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  1. Pete_the_pirate

    Game freezes

    Looks like I'm going to have to give WOWS away if it continues like today. First battle for the day - 1. Freeze just after first sighting enemy and firing a salvo. 2. Managed to restart and get back into battle when, (if I recall correctly) the enemy and our team each had 3 remaining ships. Sank an enemy BB within first minute of being back in game and straight after . . . 3. Another freeze as defeat/victory music started (but before the score came up). Don't even know if we won or lost as I didn't have time to notice the scoring, although I suspect we lost. It's now the next day. I gave up for the day after that effort yesterday but thought things may have improved today. If anything they have got WORSE. The game froze shortly after first sighting of enemy and launching a couple of salvoes. By the time I'd managed to go through the painfully slow process of restarting I had already taken quite a bit of damage and was being shelled by a number of enemy and started being hit by torpedoes. Before I had a chance to do anything a final torpedo struck the fatal blow and the bloody game froze while I was sinking. I tried to get back on to explain to my team mates why I had contributed so little but the reload got as far as bringing up the team window then the BLOODY THING FROZE AGAIN. Wasted enough money on this bullshit. A pity because in the early stages I found this game quite addictive, now all the freezes make it unplayable and it just pisses me off. Over and out.
  2. Pete_the_pirate

    Outer space = waste of space

    Anybody else agree that the 'Space' scenarios are a waste of time? Personally I think WOWS would be better off improving the mechanics of the earth based naval battles instead of that crap. After all exploding things at sea is what we all came here for - am I right?
  3. Pete_the_pirate

    CV's in or out

    Much like in real life. I have more of an issue with DDs that are invisible, even after subjecting you to 3 salvoes of torps (without use of smoke, being in a storm or having a handy island to hide behind). Of course they are at a disadvantage against cruisers or BBs but letting them escape detection to that extent is just plain ridiculous (and surprise, surprise, after firing 3 lots of torps at me without me being able to see him, I was sunk on the third lot and THEN he becomes visible). Apart from that I'm even more pissed off with how often the game freezes these days. Sometimes I only manage to get through one battle before a freeze (a couple of times it's froze during the first battle). This seems to have started since the introduction of the new CVs.
  4. Pete_the_pirate

    Dropped from ASIA server midplay

    Yes, I get the first two quite often, especially over the last 2 or 3 months (possibly since CV updates?). In the past few weeks the game freezes after just 2 or 3 battles (sometimes less). I'm using MacOS 10.12.6, so it may have something to do with that - apparently Mac is not fully supported by WOWS. One day last week I had the weird experience of the cursor jumping all over the screen, making it impossible to control ship movement or gun control. I couldn't even get a straight ahead view from my ship. Needless to say I got sunk pretty quickly. Every time I quit WOWS and restarted that day the same thing happened. Back to the 'normal' game freezes now.
  5. Pete_the_pirate

    Game freezes

    FFS! This is getting ridiculous. Just had two game freezes in one battle - right at start, before I had even had a chance to plot a course, then right near the end of the battle. For the last month or so I haven't been able to play more than two games (on average) before I have a freeze. Then of course it takes forever reloading and going through all the start up and log in windows (by which time I'm liable to have been sunk). If this keeps on happening I'm going to give WOWS away - it's just too much aggravation.
  6. Pete_the_pirate

    Performance issues since 0.8.0

    Since the CV updates I've been getting freezes regularly. I usually only last 2or 3 battles before it freezes (usually at a crucial moment too of course) and then it takes forever restarting and going through all the painfully slow start up windows - usually manage to get back on only to find I've been a sitting duck and been sunk. It's really starting to piss me off.
  7. Pete_the_pirate

    Signal Flag Contest[UPDATE]

    Yes, that was my interpretation too.
  8. Pete_the_pirate

    AA and CV changes in the last Hotfix

    I have only got back into playing after about a weeks break and have been trying out my small range of CVs (Hosho, Ryoju and Ranger) and like you I'm tending to lose all of the planes in my squadrons before I get a chance to launch any torpedoes or drop any bombs most of the time. AA seems to be much tougher to get through than it used to be, in fact when I play using a BB or cruiser I've found I could just leave it up to my AA to keep me safe from planes and concentrate on dealing with enemy surface vessels. No bothering about steering my ship to avoid torpedoes.
  9. Pete_the_pirate

    No Battle or team scores

    Problem seems to have slackened off recently (maybe WOWS have addressed the issue). But I did have same thing happen just now and tried the 'info' button you mentioned and could access team scores - thanks.
  10. Pete_the_pirate

    No Battle or team scores

    I don't know if this has been reported before although I have seen a number of people complain about it in general forum posts. For the past week or two at the end of battles I am sometimes being taken straight back to port with no personal score or team score window appearing. Actually this is happening more and more often and now seems to be about 85% - 90% of the time. It's become very irritating as I like to see how I scored in relation to the rest of the team as well as the enemy team (I'm sure other players feel the same way).
  11. Pete_the_pirate

    Mac Crashes

    I agree, I usually have it freeze after about 5 or 6 battles. Don't know why it would be every game for aristobuluslam. Now I usually quit after 2 or 3 battles and restart.
  12. Pete_the_pirate

    Going straight to port after battle.

    Yesterday and today, this has happened almost every battle. Really starting to piss me off.
  13. Anyone else on occasions get whisked straight to the port at completion of a battle, instead of going to the Victory/Defeat window and being able to open the team score window? It has only happened to me a few times, but it is annoying when it does. I like to see how I fared in comparison with my team mates and in comparison with the other team
  14. Pete_the_pirate

    What do you want from santa's boxes?

    Yes, I know I'm a sucker for a gamble (it took months before I gave up gambling on getting any super containers in the standard container drops). Shelled out for a mega crate and got Kasny Krim. Serves me right.
  15. Pete_the_pirate


    Is anybody else having a problem with their arsenal lately? (No that wasn't a rectal pun). Yesterday I gave up trying to access my arsenal - it just wouldn't open no matter how many times I tried. Looks like it's the same thing today - the anchor icon with the blue progress bar has been just sitting there with the blue band going round for at least 5 mins so far.