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  1. Recently saw a video about Des Moines from Yuro's channel, and he said Des Moines is not the best ship to equip radar with, so what ship is recommended to use the radar consumable (if it can be equipped)
  2. I used Doubloons in public test server to complete the Anchorage building progress when the public test came out, but today when I logged back into PT, all the progress is lost along with the Doubloons, can I refund them or something? Steps: 1: I completed the Anchorage building progress via Doubloons during the start of 0.9.8 public test 2: Logged back in today to check 3: Progress lost + Doubloon lost Result Progress + Doubloon lost (Total 20000+ doubloon lost) Expected result Progress still remains Technical details Occurance: 11:00 (GMT+8)
  3. isaaclao_2017

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.6 Participants

    Hello, I was not able to receive the public test award despite the participation, I've confirmed that both PT and live server are using the same mail. Is there a way I can get the rewards?