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  1. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Nelson's guns...

  2. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Jericho's trumpet in Ju87 of Erich Loewenhardt's will be added later

    thats the important thing of this germany cv
  3. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Supertest - FAQ and 2020 recruitment thread

    so all procedures are completed now? if i didnt receive the DM that mean im not selected?
  4. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz


    "stop ruining t10 gameplay!" "SLAVA brrrrrr"
  5. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    try FDG at first... then u know what u want
  6. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Excuse me?

    dont worry wg will take him out...
  7. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Supertest - FAQ and 2020 recruitment thread

    can't wait for the result,idk how many st does WG needs,hope all of we could be choose xD
  8. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Pls help me choose a cruiser line

    germany or italian ca best for this version choose one u like
  9. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    georgia, thunderer or kuznetsov?

    depend on ur play style,if u good at a close distance battle or high speed bb georgia is a better choice and t9 premium ship can make more money if u like t10 battle,thunderer with nice HE and AP shells is suit for everyone whatever kuz is not suit in this version in my opinion georgia beauty but need some skill to release potential abilities
  10. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Lag switchers i guess

    i think it is normal WG server trick... if someone have this powerful cheat use it in CW will be better,but these years we didnt heard about this
  11. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz


    try watch some tutorial or video,if you are a cv player i think toptier in youtube is a very nice channel but the most important thing is play more and more,watch 100 replay wont better than play 100 matches play more,and think about why i got sunk/team got lose,try to avoid that process of improve always hard but interesting,have fun!
  12. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Radar edinbugh?

    its a nice choice in random battle,edinburgh with radar is a nice dd hunter in t8,nep bad stealth and mino too dangerous in t10 but i dont think it worthy in rank battle,if u wanna try radar uk cl,edinburgh is best choice to pratice
  13. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Useless Report System in Ranked

    agree,winning streak make more stars will be better
  14. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Where is players ?

    maybe u r in rank5 battle?
  15. Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaz

    Azur Lane 3rd Wave Gacha Container

    its a little pity there is no jb camo...