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  1. It DOES NOT have to announce in the dev blog.
  2. OniichanYamate

    Post YOUR sinking Summer Santas!

    Have no idea why am I so unlucky, I couldn't sink even 1 Santa :((((
  3. OniichanYamate

    BEST Steel Ship in 2022

    I had the same question as yours in the past that my friends recommended I should go for Bourgogne, Stalin, either Incomparable, but I changed my mind which I made a completely tough decision is to pick Ragnar as a first steel ship, I'm kinda sure you won't ever get disappointed on it especially you usually play ranked, other competitive modes and you're a DD enjoyer. So that's just my opinion, making a decision is your...choice, at least you need to know your proficiency, which class you have done so well at the time. For instance, from my POV, I love having fun by burning people as well as being a DD hunter, I watched some Ragnar videos on youtube, I told myself: "Oh! It's actually really good though", and I checked the overall stats before it shew pretty impressively, then I made a final choice. Well, to conclude in comparison between what makes you interested the most in terms of ship's playstyle and ship's stats, ship's performance by other people (Optional), I'm pretty positive you will gonna find your right candidate. Have a nice day mate.
  4. OniichanYamate

    What's happened to Dasha?

    I miss her....
  5. OniichanYamate

    Flag Bonus Disappeared

  6. Wow, I'm impressive too.
  7. OniichanYamate

    7 achievements in one battle

    Wow, what a good game!
  8. OniichanYamate

    Wargaming leave Russia and Belarus

    Me too 😣
  9. OniichanYamate

    PTS server bad ping

    Hello, there are plenty of free VPN in the internet, I believe you can find one with unlimited time as well as good speed and completely free ( I can see the “” can help you with that)
  10. OniichanYamate

    PTS server bad ping

    Hello, I'm currently living in Singapore, the ping gets around 100-120ms, to me, that's pretty good number at least there were no delays or anything else. I suggest you should use vpn or wtfast or sth like that.
  11. If you can't open it in-game, try to use the WOWS armory and premium shops official website then.
  12. OniichanYamate

    Purple Clan Name

    Generally speaking, people have purple name in-game are players coming from Hurricane clan (basically those clan that access into clan battles and achieve hurricane league, as you may now we have Squall league, Gale league, Storm league, Typhoon league and Hurricane), Hurricane is the highest ranked and Squall League is in the lowest one. Not sure about "top-notch players" but yeah, from my POV, they're "top-notch", skillful players except some of exceptions were made. Lastly, you/they/or someone else can hide your/their status in the official Wows website, but I don't think many people automatically hide their stats after finishing a game haha
  13. OniichanYamate

    GRONINGEN build and commander skills

    Well, I have tried both range and reload. It seems like you can gain more dmg when using range mod but if you dissatisfied with its shells ballistic or your aim is quite bad, I recommend not to use it, using reloading mod instead. Secondly, using reloading mod help you feel comfortable when facing 1-1 with other gunboats.