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  1. Andy_Siau

    OMG SINOP really that OP?

    Very 2nd battle, right after the MAIDEN one
  2. Andy_Siau

    OMG SINOP really that OP?

    Maiden Battle without any upgrades yet!
  3. Andy_Siau

    Izmail a keeper?

    Thanks guys! My MAIDEN battle in the SINOP, not even upgraded yet! Really OP BB !
  4. Andy_Siau

    Anyone SUNK a Santa yet?

    Congrats to the WINNERS
  5. Andy_Siau

    Commander's looks... hmmm...

    Yeah, same looks OK... but NOT that LOOK I've highlighted LOL!
  6. I mean I don't mind there are Commanders of the same nation with the SAME looks... But I really don't like this one appearing again. Hopefully NOT for the 3rd time...
  7. Andy_Siau

    Right Flags for Ships of Respective Nations

    LOL you too funny...
  8. Andy_Siau

    Historical ships CATEGORY in Port

    EXACTLY! Any ships that actually entered service and served, should be HISTORICAL
  9. Andy_Siau

    Izmail a keeper?

    Thanks... completed all Campaigns actually... Been so long, still no new Campaigns... sigh...
  10. Andy_Siau

    Izmail a keeper?

    SINOP ? Really? Noted...
  11. Andy_Siau

    Right Flags for Ships of Respective Nations

    Hang MARS, Snickers and M&Ms