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  1. angeloalexei

    Ohio or Slava, Research Bureau

    Ohaiyo :)
  2. nice update, hopefully this would encourage players with Tier 6-7 ships to join Ranked Battles. :)
  3. angeloalexei

    Social Wolves

    bump, bump, bump.. was able to join in one of the skirmishes and it was all good. 🙂
  4. angeloalexei

    New Underwater environments !

    legend says the water is so toxic that no fish will ever live.
  5. angeloalexei

    My Bayern's GONE !! & also Krazny Krym NERF !!

    I didn't realize Bayern had two funnels before they changed it. Actual Bayern the old wows Bayern "new" look Bayern
  6. angeloalexei

    Tier 10 German CV Max Immelmann

    just had a game where cv max immelmann deleted a full health yamato in one shot.
  7. angeloalexei

    I think, this is the roles ... maybe.

    sometimes you are force to do your own thing since others are not listening or they don't understand what's going on 🙂
  8. angeloalexei

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.2

    nice 🙂
  9. i sent an invite to a friend and he didn't get texas once he reached Tier 6. he got a Warspite instead and some credits. he also got Diana.
  10. angeloalexei

    any aussies playing?

    add me up mates 🙂