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  1. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Italian mission 3 code

    thanks for sharing
  2. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Salem is disaster.... and i love it

    thanks,thats really fun Hail salem!
  3. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Cheshire is sooooooooooooo cute

    everyone will fall in love with this cute cat girl although she is a silly cat x3
  4. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Guess what I killed

    guess all of us knew that poor girl
  5. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    cant bring myself to play anymore

    same to u,tons of campaign and missions make game just like work,i always clear them all to got awards before(not include Puerto Rico indeed)until new US bb tree, i dont like those horrible missions and feel bored so afk whole version,to be honest i felt nice when i come back from 1 month afk but idk why im still playing again now :( maybe wg is contolling our mind max is right,its time to have a break for sure... Why are we still here
  6. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Who can tell me the logic of Coop AI?

    in fact,wg staffs is playing as BOT when they working
  7. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz


    Makarov: Yuri, my friend. You never should have come here.
  8. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    2021 Code

    thanks for sharing~
  9. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Guess they run out of ships to give me ....

    so lucky... someone got kronstadt and others got makalov x3 im jealous too!
  10. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Baltimore in Ranked

    2818 exp well played!
  11. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Nelson's guns...

  12. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Jericho's trumpet in Ju87 of Erich Loewenhardt's will be added later

    thats the important thing of this germany cv
  13. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Supertest - FAQ

    so all procedures are completed now? if i didnt receive the DM that mean im not selected?
  14. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz


    "stop ruining t10 gameplay!" "SLAVA brrrrrr"
  15. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    try FDG at first... then u know what u want