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  1. Happy_Parida

    georgia is out

    Oooooh! Yes it looks more like a flower now that I have seen pictures of Chrysanthemum.
  2. Happy_Parida

    georgia is out

    We both are right. It is Japanese and it is Kawachi. See the Cavity for the secondary gun on the Port Bow. I just found out that Kawachi Capsized due to a Magazine Explosion but before that it listed towards the starboard side as loosely portrayed in the loading screen image.
  3. I don't see a ton of CVs so I use Speed Boost but Extra 5 knots or so for 2 minutes is too less compared to being Annihilated by a potential CV player. So I think I would say go for AA if you see a lot of CVs otherwise go for anything else.
  4. Happy_Parida

    Hostility Towards [-]

    Thank you!
  5. Happy_Parida

    georgia is out

    It is Japanese. There's the golden badge kind of thing that can be found on most Japanese battleships and on Yamato too. See the bow? It resembles the sun if I am correct.
  6. Happy_Parida

    georgia is out

    Poor me 😥 I don't even have 1 ship in-game if you believe me.
  7. Happy_Parida

    Hostility Towards [-]

    I don't know why but farming damage in Ranked felt very satisfying. It's like people intentionally run into torps. I got 60-75k damage in my first ranked battle if I am correct. Do you know how to get credits BTW? I sold every single ship to play ranked.
  8. Happy_Parida

    georgia is out

    Can it kill the player in Conqueror? otherwise
  9. Happy_Parida

    Hostility Towards [-]

    I didn't have the guts to go to General discussions actually. Thanks for being friendly towards a player who uses rental ships 🙄 I am actually very depressed because of the things people said to me in-game. One guy spawned and said "19400 and 17400 (referring to me in my [Gearing] and a guy in non rented Shimakaze) These 2 have less than 50% Win ratio" he continued on and on.
  10. Happy_Parida

    Hostility Towards [-]

    Why are people so hostile towards rental ships in Ranked? Come on guys this needs to stop. They're also people wanting to have a good time in-game and not everybody has the credits to buy and keep a Tier-X ship. A guy on youtube said that the addition of rental ships will ruin everybody else's time. He advocated against rental ships saying that lower tier players don't belong in ranked but he never said anything about the high purchase costs and the insanely high service cost. Why would he? He has all the ships in WOWS. He gets doubloons and ships from WG like it's candy. Even if you deal 75k dmg you have a small chance of actually gaining some credits. He and many who have premium time/ships never have to worry about credits but not everyone has premium time or ship. People now don't even wait for the game to start. As soon as they spawn, they check the team lineups and start cursing at the rental ships in their team. Come on dude, he just spawned, he hasn't even fired a single shot. How could you say that he is bad? I am not saying that all players in Rental ships are completely experienced T-X players. I myself use [Gearing] for ranked and many times players with non rental ships even battleships die within first 5 minutes of the game. I have seen players with full HP ramming players with 1k HP and they weren't even using rental ships. They were "experienced" Tier X players. I often come in top 3 players but sometimes you are just unlucky and die. Please don't abuse them.
  11. Happy_Parida

    Premier league: not enough players

    Not enough players online who are in premier league maybe?