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  1. Satyanwesi

    Who are they? Where do they come from?

    Thanks i Thanks for the info
  2. Satyanwesi

    Who are they? Where do they come from?

    If i posted something wrong then tell me how to delete this post.
  3. Today I was in a battle and mistakenly did a bit friendly damage to an ally Atago. And here's the result . He/She was raining shells over me throughout the entire battle 🙄 LoL!
  4. Yep maybe I play wrong sometimes. But disengaging gets very rough with this ship because of bad maneuverability with large turning circle radius..and plz don't compare z-52 with beasts like haru and khaba..
  5. Large dds like Khaba and grozo have heal.. darling also has hydro+heal though it doesn't get hurt by massive BB AP pens. Then why z-52 and gearing lacking a heal slot while both of them suffer frm large caliber pens..?
  6. Gearing should get a Heal slot also
  7. Bro you never played z-52.. I request you plz play z52.
  8. Shell arcs are in a flatter side. So cannot shoot dds by myself.. and most of the times ally cruisers does not shoot dds that spotted by my hydro..
  9. But the thing is how to contest caps and and exploit offensive hydro with typical armor and clumsy rudder shift and slow speed gain..evading shells is a challange and painful thing..
  10. Z-46 has a A-XY turret layout which is massively advantageous when kiting as a torpedoboat.. z-46 is in way more advantageous state than z-52 only bcz of turret layout..
  11. Since harugumos and Darings have potentially overwhelming firepower . Daring has also defensive hydro.. I think Z-52 is a bit weaker due to lack of maneuverability and because of typical armor scheme it also cannot sustain damage taken from large caliber shells. So cap contesting seems suicidal on Z-52.. If WG buff Z-52 a little much it will be atleast competitive against other DDs.. Imo the permissible buffs are as follows: 1. 1/4 Pen 2. Slightly longer smoke duration 3. more torpedo range for Z-23 TO Z-52, +0,5 to +1,5 km as new radar systems have been implemented to radar cruisers 4. slightly faster MG reload time (3,2 - 3,5s) 5. Sometimes it feels like if she had a heal like grozo and daring as they share very similar characteristics. Edit : I do not mean wg should add all these buffs. But if they add at least one buff to this ship it will be competitive.
  12. Satyanwesi

    Sadly, it still is World of CVs

    Why they still keeping dds in this game. There is no point of playing dds right now..no counterplay no contribution. No fun. Only infinite number of plagues(planes) will bomb you to death.
  13. Satyanwesi

    Sound tearing issue

    Cleveland now has silenced main battery guns. And whenever my Ship is getting citadelled all the sounds are tearing very badly..