 🙂
  11. Hagiber

    People you've encountered in-game

    Not really a CV main.. sorry.. was just collecting the German tokens but had fun playing with you so I still consider it a win 🙂
  12. Hagiber

    Happy Birthday To Me

    Happy Birthday! Maybe we can post here what we all receive on our birthdays.. I hope it's not more det flags lol
  13. Hagiber


    Got it... thanks so much!
  14. Hagiber

    New T10 German Battleship on the Horizon!

    Hmm. 20km range on the guns, 45% fire chance, 24 sec reload.... it looks to me like a German Thunderer 🙂
  15. Hagiber

    Free Captain

    Just finished playing operations right now to try this out and I got a free 10 pt Russian captain (was playing Budyonny)......thanks for the tip!