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  1. Game freezes

    As an addition to my previous comment - I quite often only get one game before the bloody thing freezes. Since I started playing lat last year, I've become addicted to WOWS (even if it is infuriating at times), but if these freezes continue I'll be quitting.
  2. Supercontainer Drop Rate

    I came to the conclusion that super containers turn up fairly regularly on 'Try your luck' when you first start playing WOWS, but after a time they just stop. At least that is my experience. It has been months since I have had one turn up and I have been rolling the dice every time I'm due for a container. Am going to ignore them from now on and aim for specific things like signals and resources.
  3. Game freezes

    Anybody else been having more game freezes lately? In the past week I can usually only get through 2 or 3 battles one after another, before the game freezes and I have to restart it and go through all the tiresome and time consuming startup windows (and usually find I've been sunk while I've been offline).
  4. Super container signals should not exist!!

    I have been wondering whether anyone still gets the occasional super container during the normal course of play. I used to get them now and then when I first started playing WOWS but it is months and months since I have received even one and I have been rolling the dice whenever I get a 'container available' notice. Maybe it's time I stopped gambling on getting one seeing they seem to be non existent once you progress past a certain point.
  5. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Not much help to me on a Mac, the Mod Station is Windoze.
  6. Camoflague will destroy this game

    I don't have any objection to DDs having camouflage, it's when it becomes ridiculous that I think it has gone too far. A case in point was the battle I just played. My ship was nowhere near any island but out in open sea when I was hit by a barrage of torpedoes and surprise, surprise there was no ship visible anywhere in the vicinity (and no smokescreen), then to top it all off I was then hit by another lot of torpedoes and the DD STILL wasn't visible (it was some time after I was sunk that a DD appeared, probably because one of our DDs was approaching). Surely any sane person would agree that is just ridiculous! For your information I have played random battles with a DD and I agree, it is a real challenge and I quite often don't survive a whole battle, but I expected that especially when getting anywhere near BBs or good cruisers.
  7. This Game has to be more Newbie-Friendly

    I agree. For a newcomer it can be very frustrating. When I started there were quite a few things I was oblivious to because there is no comprehensive guide. Of course you do pick up stuff as you go along but it might be an idea if WOWS had a glossary of terminology and other items with links to more explicit instructions or information relating to that term or aspect of the game.
  8. Camoflague will destroy this game

    I agree with Groblet, it has swung the balance too far in favour of DDs. Of course it's not meant to be an ultra realistic simulation, but let's have at least a little realism, after all DDs already have the advantage of speed. Certainly DDs should be able to escape detection even at really close range if you are in the middle of a storm but it's ridiculous not being able to see one a mile away in clear weather until you're about to be hit by a barrage of torpedoes and EVEN THEN not be able to see the DD.
  9. Weird screen image

    Thanks for that. Yeah, only happened a few times (but do experience game freezing a bit more often, which I had put down to WOWS not fully supporting the Mac OS. That can be a real hassle as quite often it is impossible to force quit just that app until the whole computer restarts, so it takes forever restarting the computer then going through all the WOWS start up screens. By the time I get back in I've been sunk and the battle is over or nearly over). :-(
  10. Weird screen image

    Can't recall how long WOWS had been playing when it happened. I think it has varied from half an hour to an hour or two. Seems it has happened in previous game patch as well as latest. AMD Radeon R9 M290X: Chipset Model: AMD Radeon R9 M290X Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x16 VRAM (Total): 2048 MB Vendor: ATI (0x1002) Device ID: 0x6810 Revision ID: 0x0000 ROM Revision: 113-C408A0-730 EFI Driver Version: 01.00.730 Displays: iMac: Display Type: Retina LCD Resolution: 5120 x 2880 Retina Retina: Yes Pixel Depth: 32-Bit Color (ARGB8888) Main Display: Yes Mirror: Off Online: Yes Built-In: Yes So far haven't found a way to replace GPU driver. Everything I've found on the internet so far relates to Windows or Linux but not Mac. Am already running game in DirectX9. 'Open Hardware Monitor' only supports Windows. Probably is an equivalent app of Macs but haven't had time to have a thorough search.
  11. Weird screen image

    It has only ever happened those couple of times during WOWS though - as soon as WOWS is quit picture is fine again.
  12. Weird screen image

    Has anybody else experienced this? It has happened to me 2 or 3 times - the screen image goes all weird with fluorescent colours which makes it a bit difficult to see what the hell you're doing. On one occasion everything turned mostly black & white and the sky had a number of 'arches' (hard to describe otherwise) across from horizon to horizon as well which made it virtually impossible to play the battle.
  13. Made pink due to game failure

    Yes, I've had the game freeze a few times and quite often I haven't even been able to force quit the game so I could restart, instead it has resulted in the whole computer restarting. Then it takes forever to go through all the start up screens again and by the time I manage to get back into the game I've been sunk or most of our team has and I haven't been there to help.
  14. Stolen kills

    Exactly. Just played a game where Colorado didn't even start moving from start position until I and a couple of cruisers had tackled a BB and 3 cruisers (which were joined soon after by a couple of DDs that had snuck in close). I had reduced the BB to near destruction as well as a cruiser but was being pounded from all sides and had to try and run with our one remaining cruiser. Went into spectator mode straight after I was sunk and at that stage the Colorado decided to act and sank one of the enemy I had already reduced to near zero. Needless to say our team lost that battle because our attacks so disjointed. Of course the main thing is the team winning - it's just when one or more team members hang around in the start zone until they see an opportunity to sink a lame duck that really irritates me (and I'm not talking about ships that defend our team's base). Anyway, gripe ended. I was just curious to see who else got irritated by that sort of thing.
  15. Stolen kills

    Anybody else frustrated by having their kills continually stolen? What I mean by that is you have just spent the past few minutes pounding an enemy ship (and getting pounded) and just as he's on his last tiny scrap of life somebody else joins in and sinks him while you're waiting for your guns to reload. I know you can't blame your allies - I'd take the opportunity to sink a badly damaged enemy too, but it is so frustrating and it seems to happen 90% of the time with me. Many times I have 99% destroyed several ships in the one battle only to have each one sunk before I could finish them off and I end the battle with no ships sunk. Similarly, it is really frustrating when you have been having a running battle with an enemy and just when you gain the upper hand and are about to finish him off the game ends - it's probably my imagination, but some battles seem to be much shorter than others.