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  1. Pete_the_pirate

    [0.9.4] [Potential Fix] Problems with the opening of the Armory

    Is there a fix for Mac users? As far as I can see we can't access WOWS game root folder - we are directed through Wargaming game client64 which doesn't appear to have any way of adding patches. I must say I am getting sick of not being able to add to my signals etc. (except for the rare time when I am able to make one purchase before it freezes again). Since the last update, trying to access the Armoury has even resulted in the whole game crashing. I suppose the only bright side is that I am not tempted to spend money buying premium ships. 😄
  2. Pete_the_pirate

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    Well, I am able to enter battles normally again, so hopefully the problem has been fixed. Still annoyed about getting reprimanded for non participation in a battle I was unable to enter though - I thought WOWS would be capable of seeing that a player was locked out of a battle because of a server problem.
  3. Pete_the_pirate

    0.9.3 Bug Report Thread

    Yesterday I was twice taken out of a queue for a battle and got a message saying I had been taken out of the queue because of a technical problem with the server. Decided to try again later in the day and got to the stage where I could no longer leave the queue but the battle didn't start and I was unable to return to port. I clicked on the various spots on screen after waiting for some time, just to see if I could escape and at one stage it brought up an image like the mini map showing my teams fleet moving but still nothing I could do. Eventually I had to force quit to get out of the app. Opened WOWS today and find I have been reprimanded for inactivity and will be further penalised if it happens again. Thanks a lot WOWS! ☹️ Now I'm not sure whether to try another battle at the moment. Also others are finally starting to report problems accessing the Armoury. I have been having that problem for at least a month now and I reported it at one stage but nothing happened (and nobody else commented about that problem, so I assumed it was another case of a problem for Mac users and wasn't worth WOWS's trouble to look at). It used to be that I could sometimes get into the Armoury but it would freeze after one transaction and I'd have to return to Port, but the past few days i have been unable to get into the Armoury at all. I am using the Wargaming.net.Game Center by the way and Wargaming game client64.
  4. Pete_the_pirate

    0.9.2 Bug Report Thread

    This doesn't appear to have been reported by anyone as yet - maybe it's another case of a something that only affects Macs. With several games in the past few days I have been having ships (sometimes enemy and sometimes my own) surrounded by a fluorescent green glow. It usually comes and goes quite quickly but a couple of times it has put me at a disadvantage. Once when playing as a CV, I was commencing to dive bomb on an enemy ship when it was surrounded by the 'glow' making it very difficult to judge when to release my bombs. On the most recent occasion I was piloting a BB and was in a tight spot, almost surrounded by enemy ships and my ship was completely enveloped by 'the glow' causing me to run aground and making it hard to aim and fire at the enemy - as a result I was sunk and was really pissed off. Has anybody else had this sort of thing happen? Unfortunately I Haven't had a chance to take a screen shot as yet (basically I've been so preoccupied trying to survive that I haven't even thought of it).
  5. Pete_the_pirate

    ARP Ships Now in Premium Store!

    Pardon my ignorance, but what are 'ARP' ships?
  6. Pete_the_pirate

    About to delete this game

    If you think WOWS is bad for novice players try Warthunder's Tank Battles. It is horrendous! Last year at one point I stopped playing WOWS because it became unplayable for Mac computer users (and remained so for several months). I decided to try Warthunder tanks. The first dozen games I played I was one of the top scorers every battle (and often the top scorer). I advanced one level and suddenly I was getting my tanks destroyed one after another every battle. It seemed as though I was suddenly being matched with players who had been playing for years and knew every trick in the book and this happened EVERY game. I was really tempted to give up but eventually I started scoring one or two kills now and then and even got to three kills. About then I checked WOWS to see if it was still unplayable and discovered they were taking steps to fix the problems Mac users were having. After a month or so of intermittent play then further problems it has settled down (although I still have the occasional problem accessing the Armoury and Inventory). Back to your problems, I know how it feels, I still have losing streaks but at least now I usually feel as though I am getting somewhere and occasionally I will have a great battle where I score big. As for ships disappearing just before you get a chance to fire a salvo at them, that really irritates me too. It almost feels like the game is conspiring against you but I've come to accept that and regard it as part of the 'fog of war'. Anyway, keep at it, you'll learn new tricks and pick up tips here and there. Persistence pays off.
  7. Pete_the_pirate

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    I have mentioned this before in the main 'Bug reports' section and have had no replies, so I assume it must only affect Mac users. For some months now I have been having problems accessing the subsidiary windows in Port (i.e. Inventory, Armoury and to a lesser extent the Dockyard). Sometimes they don't open for me and I just get the interminable spinning blue wheel and have to return to Port after waiting in vain for several minutes. More often I can get in but after one transaction the window freezes and I have to return to Port and for the rest of that session I can't access that window. Once or twice the whole game has frozen and I've had to force quit. A couple of times I've also been unable to claim containers. I get the message saying I have a container so I click on 'containers' and the window comes up but when I click on the claim container button nothing happens. The next day the container is still there and I can then claim it. It is getting very annoying not always being able to renew my stock of certain signals or sell no longer needed modules. Is anybody at WOWS still looking at these Mac issue reports? 😕
  8. Pete_the_pirate

    0.9.0 Bug Report Thread

    It appeared as though the update had finished loading yesterday (after several hours the downloading bar disappeared), so I tried playing a game. Clicked on 'Play' and screen turned totally white except for a very pale grey rectangle occupying the top right hand quarter. Tried again later and same result. Today I thought I'd try again and this time it showed the update downloading (at about the 86% mark), so apparently the download hadn't finished yesterday. Anyway I played one battle, then went to start another using Ryujo and all I got was an interminable spinning blue circle. Thought I'd try Kongo, scrolled across and the pic for Kongo showed an early 1900s ship with 3 very tall funnels. When I clicked on Kongo to bring up info it had Kongo's info but the image was of Ryujo. The pic for DD Fubuki showed a battleship and when clicked on the info panel showed a pic of Ryujo. I'm surprised nobody else has posted about any problems yet, but maybe that is because I am on an iMac and the Wargaming. net Game Centre hasn't ironed out problems for Mac users (and after previous episodes where Mac users problems seemed to be ignored, quite a few have given up). I have also been having problems even with the older version which I haven't seen mentioned here. I quite often have trouble accessing the Armoury. Sometimes it won't open at all and on other occasions it opens but freezes after I have made one purchase and I have to return to Port (on one occasion it froze the whole game and I had to force quit). Hopefully this is a temporary glitch. I'll try playing again later today and report back.
  9. Pete_the_pirate

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Just had a rather lengthy download of an update (don't ask me what number, everything was in Russian and I didn't see an update number). Anyway after it finally finished downloading I decided to have a game. Clicked on the play button and NOTHING - all that came up was a completely white screen with a pale grey rectangle covering about a quarter of the white screen in the top left hand corner. Waited for several minutes in case it finally opened properly - it didn't. Will try again tomorrow - hopefully it's just a temporary glitch (although I don't hold high hopes going by previous efforts). 🙄 Well it looks like that was only a temporary glitch. Game is up and running normally now. 😀
  10. Pete_the_pirate

    0.8.10 Bug Report Thread

    I don't play Clan, but I am having a lot of problems with the Armoury (and to a lesser extent the Dockyard). Like you the Armoury will often not open, I just get the interminable spinning wheel and end up having to hit escape to get back to Port (sometimes it freezes altogether and I have to force quit and restart the whole game). Other times it does open for me and I'm able to purchase one item, then it freezes. As for the Dockyard, there have also been a few times where that wouldn't open either and on one occasion it did open but the main image was all that appeared - no time line or pop up allowing me to get rewards owing to me.
  11. Pete_the_pirate

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Although play seems to be OK now (except for occasional lag between time pressing fire key and guns actually firing), but I'm still having trouble accessing the Dock and the Armoury. Sometimes they don't open at all, I just get a never ending spinning loading indicator (I have let it run for over 5 minutes once to see if it would eventually open and it didn't). If they don't open I am not able to open them for the rest of that session. Sometimes if I quit altogether and restart I'm able to open them but not always , so I don't bother trying. Just now the Dock opened for me but it was just the main image, the panel on the left showing progress of the ship build and allowing rewards to be collected did not open and eventually I just had to quit (couldn't even return to Port). With the Armoury, sometimes it does open but usually it then freezes or it freezes after I purchase one item. It's getting rather annoying and I have seen nothing to indicate anybody is looking into the problem which I assume only affects Mac users (nobody else has commented about it in the general forum area). Hello! Is anybody reading this Mac wrapper area?
  12. Pete_the_pirate

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    A few days after I posted the above game loading back to normal. No able to play again - however I'm still having problems with armoury not opening or opening but then freezing as I purchase an item or after purchasing 1 or 2 items.
  13. Pete_the_pirate

    WoWS Mac Wrapper Bugs and Feedback Thread

    Back to 'No Start'. The Wargaming.net Game Centre will not load the game at all. Have tried several times today and nothing. First time the initial WOWS window opened but it didn't load the game, then a smaller window opened (which seemed to be an update window - don't know for sure seeing it was in Russian). Anyway what seemed to be a 'Loading' bar progressed to the end, the window closed then absolutely nothing. Have quit the Wargaming.net Game Centre and reopened but still no game loading. Hope it's a temporary glitch. Will try again tomorrow.
  14. Pete_the_pirate

    Unfair punishment

    Yes, it's just that I am labelled in pink for a misdemeanour, so it's no big deal really, but surely they should be able to tell if the player has been locked out because of a glitch in the system rather than anything done on purpose by the player. Incidentally, I presume you meant 'WG should still be able to tell the difference . . ' rather than 'WG should still NOT be able to tell the difference . . '.
  15. Pete_the_pirate

    Unfair punishment

    Rather annoyed that I have received a 3 game penalty for 'Unsporting conduct' because I quit a battle early. WOWS should be receiving the unsporting conduct title because the loading window just stayed on screen for well over 5 minutes. Was unable to leave the queue as that option had been greyed out. I suspected there was a problem when the background sound suddenly dropped out at about the 2 minute mark. In the end I had to force quit to get out of the locked window. I have also been having problems using the Armoury (as I mentioned in a post following the last update). Sometimes I manage to obtain a couple of items then the screen freezes and I have to hit escape to get back to the port window. If I try to open Armoury again it won't open at all and stays that way until the next day and some days I can't get it to open at all. I thought they had finally sorted out the problems Mac users were having, but maybe not.