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  1. As we all learnt at least a little amount of shipbuilding and engineering from this game, let's tribute to those awesome engineers who made these huge legendary warships afloat in the seawater. HAPPY ENGINEERS DAY!
  2. Satyanwesi

    Dry Dock: Bismarck

    Weakest tier 8 ship. Weakest armor even when bow on, gets a 10k volley from front. And guns are just abysmally inaccurate. Sometimes it feels like WG made this ship to give a definition of inaccuracy. It's a historical joke that russians have made of this legendary ship.
  3. Satyanwesi

    Update 0.8.5 Bug Report Thread

    Faced a bug when tried to apply alternate camo colour scheme on HMS Cossack. And a Messer(octopus class dd) became invisible in savage battle.
  4. Satyanwesi

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    Time to leave this game. Every good thing has an end.
  5. Satyanwesi

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    You should've aim for upper belt since JB also got a "so called turtleback".. In fdg under 12km, guns never seemed that bad to me..
  6. Satyanwesi

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    If it was a musashi then you'd have get around 1million credits
  7. Satyanwesi

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    I have seen JB is more punishing with constant HE spam with good rate of fire. Jb vs musashi is a better fight or Georgia vs musashi is better in 1vs 1?
  8. Man. Who wants to lose his/her job by grinding Benham like madman.. running after mirage..
  9. Satyanwesi

    Coal ship: Jean Bart or USS Georgia

    Thanks man.. I think I should get JB .. According to the versatility of this ship..
  10. Satyanwesi

    Benham grind is beyond stupid

    They ruined WoT and they are ruining WoWs now 😒😔
  11. Hello all shipmates.. I need your help. I have accumulated coal to unlock one of these ships mentioned above. Which ship should I unlock 1st? ** I want to farm credits. ** Which one is more durable during kiting/pushing? ** main battery accuracy jean bart vs Georgia ** Damage output and fun to play ** Enough durable against current CV meta Can you help me guys? I couldn't find any YouTube video on this topic.. Thank you😊
  12. Satyanwesi

    Who are they? Where do they come from?

    Thanks i Thanks for the info
  13. Satyanwesi

    Who are they? Where do they come from?

    If i posted something wrong then tell me how to delete this post.
  14. Today I was in a battle and mistakenly did a bit friendly damage to an ally Atago. And here's the result . He/She was raining shells over me throughout the entire battle 🙄 LoL!
  15. Yep maybe I play wrong sometimes. But disengaging gets very rough with this ship because of bad maneuverability with large turning circle radius..and plz don't compare z-52 with beasts like haru and khaba..