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  1. Jerri_4350au

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    And I didn't even click till I read your post 🤣
  2. Maybe your modpack doesn't have a virus, but maybe the website you host it on. You should look into it, as it only impacts on you as the creator.
  3. Jerri_4350au

    Clan Brawl changes

    Thank you, good to hear.
  4. Jerri_4350au

    Clan Brawl changes

    @seezer @Nya_gaming Do you guys actually care about the SEA server player base? If you do then you will realise that this issue has annoyed many players on the server. Please consider some form of action and compensation for us as we were not able to compete in the clan brawl. If you wish to just ignore it and sweep it under the carpet, then so be it, but you should know that if this is the course that you wish to take then you will have many disgruntled players. Word of mouth is one of your biggest promotional tools, use it wisely.
  5. Of course my virus programme must be wrong, how silly of me. Needless to say I don't use your modpack any more.
  6. Can't download aslan's any more, my virus programme keeps blocking it. Maybe you need to change where you're hosting it, just a fyi.
  7. Jerri_4350au

    Clan Brawl changes

    Thanks for the responce @Nya_gaming I think at a bare minimum wargaming should reschedule the clan brawl for us on SEA server so that all clans who want to participate get the opportunity. Simply saying oops we are sorry is not good enough.
  8. Jerri_4350au

    Clan Brawl changes

    Couldn't agree more DisgruntledDave. I have my doubts though that WG even bother to read replies let alone act on them.
  9. Jerri_4350au

    Clan Brawl changes

    Would have been nice to have been informed at the time clan brawl was due to start.
  10. Jerri_4350au

    Cannot form a Division for Clan Brawl

    Yeah it's broken, you're not the only one. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/41372-clan-brawls/
  11. Jerri_4350au

    Clan Brawls

    Wonder how long it will take them to figure out it's not working
  12. Jerri_4350au

    Clan Brawls

    Yeah saw this too
  13. Jerri_4350au

    tracert required

    Thanks Gummilicious
  14. Jerri_4350au

    tracert required

    Not sure where to post this, but this forum seemed to be the best choice. Can anyone help. I am after the ip address of the wows asia server, so that I can perform a traceroute to see where my connection is dropping out.