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  1. Pete_the_pirate

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Yes, I know I'm a sucker for a gamble (it took months before I gave up gambling on getting any super containers in the standard container drops). Shelled out for a mega crate and got Kasny Krim. Serves me right.
  2. Pete_the_pirate


    Is anybody else having a problem with their arsenal lately? (No that wasn't a rectal pun). Yesterday I gave up trying to access my arsenal - it just wouldn't open no matter how many times I tried. Looks like it's the same thing today - the anchor icon with the blue progress bar has been just sitting there with the blue band going round for at least 5 mins so far.
  3. Pete_the_pirate

    Going backwards

    Does anybody else feel like they're going backwards in WOWS? Until about a month ago I seemed to have a fairly average success rate in battles - I'd do OK once or twice, really well occasionally, then I'd have a poor result. But for a month or possibly longer I seem to be having disastrous battles all the time. I quite often feel as though I have enemy ships at my mercy but try as I might I can't seem to sink any even though I felt like my aim was good. Maybe I've just progressed to a point where almost everyone is better than me. If I don't improve soon I may have to find another way to waste my time. 🤔😊
  4. Pete_the_pirate

    Premium Ships you'd like to see in-game

    I bought it too and haven't had much luck using it. Would quite like to see HMAS Sydney (the version that sank the Emden during WWI) Incidentally RalphTheTheatreCat, maybe you should check and amend your profile (unless there really is a Sydney in Austria LOL).
  5. Pete_the_pirate

    Premium Ships you'd like to see in-game

    Also HMVS Cerberus - a monitor that was built in 1871 I believe and was based in Port Phillip Bay to protect the then colony of Victoria from a feared Russian invasion. By the time of WWI her usefulness as a warship had passed and until she was scuttled in the 1920s she was used for solely support tasks (such as submarine tender). Might be a little early for use in World of Warships though.
  6. Pete_the_pirate

    Hiding Profile

    Greetings to another old codger. I'm just over 70 and am addicted to WOWS (even if I am only an average player). I agree with you about players denigrating others on their team, abusing them and calling them 'stupid noobs' etc., although during the heat of battle I must admit I do sometimes get angry with others, especially if I'm using a slow to manoeuvre and slow to stop BB and a fast cruiser ignores the blasts from my ship's horn. A couple of times I have come to a dead stop in my efforts to avoid a collision and have become a sitting duck for enemy fire - in one instance the same player did it to me twice in the one battle. But what the hell, it's all part of the chaos of battle. I was just curious about why and how people hid their stats.
  7. Pete_the_pirate

    Hiding Profile

    I have noticed a few players have chosen to hide their profiles. They have been players who have played badly in my opinion, but when I have tried to find out if they are novices who could be forgiven for rookie mistakes their profile just has a message saying they have hidden their record. How is that done?
  8. Pete_the_pirate

    Locked on sector

    Shf Thanks for that. With all the frantic activity, must have accidentally hit Shft-X. Actually I can't really see much point in ever locking onto a sector - seems to just be a bloody nuisance.
  9. Pete_the_pirate

    Locked on sector

    This is probably a stupid question, but what key do you use to get out of 'Locked on sector'? Had this come up only 2 or 3 times and I have no idea what key I must have accidentally hit to get locked onto a sector. Recent game a number of enemy ships were near or rapidly approaching and I was also being harassed by torpedo bombers and suddenly I got 'Locked on sector' and while I was frantically trying different keys to unlock my guns I got pounded and sunk. The only thing I could find under the controls menu was locking onto a ship with the X key, but that is ships not sectors and I have still been able to move my guns away from a ship that I have locked onto (though it's easier to do if you unlock from that ship first). Got me baffled. I think on one occasion I stumbled on the key but it happens so rarely I can't remember what key it was.
  10. Pete_the_pirate

    Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    When you say 'task manager' I presume that is in Windows, not in WOWS itself. My only option on a Mac when it freezes and won't quit is to force quit and go through all the tiresome start up screens again (maybe because Mac OS is not fully supported). Actually I don't have any objection to getting warnings if the game itself has crashed, the thing that irritated me recently and made me post originally was the fact that I was penalised for quitting a battle early and I had not quit any battle early for any reason (my fault or game crash) within the past few months. Anyway it's no big deal, just had to be pink for a few battles then back to normal. Was just wondering if anybody else had had that happen.
  11. Pete_the_pirate

    Unwarranted penalties for AFK etc.

    Anybody else been penalised for something they haven't done? Today I got a notice I was penalised for 'unsporting conduct', quitting battle early and being AFK. The only times I have ever been AFK have been when the game crashed or froze and it has taken forever to force quit the app (because I couldn't quit to restart it), then go through all the start up screens to restart the game. Same goes for quitting a battle early, the only times I would have done that have been when the game has crashed and my ship was sunk while I was trying to restart and get back on (and even that hasn't happened recently).
  12. WOWS is a bit lax in their explanations about some aspects of the game - a glossary of all terms with links to more detailed explanations would be a good idea in my opinion. A couple of aspects I would welcome any advice on are as follows: 1. What advantages (if any) do you get if you form or join a division? And what are your obligations if you join a division? 2. If you add a player to your Blacklist, what does that do? Does that mean any future team you join will not have that player or do a certain number of blacklistings by various players mean they incur some penalty?
  13. Pete_the_pirate

    Game freezes

    As an addition to my previous comment - I quite often only get one game before the bloody thing freezes. Since I started playing lat last year, I've become addicted to WOWS (even if it is infuriating at times), but if these freezes continue I'll be quitting.
  14. Pete_the_pirate

    Supercontainer Drop Rate

    I came to the conclusion that super containers turn up fairly regularly on 'Try your luck' when you first start playing WOWS, but after a time they just stop. At least that is my experience. It has been months since I have had one turn up and I have been rolling the dice every time I'm due for a container. Am going to ignore them from now on and aim for specific things like signals and resources.
  15. Pete_the_pirate

    Game freezes

    Anybody else been having more game freezes lately? In the past week I can usually only get through 2 or 3 battles one after another, before the game freezes and I have to restart it and go through all the tiresome and time consuming startup windows (and usually find I've been sunk while I've been offline).